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  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 29 Jun

    Head scratcher: Interesting that the Euro $FXE is up while the dollar $UUP is down today...
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    • 6228371 | Send Message 29 Jun
      : Strange- Gold isn't rallying strongly. Perhaps the market is starting to price in a yes vote on Greece. If so, oil should be rallying?
    • Dr. Kris | Send Message 29 Jun
      : Gold is doing ok--white metals, esp platinum & palladium are diving. Steel riveting down, too. Tough day for hards--good for some softs.
      • InvestingInsights | Send Message 29 Jun

        Thoughts on Greece, China and the US $GREK $NBG $SPY $FXI $FXCH $UUP
          • Markos Kaminis | Send Message 26 Jun

            Why ISIS' New Currency will Outlast the US Dollar $UUP $GLD $UDN $SLV $GDX #dollar #gold #ISIS #IslamicState
              • Matthew Sauer, Esq. | Send Message 24 Jun

                ETF Watchlist For June 24, 2015 $UUP, $FXE, $GREK
                  • 11146471 | Send Message 20 Jun

                    $GLD,$UUP: I have bought gold and USD afraid of this $GREK situation.Sold all others.
                      • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 19 Jun

                        Time To Take The Cheese | $SPY $UUP
                          • 11146471 | Send Message 17 Jun

                            $UUP : A move to 1,05 vs the EUR is anticipated. In the bad case scenario of a "Grexit" we will see 0,85!
                              • 11146471 | Send Message 17 Jun

                                $GREK,$UUP: A factor way too big to be ignored! Long cash and especially USD.
                                  • Crude Oil Trader | Send Message 17 Jun

                                    The People's Republic of Debt > $FXI $UUP
                                      • 11146471 | Send Message 5 Jun

                                        $UUP: USD will gain another 5%-6% against the EUR hitting the 1,05 again until the end of this month. Remember where you heard it first!
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                                        • mstar991 | Send Message 5 Jun
                                          : ok , i am watching. Was thinking EUR/USD might be in uptrend now ...
                                        • 11146471 | Send Message 5 Jun
                                          : The Greek drama will play all June, plus you see what happened with today's payroll number. US is the best house in the neighbourhood.
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