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ProShares UltraShort Silver ETF (ZSL)

  • Eric Muathe | Send Message 1 Mar

    [VIDEO] $STUDY Timing Gold $GOLD & Silver $SLV in 2013. $DZZ $DUST $ZSL $DSLV
      • ljsquid | Send Message 7 Dec 2014

        What To Do With Silver So Cheap $SLV, $ZSL, $AGQ
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        • T-time | Send Message 8 Dec 2014
          : What are your thoughts on silver spot price direction for 1Q to 2Q 2015? up or down
        • ljsquid | Send Message 22 Dec 2014
          : Relative to other commodities, I think it will do better. However, I don't see a big move either way.
          • ljsquid | Send Message 11 Nov 2014

            What To Do When The Dollar Stalls $UUP, $AGQ, $ZSL
              • AlphaGTrends | Send Message 5 Nov 2014

                Bear call spreads on $ZSL or shorting it outright is starting to look interesting. Selling puts on $SLV at the $9 level still not lucrative
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                • WaveRider007 | Send Message 5 Nov 2014
                  : Averaging down while cashing out of equities.
                • AlphaGTrends | Send Message 5 Nov 2014
                  : averaging down on $SLV?
                  • Gary Jakacky | Send Message 23 Sep 2014

                    Using Leveraged ETFs Effectively: An Example With Silver $ZSL
                      • Overanalytical | Send Message 19 Mar 2014

                        An Introduction To Gold And Silver $GLD, $SLV, $ZSL
                          • whidbey | Send Message 3 Dec 2013

                            Countermove, $MZZ,$SDS,$DXD. Buy falling dividend stocks. USD stronger:Short gold $DZZ silver $ZSL. Bonds/Notes want up135 /130.
                              • septictanks | Send Message 21 Nov 2013

                                  • bobzic | Send Message 3 Oct 2013

                                    $MAGNF.PK : Silver: I like $AUMN, $AXU, $MGN, $MISVF, $RVM, $AGQ, $USLV, $ZSL....
                                      • Hypnos7 | Send Message 29 Apr 2013

                                        Silver forming a double top on the 15-minute chart, good bet yet another leg downward. $SLV $ZSL
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