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iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)

  • WaveRider007 | Send Message 15 Apr

    $SLV - ALERT! may be last chance to stock up
      • D-struction | Send Message 10 Apr

        Gold and silver and miners oh my! $GDXJ, $NUGT, $SLV
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        • ebs92 | Send Message 10 Apr
          : $SA is a company in this specter that should be played
          • Prudent Finances | Send Message 6 Apr

            Maintaining A Long-Term Bullish Outlook For Silver $SLV
              • Crude Oil Trader | Send Message 5 Apr

                Mike Seerys Weekly Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and Coffee Market Summary > $USO $JO $GLD $SLV
                  • luckypeter | Send Message 3 Apr

                    #gold & #silver, just watch $USD moves, inverse mirror, I have #gold below 1120, @sonaliranade felt in a range 150 points, >>1150, $SLV- 70%
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                    • Tom Landry | Send Message 3 Apr
                      : I'm sorry if I don't read that well. Do I see you (or someone you trust) predicts 70% drop in silver? No, must be from top to current price
                    • luckypeter | Send Message 4 Apr
                      : Top to bottom, @SI.1 was over 54 at highest levels several months ago, ~ 2 years, drop is so scary like #gold, most FUNDS REC CORE invest?
                      • Crude Oil Trader | Send Message 2 Apr

                        The Gold and Oil Guy "Do Equities Just Correct or Collapse in 2015" > $USO $GLD $SLV
                          • O. Young Kwon | Send Message 1 Apr

                            TANER Rotation Model (TRM) Momentum 4/1/2015 Wednesday) (3) <$XRT $XHB $KIE $$SLV> SPDR Retail ($XRT)<c>
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                            • O. Young Kwon | Send Message 1 Apr
                            • O. Young Kwon | Send Message 1 Apr
                              • mjrcme | Send Message 31 Mar

                                I also think $SLV is hugely cheap therefore $TAHO looks great here around $11.20.
                                  • Lior Cohen | Send Message 31 Mar

                                    Does Silver Production Matter For SLV? $SLV
                                      • Brian58 | Send Message 30 Mar

                                        $GLD/$SLV: make up your mind $GS:
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                                          The objective of the iShares Silver Trust is for the value of the shares of the iShares Silver Trust to reflect, at any given time, the price of silver owned by the iShares Silver Trust at that time, less the iShares Silver Trust's expenses and liabilities.
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