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Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (TSEM)

  • Lisa Thompson | Send Message 15 May

    TowerJazz: Restructuring Charge Masks Huge Margin Improvement And Earnings Beat $TSEM
      • ceristeare | Send Message 8 May

        $TSEM Contracts with Gpixel and Semtech are impressive. Long.
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        • ceristeare | Send Message 8 May
          : It is a good story, worth running through the screener.
        • wheelz23 | Send Message 13 May
          : intriguing...
          • franklin133 | Send Message 28 Apr

            down almost 11% since Friday. Anyone know why all the red for $TSEM lately?
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            • tuliptown | Send Message 3 May
              : was hoping (gready) for $14 too, but missed chance to buy more. I believe they report earnings mid month. Maybe another chance?
            • IndyPEG | Send Message 3 May
              : $AAOI is presenting another opportunity. They warned about Q1 due to supplier problem, but they will recoup and their outlook is pretty good
              • Phoenician | Send Message 3 Apr

                Israeli article with some interesting comments from Russell Ellwanger, CEO of $TSEM:
                  • ttnews | Send Message 26 Mar

                    $TSEM just got huge news from the CEO: "We will earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year".
                      • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 17 Mar

                        As Israel votes: List of Israel ADRs at $EIS $ISRA $ISL $BSI $CEL $IGLD $BCOM $TEVA $TSEM
                          • Emerging Market Skeptic | Send Message 17 Mar

                            As Israel votes.. Debunking myths of Investing in Israel $ISL $EIS $ISRA $BSI $CEL $IGLD $BCOM $TEVA $TSEM $$ITRN
                              • Jaret Wilson | Send Message 4 Mar

                                TowerJazz Customers Find Value In Outsourcng $TSEM
                                  • Jaret Wilson | Send Message 3 Mar

                                    $TSEM making 3D sensor for $INTC. Intel and 3D were mentioned during 4Q call, now we know why.
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                                    • Jaret Wilson | Send Message 13 May
                                      : Agreed, I was good with revenue and happy with GM and guidance. I don't think Kenon people have shares yet, but could be early converters.
                                    • gsterling | Send Message 13 May
                                      : The only thing I could figure with the stock flying down like that. Very perplexing to me.
                                      • Phoenician | Send Message 3 Mar

                                        $TSEM announces production of 3D IR sensor for $INTC. Can these guys do any wrong right now?
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                                          Company Description
                                          Tower Semiconductor Ltd is apure-play independent specialty foundry dedicated to the manufacture of semiconductors.Itmanufactures ICs on silicon wafers, using the customer's proprietary circuit designs.