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  • Roy Pope | Send Message 24 Feb

    Tuesday Watchlist: $GCA $EGO $JCP $RPTP $LYG $SKYW $XOMA $PTX $RJET $JBLU
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    • Roy Pope | Send Message 24 Feb
      : Glad I only watched. A few up and the rest down. Nice gains and horrible losses. Need to hone my formula a bit. LOL
    • Roy Pope | Send Message 25 Feb
      : Actually, this list is doing much better today, except for $RJET. Gonna tweak it and test it again for a 2-day hold.
      • WItrader18 | Send Message 19 Feb

        Both $XOMA and $SGEN look like they are breaking out. Plan to re-enter on the first pull back
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        • The Desert Fox | Send Message 20 Feb
          : it will rise strongly or fall deep soon.I'm quite excited to see whats coming! I'm holding on for a while now for a big gamble ;-)
          • WItrader18 | Send Message 3 Feb

            Back in $XOMA $3.39
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            • The Desert Fox | Send Message 18 Feb
              : It was a bit to early to exit, but lost confidence at 3.51.Afterwards everybody is smarter. Economy is so green, it will pop easily higher
            • The Desert Fox | Send Message 18 Feb
              : Thinking about CTIC and CANF..Maybe worth a gamble..
              • WItrader18 | Send Message 30 Jan

                Waiting for $XOMA to drop below $3.50 again...again
                  • WItrader18 | Send Message 26 Jan

                    Sold $XOMA at $3.60 from $3.45
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                    • Le_Kabyle | Send Message 26 Jan
                      : I prefer MACALLAN ;-)
                    • The Desert Fox | Send Message 26 Jan
                      : Fair enough ;-)
                      • The Desert Fox | Send Message 22 Jan

                        Any thoughts on when Phase 3 data for gevokizumab $XOMA is expected?
                          • WItrader18 | Send Message 15 Jan

                            Bought back my $XOMA shares at $3.45 that I sold at $4.93 one month ago.
                              • InsiderInsights | Send Message 8 Jan

                       Daily Round Up 1/6/15: XOMA, CODI, MNST, BBY $XOMA
                                  • WItrader18 | Send Message 7 Jan

                                    $XOMA classic bounce from $3.50 to $4,00 and back again. No momentum here anymore, looks like manipulation
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                                    • WItrader18 | Send Message 7 Jan
                                      : for awhile. BB sold more under at the very end of December as well for a pretty low pps
                                    • hatvani | Send Message 8 Jan
                                      : I was holding long term with cost base $5+. Should have exited at the run up before BB's exit.
                                      • Biotech researcher | Send Message 4 Jan

                                        $XOMA looks like a pretty good entry point. Bounced off of $3.50 over few times the past year
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                                        • WItrader18 | Send Message 5 Jan
                                          : I agree Biotech, my most recent sell had a CB of $3.50, I have not gotten back in yet but am seriously considering it.
                                        • WItrader18 | Send Message 5 Jan
                                          : Somewhat worried about the BB exit but $3.50 is well below the recent offering price.
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                                          XOMA Corp is a biotechnology company, which is engaged in the development and manufacturing of therapeutic antibodies and other agents designed to treat inflammatory, autoimmune, infectious and oncological diseases.
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                                          Industry: Biotechnology
                                          Country: United States