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TECO Energy, Inc. (TE)

  • James Stefurak, CFA | Send Message 22 Aug

    For Baby Boomers ONLY: (Part 1) $MSFT $VNQ $JPM $MET $IWM $IBB $KMI $SO $SPG $ED $XLU $TE $DUK $MCD $BID $COP
      • Roger S. Conrad | Send Message 24 Jul

        $TE putting it up for sale has prompted speculation about who's next. My Top 5 Utility Takeover Plays:
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        • Archman Investor | Send Message 24 Jul
          : Seriously? Why bother making a statement only to link to subscription page. If you're going to offer info, then do it! Not nonsense!
          • Roger S. Conrad | Send Message 20 Jul

            Quoted in Charlotte Business Journal on $TE: Thanks, @CBJEnergy
              • Keith E. Williams | Send Message 20 Jul

                Closed pos. in $TE , Don't believe any buyout will be much higher then current price.
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                • matratra | Send Message 20 Jul
                  : I agree with you KEW
                  • Roger S. Conrad | Send Message 18 Jul

                    In-depth analysis of $TE for CUI subscribers on Monday, plus 5 other utility takeover plays:
                      • Roger S. Conrad | Send Message 18 Jul

                        My thoughts on $TE quoted in Tampa newspaper:
                          • ritaillinois | Send Message 16 Jul

                            $TE shares were halted twice due to spike on rumor company is up for sale.
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                            • matratra | Send Message 17 Jul
                              : so we all should calm down & stop our greed, lol
                            • ritaillinois | Send Message 17 Jul
                              : We are also their customer. If the company is sold, I would hope the buyers continue the Manatee education center.
                              • wazzaofwallst | Send Message 24 Jun

                                10% earnings growth next year? Check out TECO Energy $TE
                                  • George Fisher | Send Message 16 Jun

                                    Cheap Stock With A High Yield Or High Yield With A Cheap Stock? How About Both? $TE
                                      • Keith E. Williams | Send Message 2 Jun

                                        Repurchased $TE @ 18.59
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                                          Company Description
                                          TECO Energy Inc is an energy-related holding company. The Company, through its subsidiary TEC, is engaged in electric and gas utility operations.
                                          Sector: Utilities
                                          Country: United States