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STMicroelectronics NV (STM)

  • Chris Lau | Send Message 24 Jul

    $INTC moves from the PC to the $BBRY. Also $STM $SWIR are in... |
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    • Davidoff | Send Message 27 Jul
      : A lot of competitors enter the market, while BBRY did not present anything concrete despite being among the first to focus on IoT.
      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 28 Jun

        [VIDEO REPOST] Wkend WORLD Mrkt Anlyss 06/28/2015 $SAP $TEVA $ELN $CIB $STM $STO $TS $SKM $MPEL $TKM $SQM $TKM $SQM
          • Eric Muathe | Send Message 14 Jun

            [VIDEO REPOST] Wkend WORLD Mrkt Anlyss 06/14/2015 $SAP $TEVA $ELN $CIB $STM $STO $TS $SKM $MPEL $TKM $SQM $TKM $SQM
              • Eric Muathe | Send Message 7 Jun

                [VIDEO REPOST] Wkend WORLD Mrkt Anlyss 06/07/2015 $SAP $TEVA $ELN $CIB $STM $STO $TS $SKM $MPEL $TKM $SQM
                  • justemuna | Send Message 27 Apr

                    Thanks Chris. How do we know if $STM is in other models\next generation?
                      • EST Invest | Send Message 31 Mar

                        STMicroelectronics Not Fit To Meet The Competition $STM
                          • pokalolo | Send Message 3 Mar

                            $STM powered higher. In the 9s >) This ones a winner as our tech symbol. Got us to 39%. Only march ..
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                            • pokalolo | Send Message 16 Mar
                              : Becoming a nice addition as the yield drops >)
                              • pokalolo | Send Message 28 Jan

                                $STM beats >) My only tech. nice divvie 2
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                                • losbronces | Send Message 28 Jan
                                  : They cancelled out the positive results with guidance on "slack sales", but claim revenue growth will return this year. Interesting, down PM
                                  • sbrncra | Send Message 27 Jan

                                    $STM in bullish trend, slight retrace far today, LONG
                                      • pokalolo | Send Message 26 Jan

                                        Refiners done aok.. & guys did well on $STM.. This tech was unknown to me ,but, they think sky is limit with driverless cars.Nice divvy 2
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                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 26 Jan
                                          : Send the car & use the taco app
                                        • pokalolo | Send Message 26 Jan
                                          : I saw the $7.30 buy & they said it's got a divvie. I didn't care It's there job ,but, it's going up ,so, I read the notes
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                                          STM vs. ETF Alternatives
                                          Company Description
                                          STMicroelectronics NV designs, develops, manufactures and markets semiconductor products used in different microelectronic applications, including automotive products, computer peripherals, telecommunications systems, consumer products, & control systems.
                                          Sector: Technology
                                          Country: Italy