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Orchids Paper Products Company (TIS)

  • kgerickson | Send Message 24 Apr

    $TIS. Time to buy. In at 22.5. Good risk/reward
      • Cipher7 | Send Message 24 Apr

        $TIS good buying opportunity?
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        • kgerickson | Send Message 24 Apr
          : Don't over think it. Just short term overreaction in smaller cap issue. ENLK (high quality MLP) also had 10% decline a few days ago.
        • ca7711 | Send Message 21h
          : selling pressure from the actual issuance? 23 was the quoted price and they may have to lower that issuing price if they dont get demand
          • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 22 Apr

            Orchids Paper Products Taking Big Swings To Become A National Player $TIS
              • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 20 Apr

                $TIS a gift from the gods. Buying more. 1.5 million from costs on the new paper machine... ok, not good, but look at those increasing sales
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                • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 20 Apr
                  : COGS is higher yes... but....cost savings from new machine to reflect in Q2 results...
                • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 20 Apr
                  : this will be... a great year for TIS..
                  • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 12 Mar

                    $TIS... interesting...
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                    • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 16 Mar
                      : .... shorts covering? Probably.
                      • AnAvgJoe | Send Message 5 Feb

                        $TIS Thinking I might take advantage of this dip to round out my position; currently at about 2/3. CB $28± rt. now.
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                        • WallSt XMas | Send Message 6 Feb
                          : Bought my 4th installment at 25.31 yesterday.
                        • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 11 Feb
                          : unfortunately it didn't reach my mark to buy more.... but I'm wishing I did. TIS tends to bounce back quick after the automated selling.
                          • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 5 Feb

                            $TIS... buying more soon
                              • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 4 Feb

                                $TIS.. GO TIS. Record Revenue Again. Can't wait for the investments to start paying off in 2nd quarter, and we can start seeing record eps.
                                  • MichaelJ8 | Send Message 17 Dec 2014

                                    $TIS loving how tis is holding up in such times.
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                                    • WallSt XMas | Send Message 18 Dec 2014
                                      : Absolutely. Waiting for it to break $30 and maintain.
                                      • William Bias | Send Message 11 Nov 2014

                                        Orchids Paper Products Earnings: Not So Impressive $TIS
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                                          Company Description
                                          Orchids Paper Products Co manufactures bulk tissue paper, known as parent rolls, and convert parent rolls into a line of tissue products, including paper towels, bathroom tissue and paper napkins, for the consumer, or 'at-home,' market.