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Teucrium Wheat Fund (WEAT)

  • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 6 May

    {video} Stock Chart Analysis $WEAT $LOCO $CHK $BRZU $PLG $VGGL $NRP
      • Robert A. Desmond | Send Message 29 Apr

        {video} Stock Chart Analysis $NRP $EXXI $TVIX $HERO $WEAT $HMY $YGE $MPO
          • Dr. Kris | Send Message 5 Mar

            Wheat a minute: $WEAT etf breaking support to hit post-2011 inception low. Donut makers should be happy...
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            • Dr. Kris | Send Message 11 Mar
              : And GMO crops are quite different from non-GMO crops.
            • Dr. Kris | Send Message 11 Mar
              : My mistake--cane sugar is sucrose, not glucose.
              • Dr. Kris | Send Message 25 Feb

                Hard landing for "softs": Wheat $WEAT testing all-time low, Sugar $SGG at all time low, coffee $JO breaking $26 support.
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                • neobliviscar | Send Message 25 Feb
                  : Me too, though intending to semi-retire from being PM. Still must manage much of my own.
                • chuck holladay | Send Message 25 Feb
                  : I am trying to do less trading and I do not know enough to do any commentary and who would want to hear it if I did? LOL
                  • Sami J. Karam | Send Message 24 Feb

                    The Case For Agricultural Commodity ETFs: A Conversation With Sal Gilbertie $CORN $SOYB $GLD $TAGS $WEAT
                      • Tony Daltorio | Send Message 7 Dec 2014

                        Russia Weather Woes Raising Wheat Prices $WEAT
                          • x oil -field | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

                            India's Food Agency for Poor Pays Laborers $7,250 a Month. $WEAT Bloomberg
                              • The Financial Lexicon | Send Message 8 Oct 2014

                                Something You Need To Know About These Commodity ETFs $CORN, $SOYB, $WEAT
                                  • Dr. Kris | Send Message 5 Oct 2014

                                    YTD Soft commodity etn returns: $CORN & $WEAT -25%, $SGG -23%, $BAL -21%, $SOYB -15%; $JO +79%.
                                      • Vetr | Send Message 3 Oct 2014

                                        A Beacon of Light Among Commodities ETFs $FTGC $JO $WEAT $GCC
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                                          WEAT Description
                                          "The Teucrium Wheat Fund (NYSE: WEAT) provides investors unleveraged direct exposure to wheat without the need for a futures account. The Teucrium Wheat Fund was also designed to reduce the effects of backwardation and contango. The investment objective of the Fund is to have the daily changes in percentage terms of the Shares’ NAV reflect the daily changes in percentage terms of a weighted average of the closing settlement prices for three futures contracts for wheat (“Wheat Futures Contracts”) that are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade (“CBOT”), specifically: (1) the second-to-expire CBOT Wheat Futures Contract, weighted 35%, (2) the third-to-expire CBOT Wheat Futures Contract, weighted 30%, and (3) the CBOT Wheat Futures Contract expiring in the December following the expiration month of the third-to-expire contract, weighted 35%."
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