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Terra Nitrogen Co. LP (TNH)

  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 6 Mar

    "Warren Buffett Just Bought 5% of Deere ($DE)." Agriculture may be a good buy. Long $RNF & $TNH. Watch $CF.
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    • Bob de'Long | Send Message 6 Mar
      : BNSF, heck of a way to run a railroad -- up in smoke
    • matratra | Send Message 6 Mar
      : is not authority in agriculture or even understand complex subject. Both RNF/TNH are limited partnership risk associated & over
      • David Young | Send Message 4 Mar

        $TNH has excellent yield at almost 7%.
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        • matratra | Send Message 4 Mar
          : It may be at peak?
          • Michael Bryant | Send Message 19 Feb

            Big day for Terra Nitrogen ($TNH) & Real Goods Solar ($RGSE). Mentioned $RGSE as swing trade. Looks to be support for CVR Refining ($CVRR).
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            • pokalolo | Send Message 19 Feb
              : CVRR support was company putting her name up for sale or anyhting
              • Investor RockieK | Send Message 18 Feb

                $TNH been considering, but no options ... any thoughts?
                  • Cusa Cantusa | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

                    $TNH Maybe Bob Ciura can expound.
                      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

                        So, bad day for fertilizer stocks. $CF, $RNF, $TNH all down. $TNH down big time and dropping fast news. Something must be up.
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                        • chicagomary | Send Message 8 Dec 2014
                          : other than grain prices falling?
                        • ComputerBlue | Send Message 8 Dec 2014
                          : Oh the dollar is strong.
                          • pwreitz | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

                            Need urgent reply! $TNH down $57 since I bought it. Do I sell or hope it will go up?
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                            • Global Investing Report | Send Message 8 Dec 2014
                              : Technicals look horrible! Obviously, you have no exit strategy. the question is, how much pain can you take? Can;t help w/fundamentals.
                            • David Huie | Send Message 10 Dec 2014
                              : Don't sell unless you need the $, hard to make up that big of loss. TNH nearing 5yr lows and IS cyclical but well ran, likely to rebound.
                              • pwreitz | Send Message 8 Dec 2014

                                $TNH has been going down rapidly. Should I sell at a great loss or hang on? What does their future look like?
                                  • pwreitz | Send Message 7 Dec 2014

                                    $TNH has fallen $52 since I bought it. Should I sell? I'll take a huge loss. What about its future?
                                      • Center for Social and Economic Research | Send Message 20 Nov 2014

                                        Terra Nitrogen And The Nitrogenous Fertilizer Industry $TNH
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                                          Company Description
                                          Terra Nitrogen Co LP produces and distributes nitrogen fertilizer products. Its products include anhydrous ammonia and urea ammonium nitrate solutions.