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Vringo, Inc. (VRNG)

  • ocls_pk | Send Message 12h

    $nugt $vxx $vrng $gld $tc $abx $xiv $app investors. Take note. has No debt $SPRT & $XPL and trading close to cash value.
      • Patent Plays | Send Message 29 Jun

        $WDDD $VRNG Congrats to Thom Kidrin CEO Worlds for a great Markman Win. WDDD its all about Multiplayer Connection and owning that IP space
          • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Jun

            Added $VRNG at $0.56.
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            • sheldond | Send Message 3 Jul
              : Looking good here...
            • oneotherfool | Send Message 3 Jul
              : Yes, ZTE is looking more and more positive. The shelf they filed, was to replace another expiring shelf... Looks good to me too!
              • sheldond | Send Message 24 Jun

                $VRNG "We Remain Highly Focused On Our Global Litigation Efforts Against ZTE"
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                • sheldond | Send Message 26 Jun
                  : Just be ready to avg down if or have an exit strategy if certain legal catalysts go against you...lot of sticks in the fire
                • oneotherfool | Send Message 26 Jun
                  : Ideally, I'd like to hide this one from my portfolio, and check back on it with in 6-12 months, or unless I get a PPS going vertical alert.
                  • alleggs123 | Send Message 23 Jun

                    admin stock contest gains 82.62% $VRNG $ZIOP $MCD
                      • sheldond | Send Message 18 Jun

                        $VRNG granted 6 month extension by Nasdaq today one hour ago will post link when I find it
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                        • sheldond | Send Message 18 Jun
                          : and I am on
                        • wheelz23 | Send Message 22 Jun
                          • sheldond | Send Message 10 Jun

                            Swing trades still on $ARP, $MIXT, $TTOO, some $VRNG...Willing to add on any major ARP at this level
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                            • sheldond | Send Message 10 Jun
                              : Easy play odds are stacked for you but anything can happen on any given day so worth the risk reward to me...if it goes down I will get :)
                            • sheldond | Send Message 22 Jun
                              : probably the largest single down day for me trade portfolio down 3.5% but its all paper and the year has been great so far reaction
                              • Justin Giles | Send Message 3 Jun
                                  • Justin Giles | Send Message 2 Jun

                                    Vringo Sends Strong Message To SCOTUS And Google With Writ Of Certiorari And Why Shares Could Pop $VRNG
                                      • sheldond | Send Message 1 Jun

                                        $VRNG added to my position at around .57 today and yesterday.
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                                        • sheldond | Send Message 22 Jun
                                          : play it again Sam... :)
                                        • sheldond | Send Message 23 Jun
                                          : nice little trade with breakfast
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                                          Company Description
                                          Vringo Inc is engaged in identifying, generating, acquiring, and deriving economic benefits from intellectual property assets. Its intellectual property portfolio consists of over 500 patents and patent applications.