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Valhi, Inc. (VHI)

  • Quantified Alpha | Send Message 13 Mar

    We wouldn't touch $VHI with this type of growth. Need to momentum and EPS growth back on track #stocks #investing
      • RealestRealist | Send Message 10 Jul 2014

        Long $ALGN $CAMP $HTH $SAH $VHI $EOG
          • Stephen Simpson, CFA | Send Message 10 Jun 2014

            Valhi Seems Like A Tough Way To Seek Value $VHI
              • henry75 | Send Message 9 Jun 2014

                $mnkd JMJ $MNKD or $VHI witch is better?
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                • panchosfc | Send Message 9 Jun 2014
                  : Soon? this week?
                • derrickthms182 | Send Message 9 Jun 2014
                  : Possibly but definitely end of this month. Remember decision for approval date is July 15th for FDA. Expect partnership or buy out shortly
                  • BTD70 | Send Message 2 Jun 2014

                    $VHI watching close. No position yet.
                      • Michael Michaud | Send Message 12 May 2014

                        Investing In Waste Management Earnings Growth $ECOL, $CLH, $VHI
                          • Kapitall | Send Message 26 Apr 2013

                            Insiders Are Buying 9 Environmentally Conscious Stocks $AMRS $ATSG $GHDX $MNKD $ODP $PHII $TRGT $VHI $VSAT
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                            • vireoman | Send Message 27 Apr 2013
                              : So the spraying of Afrezza into one's nose evidently doesn't contribute to global warming?
                              • joeg1969 | Send Message 18 Feb 2013

                                Keep an eye out on uranium stocks due to circumstances in Japan with their proposed plans to embrace nuclear power once again,$CCJ $VHI $KEP
                                  • Michael Bryant | Send Message 24 Jul 2012

                                    Valhi (VHI) may be ready to make a comeback.;c=
                                      • Michael Bryant | Send Message 28 Nov 2011

                                        I am amazed by Valhi (VHI). It just keeps going higher. Wish I hadn't sold it. Could have been a three-bagger.
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                                        • Michael Bryant | Send Message 29 Nov 2011
                                          : Ocean: I don't follow it closely now, so I'm not sure. I do know it is benefiting from a squeeze in titanium dioxide prices.
                                        • Michael Bryant | Send Message 29 Nov 2011
                                          : It also has a potential nuclear cleanup chemical.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Valhi Inc is a producer and marketer of titanium dioxide pigments, or TiO2, a base industrial product used in a wide range of applications.
                                          Industry: Synthetics
                                          Country: United States