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Uni-Pixel, Inc. (UNXL)

  • LaboMedic | Send Message 10 Apr

    $UNXL UniPixel Inc: This Steamroller Is About To Squash Investors
      • PatrickTS | Send Message 16 Mar

        Stock for Monday 16.03.2015: $AMRN $AMPE $REPH $UNXL $GERN
          • Chris DeMuth Jr. | Send Message 5 Mar

            You're Just Too Good To Be True $EYES, $UNXL
              • PatrickTS | Send Message 2 Mar

                Few tickers for 2.03.2015: $FLWS $CYCC $EYES $UNXL $CLNE $ARQL $ZIOP
                  • jadoo11 | Send Message 6 Dec 2014

                    am i ever going to make money with $UNXL?
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                    • vireoman | Send Message 6 Dec 2014
                      : I think they've been doomed to obsolescence ever since Multi-Pixel, Inc. came on the scene.
                      • Wolf Pack | Send Message 20 Nov 2014

                        Wow, it wasn't long ago that a half million $UNXL shares traded daily. And that was without any 'good' news, so what's up?
                          • Wolf Pack | Send Message 18 Nov 2014

                            Along with the disaster CREX, $UNXL is another stock I'll hang on to the rest of my life, hoping for a break even point..
                              • bullchin | Send Message 24 Oct 2014

                                $UNXL Time for UNXL shareholder to visit pain management at local hospital. ouch
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                                • Ivan Jimenez | Send Message 27 Oct 2014
                                  : Time to move on Bullchin.
                                • bullchin | Send Message 28 Oct 2014
                                  : done
                                  • bullchin | Send Message 16 Oct 2014

                                    $UNXL NFLX down 100 today -25% from lowering guidance. What if UNXL lower their guidance? What effect will it produce?
                                      • Wolf Pack | Send Message 15 Oct 2014

                                        $UNXL anyone want to know how to make lots of money? Sell when I buy, and buy when I sell. Seems I don't have the hang of this yet!
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                                        • bullchin | Send Message 16 Oct 2014
                                          : Has signs of low liquidity = added risk to those who brought stock. What will be the value now?
                                        • bullchin | Send Message 16 Oct 2014
                                          : liq value + low liquidity + burn rate of cash = $2.90 The good news is they will be make it thru 2014 but 2015 will be ??
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                                          Company Description
                                          Uni-pixel Inc is a pre-production stage company. It develops PEF products for the display, touch screen & flexible electronics market. It rebranded its PEF production process as Copperhead, & touch sensors made with Copperhead process as InTouch sensors.