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Vringo, Inc. (VRNG)

  • peterpint | Send Message 15 Apr

    Bought more $VRNG at .67. Come on that all u can do? Zte not only chinese are a "short" while! Go vrng longs
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    • sheldond | Send Message 16 Apr
      : I keep buying at these cap is a little low if they get anything good from any of their lawsuits
      • sheldond | Send Message 10 Apr

        Bought a lot more $VRNG over last two days for an average of .70 ... I think something good could happen on this swing
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        • sheldond | Send Message 10 Apr
          : Just know you better be right because it cuts both ways...I do watch them and have my plans in case of emergency
        • sheldond | Send Message 13h
          : I keeps buying $VRNG everyday...I hope it keeps dropping slowly until the inevitable spike and then I will take some profits and beach time
          • peterpint | Send Message 9 Apr

            $VRNG bought more vringo on this close!
              • Techinvestor80 | Send Message 6 Apr

                $VRNG New Pacers by Kaplan -wow he's setting up a smack down of zte. Seems like Dam78's views couldn't be futher from reality.
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                • LYogi | Send Message 6 Apr
                  : give us the jist in a nutshell
                • LYogi | Send Message 6 Apr
                  : found this:
                  • Jack Joe | Send Message 6 Apr

                    $VRNG waiting for DLINK settlement
                      • dam78 | Send Message 6 Apr

                        $VRNG Vringo , Pumpers, Baddest Revenues, Huge Insidersells
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                        • sheldond | Send Message 7 Apr
                          : Your timing is priceless
                          • dam78 | Send Message 6 Apr

                            Vringo , Pumpers, Baddest Revenues, Huge Insidersells $VRNG
                              • Jack Joe | Send Message 18 Mar

                                $VRNG in uptrend
                                  • WealthManager | Send Message 17 Mar

                                    $VRNG Huge move & volume. What did I miss this time?
                                      • Patent Plays | Send Message 6 Mar

                                        $VRNG Correction: Extension was filed on Vringo(I/P Engine) v. Google. My error
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                                          Company Description
                                          Vringo Inc is engaged in identifying, generating, acquiring, and deriving economic benefits from intellectual property assets. Its intellectual property portfolio consists of over 500 patents and patent applications.