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  • Wed, Jan. 21, 11:12 AM
    • Morgan Stanley sticks with an Overweight rating on Tesla Motors (TSLA +2.2%) in a new note on the EV automaker.
    • The investment firm lowers its price target by $10 to $280 after getting thrown off a bit by Elon Musk's projection of Tesla U.S. GAAP profitability in 2020 (MS had Tesla with $1.6B in GAAP profit by 2020).
    • The Globe and Mail's Jeremy Cato thinks Tesla is exposed by Musk's prediction of delivering a "few million" vehicles by 2025. The writer notes industry veterans such as Nissan's Carlos Ghosn back the EV technology solidly without getting pinned down on sales projections.
    • China remains a hard-to-grasp piece of the puzzle on Tesla (even to Musk). The cozy relationship between Google and SpaceX looks interesting with Tesla rival Leshi working on a new EV for the Chinese market with some help from the Mountain View company. Though Leshi hired a former Nissan top exec this week, most analysts see the company aiming at even higher pies in the sky than Tesla in China.
  • Tue, Jan. 20, 2:46 PM
    • Global Equities Securities sticks with an Overweight rating and lofty $385 price target on Tesla Motors (TSLA -0.3%) as part of a new research report on the company.
    • The investment firm predicts Tesla will create a unique energy storage industry through the Gigafactory development that could be worth as much as $50B.
    • In its past bullish calls on Tesla, Global Equities took the long view that Model S demand is well-ahead of supply in dismissing quarterly production numbers.
  • Thu, Jan. 15, 8:08 AM
  • Wed, Jan. 14, 9:17 AM
  • Wed, Jan. 14, 8:34 AM
    • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) trades lower following Elon Musk's Detroit Auto Show talk as investors hone in on the pushed-out production timetable.
    • The EV automaker could introduce the Model 3 by 2017, but high-volume production on the car appears to be further down the road.
    • Musk sees a run-rate of a few million cars by 2025 and profits for the company by 2020.
    • There's a dose of reality on the costs of the Gigfactory as well. The state of Nevada is in for a "few" hundred million - not the $1.5B which has been bandied around.
    • Picking fights? Musk on Toyota's fuel-cell vehicles initiative: "If you're gonna pick an energy storage system, hydrogen is a dumb one."
    • Reaction: Baird calls the slide in Tesla shares a knee-jerk reaction and thinks investors should buy at current levels.
    • The investment firm has been in a solid defensive stance all week, titling a report on the GM electric Bolt development "I've Always Wanted a Chevy? We Think Not."
    • TSLA -8.9% premarket to $186.05 vs. the consensus analyst PT of $273.08.
  • Tue, Jan. 13, 5:42 PM
  • Tue, Jan. 13, 5:14 PM
    • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk is making a highly-anticipated speech at the Detroit Auto Show in connection with the Automotive News World Congress.
    • The headline revelation so far from Musk is that the EV automaker's pace of sales in China declined in Q4.
    • He blames consumer misperceptions in the nation on the charging process for the fall.
    • Other significant disclosures from the Tesla chief so far include a prediction that the company will reach a run rate of a few million cars by 2025.
    • Musk also left open the possibility that Tesla could use franchised dealerships in the future.
    • A line for bulls to latch onto: "We're going to keep driving our volumes higher and higher."
    • Detroit Free Press live blog
    • Previously: Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show (Jan. 12)
    • TSLA -6.2% after-hours to $191.50.
  • Mon, Jan. 12, 1:48 PM
    • Ford (NYSE:F): The big focus on the F-150 is far from unexpected, although a Truck of the Year award for the model provides a nice bit of timing. Other news from Ford includes a new GT super car, a look at the next-gen Ford AppLink platform, and a new carbon initiative.
    • Nissan (OTCPK:NSANY): The automaker unveiled the Titan XD pickup truck at the show. The truck features 8-cylinders in a 6-cylinder segment. A dose of reality from Nissan as well. CEO Carlos Ghosn says 2015 could be a difficult year in the U.S. for the industry due to the high level of competition.
    • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA): Elon Musk will be in the house tomorrow. The automaker is highlighting its dual motor, autopilot technology, and Supercharger network at its display booth.
    • General Motors: News from GM is largely focused on the new electric Bolt. Execs also reiterated the commitment to the Cadillac brand. $12B will go to develop 8 new models by 2020.
    • Toyota (NYSE:TM): Close attention will be paid to the reception for the Japanese automaker's redesign of the Tacoma. The automaker faces new challengers in the small pickup segment.
    • Daimler(OTCPK:DDAIF): CEO Dieter Zetsche sees 4% growth the global market in 2015 - a mark above what most industry analysts forecast. The exec thinks Mercedes-Benz will have a big year in China.
