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  • Current Values Of Pot Stocks Too High? Let's Build A Pot Portfolio  [View article]
    Here's a picture of ERBB's dispensary: http://bit.ly/10yhKAU
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  • Medical Marijuana A Good Value Buy Off The High?  [View article]
    I can understand your concern, I looked at that before I invested. But they are really the only companies (that I know of) that has a dispensary in Denver and is looking to expand into Washington state.
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  • Disgruntled Clearwire (CLWR) investor Crest Financial is offering Clearwire $240M in convertible debt financing as an alternative to the $80M/month in financing being provided by Sprint (S). Crest, which considers Sprint's $2.97/share deal to acquire Clearwire insufficient, argues its funds would leave Clearwire with enough capital to build 2K 4G LTE cell sites and handle this year's interest payments. Clearwire closed at $3.28 today, 10% above Sprint's offer price.  [View news story]
    It's going to take more than $240 Million to complete the TDD Build-out. The longer the delay, the better for VZ and ATT.

    I would like to know if Crest Financial also invested in Verizon or AT&T? If so, they have more to gain by stalling the build-out. In this case I can understand why they don't want Sprint to control the remainder of the shares.

    Besides, in the large scheme of things, who has more money to help with the buid-out?
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  • Medical Marijuana Inc.: I'm In It For The Long Haul  [View article]
    Please provide the research link!
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  • Medical Marijuana Inc.: I'm In It For The Long Haul  [View article]
    What do you say if Holder comes out tomorrow or next week, or next month and says..."we are looking at changing this 1 drug to a class 2 category drug so we can spend the actual tax dollars to see whether it will help patients with chronic pain!"

    The what? Does one take a risk and invest at $0.26 cents or wait for it to go $2.50 the next day?

    I bought Clearwire at $1.40 a couple of years ago and within three days it was at $3.27 and I made a $70,000 payout. But my investment friends were yelling at me to get out while I still can seeing how the books were saying bankruptcy. I bought it because of the trend in the market place.

    MJNA is set to explode because of the trend within the market place. A lot of states are getting on board and a lot of Baby boomers are in pain and they want to find a "holistic" way to manage their pain. This is why it's going to work....baby boomers are hurting and they want a getter quality of life!

    That's the trend!
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  • Medical Marijuana Inc.: I'm In It For The Long Haul  [View article]
    K2Junge, on the 15th of March, I went into one of my local dispensaries here in AZ. I asked them if they had any Dixie products and they said...which one do you want?

    I bought a bottle of their CBD Hemp oil for $49.00 for a 1fl oz bottle. They I went back and bought one for my wife and monther-in-law. NO they do not need a MMJ card to take they oils....no THC.

    However, The bottles were 1 fl oz, so I bought the 2 fl oz bottle at $200.00 a bottle. Every healthfood store should have this on their selves. So, I went down to my local healthfood store and asked them to store it! They said they will.

    The success of the company now has every thing to do with the consumer. How care that the product is grown in Europe, the fact that the matter is it can't be grown here....then!

    Now it can be grown in Kentucky. So the odds are really good that once the stock has matured, MJNA will buy it here from famers in Kentucky and save the cost of the shipping from over seas which will drop the cost. If it doesn't drop the cost...who care!

    The dispensary where I bottle several $200 bottles said that they can't keep enough on the shelves...what does that say?
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  • Medical Marijuana Inc.: I'm In It For The Long Haul  [View article]
    It will not happen! The genie is out of the bottle. What are they going to do, put million's of voter in prison for 4 years? (hum, maybe I should buy prison stock...LOL)

    Too many voters involved, too many billions of dollars and man hours spent of developing the industry to make it work.

    No my friends, it has now where else to go but up!
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  • Why You Should Sell Shares Of Sprint Nextel  [View article]
    Chris, Chris, Chris!!! Did you stop to think about market trends? or was it just a numbers game for you? Are you the Analyst or the CMT?

    So, lets look at market trends and hopefully this will give you a better undertsand why you should go long on the stock! By the time we are finsihed here, I would recommend to you and your readers to run to the nearest investment platform and buy stock as soon as you can.

    The trend for the last 2 years has moved from texting to videos, would you agree? Next Verizon and AT&T have both placed in an LDD-LTE network which is super amazing for texting...but that's it. The down load speeds are at 28 mbps.

    But both companies are limited to their due to the amount of Spectrum. It puts them at a cap which forces them to throttle their customers so that everyone gets a chance to use there wonderful 28mbps.

    But Chris, if you have ever experienced the concept of throttling on a 28mbps network, it starts to drive one crazy seeing how you paid for a product that doesn't work, especially when you need it the most...during the day!

    Chris, it kind of like going to the local 7-11, grabbing a 6-pack out of the refer and placing it on the counter with the nice lady that's going to take your money. She rings you up and then takes your cash and as you just get ready to grab the 6-pack, she pulls two bottles out and says..."We have to all share, so we are going to sell these two bottle to the next customer"! How does that make you feel Chris?

    In comes Sprint. They have invested millions within a couple of networks that have been talked down by everyone that calls themself an expert in the Telecom community. Including so called anal-cyst wannabe's such as yourself.

    Sprint did come out with the first 4G network called WiMax and in fact, it really wasn't their's, it was Clearwire's But Sprint invest heavly in Cleariwre because Sprint to see where the market trend was going. By the way, so did Google, but they dropped the ball last year by selling their share at a lose...too bad for them.

    You see, Clearwire (soon to be owned by Sprint) is putting in a TDD-LTE network with tested down load speeds from China mobile at 150+mbps. That's right, you read it correctly...150+ mbps!!!

    Now, a TDD-LTE is designed for what? Yes, that's right...videos. Also it is done with small cell technology with thick backhaul pipes which is exactly what Clearwire has.

