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Xinyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. (XIN)

  • freelancah | Send Message 27 Aug

    $XIN Attend Upcoming Investor Conferences in New York in September 2015! Here we go
      • Brett Mayo | Send Message 23 Aug

        XIN Should Do MASSIVE Stock Buybacks Immediately $XIN, $SFUN, $LEJU
          • tradare | Send Message 21 Aug

            What's happening with $XIN ? Why is it 6.14% down today?
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            • katsd94 | Send Message 21 Aug
              : I would blame the china sell off for that. But i'm not entirely sure
            • dalatinIJR | Send Message 21 Aug
              : China PMI missed big. printed at 6.5 an estimated at 7
              • Elliott R. Morss | Send Message 21 Aug

                Xinyuan Real Estate: What Do The Latest Numbers Mean? $XIN
                  • joelkatz | Send Message 12 Aug

                    $XIN bought back at $2.84
                      • joelkatz | Send Message 12 Aug

                        $XIN sold at $3.02 at the opening
                          • joelkatz | Send Message 9 Jul

                            Shuts! bought $XIN yesterday at $2.75 with unsettled money, can't sell for another 2 days, i would love to take the double digit profit.
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                            • oneotherfool | Send Message 9 Jul
                              : within a day or two. Obviously, do try to understand the risks associated with a margin account, first.
                            • kahoward2734 | Send Message 10 Jul
                              : oh I know that I will strictly trade with cash only no touching money that didn't come out of my on pocket !
                              • FortuneFavorstheBrave | Send Message 25 Jun

                                $XIN checkout Oosten project presentation:
                                  • Dima Jidkich | Send Message 18 May
                                      • Dwhip | Send Message 14 May

                                        $XIN very cheap and announces earnings in the morning.
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                                        • tradare | Send Message 14 May
                                          : We'll see. Let's hope for some good results :) Btw. some food:
                                        • GeorjiGirl | Send Message 14 May
                                          : agree...first quarter isn't great on these types of companies.
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                                          Company Description
                                          Xinyuan Real Estate Co Ltdis a real estate developer. The Company develops residential properties in Tier II and Tier III cities in China.