    • Volkswagen (OTCQX:VLKAY): A big win for the German automaker when the Golf was named the Car of the Year by NAIS. Execs call the achievement a starting point to get back on track in the U.S.
  • Mon, Jan. 12, 10:23 AM
    • General Motors (GM -0.1%) calls the new Bolt concept a "game-changing" model in the EV segment.
    • "Chevrolet believes electrification is a pillar of future transportation and needs to be affordable for a wider segment of customers," proclaims GM.
    • The automaker plans to offer the model in all 50 states and in many global markets. That statement could indicate GM plans to partner with an existing retail chain in an ambitious charging station build-out initiative.
    • A starting price of $30K for the Chevrolet Bolt is expected.
    • The details on performance, style, tech features, and crossover aesthetics are quite impressive - although it's relevant to note that GM use the word "concept" 22 times in its press release.
    • There's a vigorous debate on this 434-comment stream on the impact for Tesla Motors (TSLA -3.3%) and other EV manufacturers (TM, OTCPK:NSANY, OTCPK:BAMXY) from the Bolt development.
  • Sat, Jan. 10, 9:20 AM
    • General Motors (NYSE:GM) plans to introduce a new all-electric model with a driving range of close to 200 miles.
    • The automaker will unveil a concept version of the Chevrolet Bolt at the Detroit Auto Show next week.
    • The Bolt will be priced in a range of $30K to $35K, below that of several other EV entries including the anticipated selling price of the Model 3 from Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA).
    • A more advanced battery from LG Chem is promised than the one used in Chevrolet Volts.
    • 2014 GM EV sales: Chevrolet Volt 18.8K, Cadillac ELR 1.31K (full EV report)
    • Related stocks: OTCPK:BAMXY, OTCPK:NSANY, TM.
  • Thu, Jan. 8, 3:33 PM
    • The Tesla Model X prototype made an appearance by the Panasonic booth at the CES show.
    • There's been some expectation that the production version of the Model X will be unveiled by Tesla (TSLA) shortly with the EV automaker saying it aims to start deliveries to customers with orders on the books in Q3.
    • Customers ordering the Model X now can expect delivery in early 2016.
    • Tesla sleuths can go to work looking for anything new with this detailed video of the Model X at CES.
  • Wed, Jan. 7, 8:02 PM
    • Sales of electric vehicles in the U.S. rose 23%  to 119.7K in 2014, according to a summary from
    • December was the peak month of the year with EV sales of 12,784 units.
    • 2014 EV sales by model (estimated): Nissan Leaf 30.2K, Chevrolet Volt 18.8K, Tesla Model S 17.3K, Toyota Prius 13.2K, Ford Fusion Energi 11.55K, Ford C-Max Energi 8.4K, BMW i3 6.09K, Smart ED 2.59K, Ford Focus Electric 1.96K, Fiat 500e 1.79K, Cadillac ELR 1.31K, Toyota RAV4 1.18K.
    • Plug-in entries from Porsche, Honda, Kia, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi all recorded sales of less than a thousand for the year.
  • Tue, Jan. 6, 8:20 AM
    • The spinoff of Ferrari could give Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (NYSE:FCAU) enough breathing room to seek a merger partner, according to auto industry analysts.
    • The rising cost of developing clean cars in Europe and the U.S. sets the stage for automakers to join forces through mergers and extended partnerships.
    • "Eventually it must happen," notes FCA chief Sergio Marchionne on the topic of mega-mergers.
    • No company is too big to be ruled out of the merger discussions due to the benefits of scaling investment costs and matching strengths/weaknesses in Europe, Latin America, China, and the U.S, note insiders.
  • Fri, Jan. 2, 11:14 AM
    • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) is down 3.34% on brisk volume to take shares to a two-week low.
    • There was worrisome news from China this week for Tesla. An extension of EV subsidies impacts the EV automaker with domestic automakers getting a lift and warning signs on demand also emerged.
    • The debate on the impact of falling oil prices also continues to swirl around Tesla with the national average for gas prices down to $2.23.
    • Though market data shows that sales of EVs have fallen off relative to the industry average over the last few months amid oil's slide, there's plenty of analysis out there indicating the $70K Model S is more resilient to the $2 gas overhang than cheaper EVs.
  • Dec. 31, 2014, 9:04 AM
  • Dec. 30, 2014, 4:18 PM
    • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) updates the estimated driving range for its family of Model S variants.
    • EPA 5-cycle range per Model S type: 85D @ 270 miles, P85+/P85/85 @ 265 miles, P85D @ 253 miles, 60 @ 208 miles.
    • The EV automaker has an online tool which estimates the potential range of a Model S based on a variety of factors including the impact of performance tires and average driving speed.
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