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Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (TSEM)

  • Lisa Thompson | Send Message 11 Aug

    TowerJazz: Business Keeps Getting Better And End Markets Accelerate $TSEM
      • beleggersclub | Send Message 6 Aug

        BUY $TSEM at Price: 13.69 Stop: 13.18, Loss: 3.8% Target T1: 14.66, Profit: 7.1%
          • tromur | Send Message 6 Aug

            $TSEM Could be the beginning of a run to $17? Don't think we will see it go below A$13.50 again
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            • franklin133 | Send Message 21 Aug
              : i was just messing around. i was thinking last night if the slide continues i'm going to add more as well.
            • tromur | Send Message 23 Aug
              : all good. :)
              • Jaret Wilson | Send Message 4 Aug

                A New Deal For TowerJazz? $TSEM
                  • Phoenician | Send Message 29 Jul

                    Kirby Inc is holding 8.3m of the 18m+ $TSEM shares spun-off by Kenon--could help provide some price stability vs. retail investors w/ shares
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                    • Barney | Send Message 30 Jul
                      : I really believe in this one. Guess I'll see if I'm right on August 5th.
                      • Phoenician | Send Message 23 Jul

                        That $CRUS report yesterday seems to have scared the $TSEM shorts. I think we've seen the bottom for Tower now.
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                        • tromur | Send Message 3 Aug
                          : Kenon stake is spun off now though I believe?
                        • Phoenician | Send Message 4 Aug
                          : Yes, the Kenon stake is officially spun off as of ~7/23-7/26 timeframe. That's got to be creating selling pressure.
                          • Phoenician | Send Message 21 Jul

                            Still no good news for $TSEM and consortium planning fab in India but there's another foundry that may have legs:
                              • Doctor Harry | Send Message 16 Jul

                                The SOXX correction should be over by the end of july with a botton at 87-90. Buy $TSEM below 14$ before earning results...
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                                • tromur | Send Message 17 Jul
                                  : agreed. Loaded and ready.
                                  • Phoenician | Send Message 15 Jul

                                    This appears to be a pretty ideal time to accumulate $TSEM--fundamentals strong as ever and opportune technical entry point at sub-$14.
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                                    • tromur | Send Message 15 Jul
                                      : Agreed. Loaded up at $14 and at $13.38 the other day. Market took one time charge the wrong way on last earnings.
                                    • Phoenician | Send Message 15 Jul
                                      : Yes, and I think the recent SOXX correction has dragged it down considerably, which has little to do with $TSEM's unique business.
                                      • Eric Muathe | Send Message 22 Jun
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                                          Company Description
                                          Tower Semiconductor Ltd is apure-play independent specialty foundry dedicated to the manufacture of semiconductors.Itmanufactures ICs on silicon wafers, using the customer's proprietary circuit designs.