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U.S. Energy Corp. (USEG)

  • nic190 | Send Message 25 Jan

    which will go bankrupt first $USEG ,$OAS , $EXXI , $ RDS ?
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    • D-struction | Send Message 25 Jan
      : Looking like $EXXI. What a dog.
    • nic190 | Send Message 25 Jan
      : yea has a lot of dept.$EXXI
      • Blue22 | Send Message 19 Dec 2014

        $USEG Smashed down 400% despite the fact that Buda wells and property top producers with no pumping at all and peanuts per well!
          • sarichter | Send Message 18 Dec 2014

            $USEG @ $1.40 looks good...
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            • nic190 | Send Message 22 Jan
              : its 1.40 and looking good
              • sarichter | Send Message 4 Dec 2014

                $SDRL, $USEG, and $NADL... all keep rolling down the hill. Perfect timing for 2015 IRA contributions!
                  • HiddenValueInvestor | Send Message 28 Oct 2014

                    U.S. Energy Priced Way Too Low By Market $USEG
                      • Hawkinvest | Send Message 1 Oct 2014

                        U.S. Energy: This Oil Stock Is Too Cheap To Ignore, With Significant Buda Exposure $USEG
                          • Steve Hach | Send Message 19 Sep 2014

                            Free Oracle Report Link And Basic Materials Stocks Rated From $SBGL, $USEG, $SLCA
                              • HiddenValueInvestor | Send Message 14 May 2014

                                U.S. Energy Is The Way To Play The Buda Oil Discovery $USEG
                                  • Rick8548 | Send Message 9 May 2014

                                    $USEG ABANDON SHIP!!!! off by $.02 and off by $.75 mil on revenues. Dump your stock!!! One of the few oil companies that run in the black.
                                      • Rick8548 | Send Message 29 Apr 2014

                                        $USEG is going to bust open as soon. They have too many high yield leases they haven't tapped.
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                                          Company Description
                                          U.S. Energy Corp., is an independent energy company engaged in acquisition and development of oil and gas producing properties and other mineral properties in the continental United States.