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VelocityShares 3x Long Gold ETN (UGLD)

  • Roy Pope | Send Message 27 Feb

    What I'm watching tomorrow: $KEYW $DOC $SPRT $NGD $WPP $TROV $KFX $AUQ $GFI $NUGT $MOBI $PHYS $IAU $SA $UGLD
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    • Roy Pope | Send Message 27 Feb
      : A couple of real winners in this list: $MOBI +8.31%; $NUGT +6.33%; $NGD +4.04%
      • Capitalist Bull | Send Message 2 Feb

        Gold ETF's forming low cup and handles. If $USD weakens, even a bit, on top of European #QE, #Gold readying to breakout. $GLD $UGLD $NUGT
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        • Brian58 | Send Message 3 Feb
          : it's coiled
          • Herbert Samuel Jennings | Send Message 27 Apr 2014

            $GLD $UGLD $NUGT $DUST $NEM Russia vows to protect pro Russian rebels outside Crimea (S.E. Ukraine)
              • Stock Reversals | Send Message 11 Mar 2013

                $UGLD The easy way with leverage to gain exposure to Gold, normally a trading vehicle, but can work for intermediate rallies too.
                  • adawg304 | Send Message 20 Dec 2012

                    Is anybody bullish on gold yet? $GLD $UGLD
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                    • jason2788 | Send Message 20 Dec 2012
                      : always bullish on gold. just not paper gold.
                    • Youngone91 | Send Message 20 Dec 2012
                      : i'd only try to catch a knife if it hits 1580. otherwise I will observe. macd doesn't look good
                      • Capitalist Bull | Send Message 15 Nov 2012

                        Leading stocks unable to settle down. Gold & Silver best setups long, GLD SLV USLV $UGLD. Cash or selective shorts.
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                        • goferit | Send Message 19 Nov 2012
                          : SLV, USLV, AGQ, GLD, UGLD.......pickup in Call Options.....looks good!
                        • goferit | Send Message 23 Nov 2012
                          : SLV, USLV, GLD, UGLD. Stealth rally? Minimal bog postings, yet PM's moving up!
                          • Capitalist Bull | Send Message 13 Nov 2012

                            UGLD - Gold looking to shine again! GLD
                              • The_American | Send Message 5 Oct 2012

                                Traders More Bullish on GLD IAU UGLD UGL - Bloomberg this morning Keep : on GDX GDXJ NUGT PLTM SLV most undervalued SIL SLVP SIVR PHYS SIVR
                                  • The_American | Send Message 2 Oct 2012

                                    SLV GLD consolidation DB raises targets on USLV UGLD which means maybe SH term profit taking : on GDX GDXJ NUGT EGO GG KGC AUY SLW UGLD RIC
                                      • The_American | Send Message 1 Oct 2012

                                        SLV consolidating nicely along with GLD with SH term traders @1800 UGLD breaks USLV breaks to 50 as last time PHYS IAU @1900 AGQ PSLV near50
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                                        • John R. Conway | Send Message 2 Oct 2012
                                          : golden cross also working nicely for SLV. If SLV can break current levels I'm looking for $35
                                        • The_American | Send Message 3 Oct 2012
                                          : SLV more volatile and broke 35. Last time GLD was @ 1900 PSLV was almost 50 we should see between 40-60 depending on UGLD PHYS IAU USLV 100%
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                                          The VelocityShares 3x Long Gold ETNs linked to the S&P GSCI® Gold Index ER (the “ETNs”) are senior, unsecured obligations of Credit Suisse AG (“Credit Suisse”) acting through its Nassau branch. The ETNs seek to provide long exposure to three times (3x) the daily performance of the S&P GSCI® Gold Index ER (the “Index”) plus a daily accrual equal to the return that could be earned on a notional capital reinvestment at the three month U.S. Treasury rate as reported on Bloomberg under ticker USB3MTA, less the daily investor fee. The ETNs are intended to provide traders with an exchange traded instrument enabling them to efficiently express their market views on the COMEX gold future.
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