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The United States Gasoline ETF, LP (UGA)

  • caret311 | Send Message 5 Apr

    Sold $UCO 7$ July'15 and $UGA 35$ Oct'15 puts Thursday. Intend to increase position in coming weeks.
      • Zacks Funds | Send Message 10 Mar

        Can The Gasoline ETF Continue To Surge? $UGA
          • Justin Giles | Send Message 3 Feb

   Oil: Yes, It's tempting, but worth the wait: $GTE $CVX $XOM $EXXI $OAS $RIG $BBEP $USO $BNO $DBO $UCO $UGA
              • 11146471 | Send Message 1 Feb

                $UGA Refineries Workers on Strike across USA! Expect volatility in Gasoline and Distillates
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                • Roy Pope | Send Message 2 Feb
                  : That's not the type of news an investor likes to wake up to. Glad I hadn't gone to bed yet. Guess it will be a bumpy ride.
                  • D-struction | Send Message 16 Jan

                    Just ran across $UGA. Can we say no-brainer and if not why?
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                    • chicagomary | Send Message 16 Jan
                      : if oil is at bottom,we both benefit,D :) I have sm amt of $xom but I agree etf's are good here
                    • D-struction | Send Message 16 Jan
                      : $XOP making a major double bottom. With IEA report and vulture lurking, I am seeing a rebound.
                      • Andrew Hecht | Send Message 13 Jan

                        Driving Season Is Coming: Is It Time To Get Long Gasoline? $UGA
                          • | Send Message 22 Aug 2014

                            Major Deflation Indicator Alert, United States Gasoline Fund, LP $UGA
                              • David Zanoni | Send Message 29 Jul 2014

                                Update: Cover The United States Gas ETF Trade $UGA
                                  • David Zanoni | Send Message 23 Jun 2014

                                    What To Expect From Gas Prices This Summer $UGA
                                      • x oil -field | Send Message 14 May 2014

                                        Investors That QE Left Behind. $UGA $EEM $EPI $EWJ $EWZ $EZA $FXI $IDX $ITB $JJC $SPY $TUR SA
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                                        • x oil -field | Send Message 14 May 2014
                                          : Dal your message was received, thanks for the early morning chuckle: it went well with my fresh cup of Joe. MV at SA.
                                        • x oil -field | Send Message 14 May 2014
                                          : Good news from $WH, U.S. helping looking for thugs: U.S. Planes Join Search for Kidnapped Nigerian Girls. Bloomberg
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