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PowerShares DB USD Bull ETF (UUP)

  • x oil -field | Send Message 25 Jul

    $UUP Iran's Day Bank [re]joining the SWIFT transaction system'shortgold which facilitates worldwide bank transfers.
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    • x oil -field | Send Message 25 Jul
      : Hedge Funds Are Holding First-Ever Gold Net-Short Position.'shortsellgld $GLD $DUST Bloomberg
      • Dr. Duru | Send Message 23 Jul

        The U.S. Dollar Regains Momentum Against the Turkish Lira As Regional Tensions Escalate. $USDTRY $UUP $TUR
          • Dr. Duru | Send Message 23 Jul

            The U.S. Dollar and the British Pound Fail At Important 2015 Milestones. $FXB $FXE $UUP
              • Dr. Duru | Send Message 20 Jul

                My latest: The U.S. Dollar and the British Pound Tag Important 2015 Milestones. $UUP $FXB $FXE
                  • mattbird | Send Message 17 Jul

                    $USO and $GLD losing support here with $UUP up...
                      • Crude Oil Trader | Send Message 11 Jul

                        China: What Deflation Looks Like > $FXI $UUP
                          • Brian58 | Send Message 7 Jul

                            $UUP: Greece must be fixed now:)
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                            • stocktrader | Send Message 7 Jul
                              : Lol
                            • D-struction | Send Message 7 Jul
                              : gotcha
                              • Ryan Mallory | Send Message 6 Jul

                                Looking for the #Grexit | $SPY $UUP
                                  • Dr. Duru | Send Message 6 Jul

                                    The June U.S. Jobs Report Helps Push The First Fed Rate Hike To 2016 $UUP
                                      • luckypeter | Send Message 4 Jul

                                        $UUP ETF for $USD index, TA looks bullish, TARGET upper 90s, B Bands narrow, up next.. VOL+MA Accumulation pattern, RSI rising ahead of MACD
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                                          The PowerShares DB US Dollar Bullish Fund (Symbol: UUP) is based on the Deutsche Bank Long US Dollar Index (USDX®) Futures Index™ (DB Long USD Futures Index). The Index, which is managed by DB Commodity Services LLC, is a rules-based index composed solely of long USDX® futures contracts. The USDX® futures contract is designed to replicate the performance of being long the US Dollar against the following currencies: Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona and Swiss Franc. You cannot invest directly in an index. Ordinary brokerage commissions apply.
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