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Transdigm Group Incorporated (TDG)

  • Sensible Investor | Send Message 11 Jun

    $EGRX and $AGEN looking good. Also like $MKL and $TDG
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    • Medasani Krishna kovid | Send Message 16 Jun
      : oh okay i will, i am presently looking at china as they have higher yield
    • Ibex Investor | Send Message 30 Jun
      : $MKL Excellent new Google Talk on the "Evolution of an Investor" from Tom Gayner, CIO of Markel ($MKL) Corporation:
      • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 7 May

        Expensive valuation, huge external financing, 'smart money' bearish sentiment all indicate downside in $TDG
          • Lester Goh | Send Message 6 May

            Transdigm: Q2 Fiscal Year 2015 Earnings Review $TDG
              • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 6 May

                $TDG: Another stock we expect long term underperformance from. Expensive valuation & bad earnings quality
                  • Lester Goh | Send Message 1 May

                    Transdigm: Acquisition Of Pexco Aerospace $TDG
                      • Adam Stockmeister | Send Message 1 Apr

                        TransDigm: When Is A Large Moat Worth More Than 30x Earnings? $TDG
                          • Lester Goh | Send Message 1 Apr

                            TransDigm: Recent Acquisitions Cement My Bullish Outlook $TDG
                              • Lester Goh | Send Message 10 Mar

                                TransDigm Group: Solid Margins, Stable Long-Term Growth Prospects $TDG
                                  • Dr Joseph Haluska | Send Message 9 Feb

                                    Just take a look at the 5 year chart on $TDG. Thanks to Jim Van Meerten and Barcharts for this one! Accumulating as of today.
                                      • Jim Van Meerten | Send Message 6 Feb

                                        $TDG 100% Barchart technical buy signals - 9 new highs and up 7.43% in the last month - Relative Strength Index 70.13%
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                                        • Dr Joseph Haluska | Send Message 7 Feb
                                          : Jim, this is an awesome find! Signed up for Barcharts too! Thank you!
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                                          Company Description
                                          TransDigm Group Inc is a designer, producer and supplier of engineered aircraft components for use on commercial and military aircraft in service. The Company's business segments arePower& Control, Airframe and Non-aviation.