    Why do you think Verizon came out last week that they were going to put in an Advanced network (TDD) because they know that once Sprint get's that up and running (which they are about to do once the deal of Softbank goes through) they (Verizon) are going to up creek without a paddle.

    Oh, buy the way, Sprint has a year advanced in developing this Advanced TDD network and it cost a pretty penny, this is why they are low on cash...get it!

    If Verizon and AT&T want to get into the Advanced small cell game...it's going to cost them! It's not cheap...ask Clearwire and Sprint. Better yet, look at their book and it will tell you why it's expensive. So if Verizon and AT&T want to jump up to the plate, get ready for loses in share value and say good bye to all of those so called dividend that everyone keep barking about...gone!

    So come on Verizon and AT&T, put in that Advanced Network and hope that you don't lose customer base with all of the throttling just to keep up with Sprint while you spend all that money to catch up to Sprint's new TDD 150+ mbps...go ahead!

    Last thing. The stock for Verizon is currently at or around $49.00, while Sprints Stock is at around $6.25, give or take a penny. But if I were to buy Verizon stock tomorrow...how much of a percentage increase can I see?

    Now, If I go out and buy Sprint stock at $6.25 a share and they are putting in a brand new TDD 150+mbps network, where do you think the stock price will be in 2 or 3 years? Let's see...

    Verizon at $49.00 with a 28 mbps network and Sprint with a 150+ network currently at $6.25? Hum, let's see....what to do?

    Class Dismissed!
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  • Medical Marijuana, Inc.: Strategic Preparation For Expansion And Growth  [View article]
    She could be selling it, but people are still buying what she sold....I did!
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  • Medical Marijuana, Inc.: Strategic Preparation For Expansion And Growth  [View article]
    Wrong! The reason why stock falls is because the buyer is asking for a low price and the seller is willing to sell it at that price. That's why the stock goes down.
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  • Medical Marijuana, Inc.: Strategic Preparation For Expansion And Growth  [View article]
    Okay here's an issue. MJNA is expanding into other countries. Could that be a bad thing? Alan, we don't give a s*** about your holier than thou attitude.

    Please, don't save us from your..." I know what best for the investors on Seeking Alpha!" Do us all a favor and stick to writing your own POS post. It's not necessary to come into other people's post spreading your comments about how the world of the right christian values are is coming to an end .

    There, how's that for being rude? Kind of makes Perry look like a puppy dog doesn't it!
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  • Medical Marijuana (MJNA.PK +6.3%) trades higher after announcing it will begin selling its products and services in Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. The company adds it plans to invest in local manufacturers and distributors, and hopes to bring over-the-counter products to the aforementioned markets. (PR[View news story]
    Don't worry about that. There are strains that have low THC and high CBD which will still help with pain management and a insignificant buzz.

    Or, you can say screw it and just go with the CBD. Or if you have a boss that's an A**hole and you have been looking for an excuse to quit...go with the high THC and low CBD. However, make sure you have someone pick you up at work.
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  • Medical Marijuana (MJNA.PK +6.3%) trades higher after announcing it will begin selling its products and services in Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean. The company adds it plans to invest in local manufacturers and distributors, and hopes to bring over-the-counter products to the aforementioned markets. (PR[View news story]
    Yesterday, I went into one of our local MMJ certification centers here in Arizona and they were promoting Dixie Elixirs. So logic would dictate that they product has moved into the Arizona Market as well....great news as well!!!!
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  • Cannabis Science Masters The Art Of Shareholder Dilution  [View article]
    Thank the Dear Lord, he has a messenger like you. You have shined the light, a beacon of hope in which I have seen the error of my sinning ways.

    I am going to run right down to my locate investment firm and sell all my stock of MMJ and donate it to the Catholic Church in your name.

    God bless you for spending so much time to in helping us sinners, and I hope that the Lord will allow me to repent my immoral and wicked way.
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  • Hemp, Inc.: Priced Way Too High  [View article]
    HEMP is not the only company in the world that uses sex to sell their products. Why? Because the market world knows that sex sells...that's why.

    Again you and your readers of this post need to keep in mind that this is a new industry. It's not Telecommunications, Aerospace Technology, or Oil. It is an industry all by itself. But an industry that could actual assist other industry...textile, paper, auto, the list goes on and on.

    So what, HEMP doesn't have the financial you would like for it to have. We are talking about a new industry. They will not have the kind of money Facebook, Google and Microsoft has for which they were known as bubble makers in the late 80's

    However, we didn't get the opportunity to hear about these companies back then because Seeking Alpha was around back then to give an author that ability to talk crap about how the new internet industry will never work.

    But I would bet money there there was someone also talking about how to stay away because they didn't see the financial and how they could understand how anyone could make money selling ad's on a computer screen...did you back in 1988 think it was possible?

    Okay so this company isn't to your liking because you feel it's shady. A lot of multi billion dollar companies are started right out of someone garage and when they started, odds are really good that when they started, they didn't have a million dollar contract just waiting to be handed to them. How did they get the capital to start? Yes, probably from friends and such. But I would be surprised if some of parts were pilfered from something else or someone else.

    HEMP, Inc. is also a company that help educate people on the advantages of HEMP via their web site. But wouldn't it stand to reason that they too are making money from selling ad space?

    Wait...remember is a new industry, so don't expect it to have internet advertising sales like Google. But if the market trend moves to where HEMP is allowed, then HEMP, Inc. would be able to sell ad's to FORD as they promote the new car bodies built out of HEMP. Or the new clothes that JC Penny's will sell that are manufacture out of HEMP Fibers that are just as soft as cotton.

    But for this to happen, it will need great marketing to survive in this sin stock attitude.
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