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  • coastinvestor
    Advice for a young person with an IRA and over 40 years for it grow? Recommendations for stocks or mutual funds? Amount is less than $1,000.
    Mar 26, 11:31 PM
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    • coastinvestor: Thanks for all of the advice.
      Mar 30, 7:01 PM
    • Robert.from.Ct: Go to
      Apr 1, 4:11 AM
      • coastinvestor
        I often like trading stocks near their 52 week highs. I am looking at $AMAG, $BLC, and $LUV. Does anyone like these right now?
          • coastinvestor
            Does anyone like $KCAP right now? It seems to have good fundamentals and a high yield.
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            • Master of Disaster: I'm holding out for a bit more of a drop price before I get in $FCX. If the price stays at current level, I'll get in under $30.
            • Master of Disaster: I should have done that, but I think we'll see it drop into the $27 area again in the next week or 2. Just waiting for 1 more opportunity
              • coastinvestor
                What do people think about $MPW? I have a good number of shares and they have gone up quite a bit.
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                • DaLatin: Use a stop ! Everyone can find a stock that goes up. Too many watch a bad news event take there profits away in minutes.
                • coastinvestor: Thanks. I do have a stop loss order. Does anyone care to comment on strategies for finding candidates for selling puts and calls in IRAs?