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The United States Oil ETF, LP (USO)

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    These 5 Facts Explain the State of Iran[Persia]. $USO Time
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      : Why Iran's Supreme Leader Wants a p5+1 N-Deal. TheAtlantic
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      : France spurs Iran to make 'new effort' for p5+1 deal. ''Let's get er done'' DailyMail
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        Commodity ETFs Losing Status As A Portfolio Diversifier $DBC $USO
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            %stocks>40DMA=45% $SPY Reverses Post-Fed Gains - Waiting On $USO, $GLD to Follow. #VIX $AAPL $UUP $BIDU $FXE
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                Oil prices fall more than $1 as supply threat eases. $OIL $DTO $USO $FXE Reuters
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                    Before You Bomb Iran[Tehran]: A Pre-Flight Checklist. $USO Forbes
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                      : Negotiations with Iran over the fate of its nuclear program are entering a critical stage. Forbes
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                      : Analysts: Iran's Supreme Leader Has Ultimate Say on Nuclear Deal. VOA
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                        $BIB $SPY $USO I don't think they are done going down yet. But war may hold USO up
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                            Oil Crash Showcasing Refiners $OIH $OIL $SPY $UCO $USO $XLE $SCO $DWTI
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                                Interesting shale play, check out this bottoming action > $PXD $OIL $USO
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                                    {video} Stock Chart Analysis $JO $AKS $USO $GOGO $SBUX $BANC $AZPN $LOCO $IPCI $FFIV $RIG $DIA $IYP $DIA
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                                        There Will Be No Oil Storage Crisis In 2015 $USO
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