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  • 3 Reasons 'Le' Starbucks Purchase Of La Boulange Is Beautiful  [View article]
    Their bottom line should also improve because they are laying off the top-of-the-pay/benefit long-term employees across the country. Shame on them. It is dangerous to be an over fifty year-old regional director for Starbucks. This company does not place a value on their long-term "partners", Starbucks euphemism for employees.
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  • An army of lobbyists supported by tech giants Google (GOOG -1.1%), Apple (AAPL -0.8%), Cisco (CSCO -0.7%), and other tech giants mobilizes in DC with a singular goal in mind: create a tax holiday for $1T in profits sitting offshore. Though advocates say a repatriation holiday will help regenerate the economy, studies indicate the biggest effect from previous tax breaks is less dramatic...more stock buybacks.   [View news story]
    Offer tax holidays to these behemoth corporations if they agree to invest sixty percent of the savings realized in a government created program that will build and rebuild Americas infrastructures that are so in need of repair. Roads, bridges, dams all falling to ruin while we are building democracies in the Middle East...oh yeah! It is also important to remember that most of the 1T that is locked away off-shore is profit, a direct result of outsourcing the majority of the labor to sweatshops in Asia and India that is contributing to the unemployment numbers in America. Shame, shame on these corporations. Greed is Not good.
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  • Turns Out Starbucks Is Reigniting Growth  [View article]
    To Kgrizzly: I hope they don't treat their investors the way they treat their employees! SBUX is currently "separating" (their euphemism for firing) long term employees that are fifty-five years old. At one meeting with District Managers in Florida a corporate emissary
    announced "if you are fifty-five years old and think you will be with Starbucks until sixty-five and retire, think again. Ain't going to happen". They are not eliminating these positions, they are replacing senior DMs with lower paid, younger personnel...not even promoting from within the company. Sure sounds like a massive age discrimination lawsuit in the making doesn't it?
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  • Starbucks' (SBUX -0.8%) CEO Howard Schultz says the company may grow through acquisitions in an "aggressive and opportunistic way" after stockpiling close to $2B in cash. The firm will also look to increase its presence in Latin America - particularly Brazil - to match its aggressive expansion in Asian markets.   [View news story]
    Nice to know that Starbucks has stockpiled close to $2B in cash. However, that is little comfort to the long term employees that are systemetically being fired, "retired", or in Starbucks euphemistic lingo "Separated". At a recent meeting of District Managers in Florida, a corporate emissary assigned to address the DMs announced "any of you that are 55 years old or older, don't think you'll be around at 65 to retire. Ain't gonna happen". Incredibly the "separating" is underway and to fill the vacant positions, Starbucks is hiring younger, less experienced people who work at greatly reduced salaries and benefits, i.e., vacation time. At one time CEO Howard Schultz led the world to believe that his employees were his most important asset. Employees were referred to as "partners". Well Mr. Schultz, this is some way to treat your partners. Perhaps the most painful and outrageous part of these "separations" is the loss of health insurance coverage. Remember the biography on television a few years back when Schultz led us through the tenement he lived in as a child and his remembrances of his own father unemployed and ill? He said that was the reason he gave all employees who worked for the company, even part-time, health coverage. Now he is firing people who will not only be without a job, but without health insurance. What a greedy hypocrite you are Mr. Schultz.
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  • Reasons Why Starbucks Can Keep Going Higher  [View article]
    I certainly hope and pray that they DON'T treat their shareholders the way they are treating their " partners",(Starbuck's euphemism for employees).
    The last three years Starbucks has been methodically "separating"
    (their euphemism for "firing") long-term, fifty-five year old and over district managers and other executives. At a recent Florida meeting of DMs in that state, a corporate entity from Atlanta had the temerity to announce that if anyone is over fifty-five and they think they will be with the company and retire at sixty-five, that will not happen. Starbucks is backing up that philosophy and are in the process or have already "separated" at least four of those long-term employees. These are "partners" that have performed at the highest level, received salary increases and bonuses based on their exemplary performance. Their only drawback is to Starbucks bottom line. By "separating" they can hire younger people at a much lower pay scale, two weeks vacation instead of six weeks that long term employees have earned. Starbucks also is timing these "separations" so that a number of these fired employees will lose out on their fourth quarter bonuses.
    Aside from being unemployed in this era of major job shortages, the most serious dilemma they face is loss of their health insurance benefits. They can sign up for Cobra, which will last for a certain length of time, but as they will be unemployed, the premiums will heavily impact their limited incomes from unemployment payments the government provides, also for a limited time. Howard Schultz, a man who has appeared in a television biography stating how he makes certain his "partners" have health insurance because he experienced his father's pain of being unemployed and without health benefits is now creating the same script for his loyal employees. What a hypocrite!

    by getting rid of them they can hire younger, lower pay scale with fewer benefits (i.e., two week vacations instead of five weeks that older employees have earned).
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