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  • Notable earnings before Thursday’s open: AAP, ALU, BG, CCE, CI, CS, CTSH, EXC, FLIR, FLO, GPK, HLSS, HOT, INGR, KKR, MFC, MPW, MWW, NBL, NNN, NYT, ONNN, OZM, PM, PMT, PTEN, S, SBH, SIAL, SNE, SNI, SPH, SQNS, TDC, TEVA, XYL  [View news story]
    $S notable earnings! Check this out. They are about to get the ONLY Advanced LTE network with download speeds of 150+ mbps and the other Telecom's have download speeds of what...28 mbps. Please people, wake the.....up!!!!

    $VZ & $T stock is around $40 give or take a dollars and Sprints at what...$5.75 (after market). Serious...$5.75 a share...what a joke. The share should be at $15 to $25 easy! Hell even a blind congressman can figure that one out.
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  • Do Clearwire Shares Still Have Value?  [View article]
    Well, I just think that it's going to be bought, regardless of who wants to be in bed with Clearwire and logic dictates that with Sprint owning 50% of the current company, NO one will have a say without Sprint's good graces. Thus, the only company Sprint will allow to buy the other half of Clearwire is...Sprint!
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  • Do Clearwire Shares Still Have Value?  [View article]
    Last week, DISH told Sprint that they would not interfer with the Sprint/Clearwire deal. Then on Friday Cleariwre send an SEC filiing stating they are going private.

    Companies do this when they are being sold. But to who...DISH? Not! Sprint has invested an arm and a leg in Clearwire and IMHO, Sprint will buy that Clearwire debt from DISH.

    As for Softbank owning Clearwire Spectrum...NOT! Softbank is investing in Sprint and not Spectrum. Softbank will NOT have any say on the Spectrum if they want the deal. US Spectrum is NOT sold to foreign companies....plan and simple. But they can invest in a local company.

    Because of the SEC filing, odds are really good that the sale will go through. Plus, Sprint will be getting a new 150+ Advanced LTE network that download faster than everyone elses network at 28 mbps.

    I wouldn't dought Sprint promoting this brand new Advanced LTE Network as their new 5G network. Probably like this..."Come to Sprint and their new 5G network and leave the others behind with a blazing 150+ mbps!"

    On that note, I have sold my position in Clearwire and moved all of it over to Sprint. Oh, just think of all that money Sprint invested in Clearwire's network. They are only getting all that back.

    Plus, think of this. Sprint, Softbank, China mobile all with the same Advanced LTE network. Sounds like free world roaming.

    Oh, then throw this into the Sprint/Clearwire mix. Carlos Slim talking to Clearwire: http://bit.ly/WN8DwX
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  • Clearwire: With DISH Entering The Fray, A Higher Offer From Sprint Is On The Way  [View article]
    Helix, I got this today! Clearwire Going Private! http://bit.ly/VBWRUy

    Is this good or bad?
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  • The fact Clearwire (CLWR +0.3%) is still weighing Dish Network's (DISH +1.1%) $3.30/share offer and hasn't yet accepted $80M in February financing from Sprint (S +0.9%) indicates Dish's offer "must not be so illusory after all," says BTIG's Walter Piecyk. He also thinks "Sprint’s discussions with Clearwire don’t appear to be faring too well," given the carriers haven't nailed down terms for an accelerated 4G buildout, and have extended the deadline for reaching them by a month. (previous[View news story]
    OH.... Clearwire going Private! http://bit.ly/VBWRUy
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  • Medical Marijuana Proves Itself As Viable Investment  [View article]
    Hum...well ask yourself this question after you view this.

    If you want to buy Dixie, you have to invest in MJNA...good luck!
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  • Pot Stocks Higher, But Is There Room To Grow?  [View article]
    Please keep in mind that the industry is growing. Let me ask this questions.
    What kind of product is it?
    Is it addicting like Coke-Cola?
    Is it addicting like smoking Marlboro cigarettes?
    Is it addicting like eating chocolate?
    Is it a consumable?
    Do you use it just one time and never use it again?
    In other works...is there room for growth of this product within the retail industry?

    This product is know to cure Cancer. Can Coke-Cola do that? Can Marlboro Cigarettes do that?
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  • Clearwire Spectrum Could Put Sprint Back In The Game  [View article]
    Well, let put a big light on the subject shall we.
    1.) Clearwire's spectrum downloads speeds are fast, at 150+ mbps while the others (VZ, T, etc) download speeds at 28 mbps.

    2.) Clearwire last year, changed it backhaul that increase the spectrum to double the effectiveness...which makes it faster!!!

    3.) In comes Softbank to invest in Sprint. But for what...Sprint? Not! for Clearwire super fast network.

    4.) Dish has been eye Clearwire for month's. So much that they went out and bought $50 million dollars in a chipset from Qualcomm (the same company Clearwire uses)

    I could go on and on telling you why Clearwire is a great investment, but sorry I just don't have the time right now. But understand this. This is a stock that could go as high as the top two...$35.00 give or take a dime. But we are talking about 3 to 4 years out. So if it's $3.23 now and it goes to $35.00, well how much of a risk is that?

    Well, if you wanted fast download speeds, which one would you want...28 or 150+?
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  • Pot Stocks Higher, But Is There Room To Grow?  [View article]
    No, it is not the prescription pill market, but if it is not treated that way, it will take a little longer for people (investors and the Government) to take it seriously. Plus, the media needs to focus more on individuals with ties than individuals with colored Mohawks as an industry spoke person.
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  • Pot Stocks Higher, But Is There Room To Grow?  [View article]
    A lot of investors out there don't know that the body produces its own cannabis. We have what's called an "Endocannabinoid System" within our body.

    Example: Let's say you run into a coffee table with your shin....boy does that hurt. So you sit down and start to rub it. Right away the pain is relieved. This is that system going to work.

    The brain has several cannabinoid receptors that allow the receiving of these two proteins to help with pain. Plus, this system, because it's throughout the whole body, helps delivery pain relief and pain relief is the first stage of healing.
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  • Pot Stocks Higher, But Is There Room To Grow?  [View article]
    Is there room for growth....hell yes! Am I going long on these stocks? (CBIS, HEMP, ERBB, MJNA, MWIP) you bet. I didn't buy MDBX because it was too expensive for my budget. Where as the other ones, I get more bang for my buck!

    Just like I did with CLWR and Sprint. Funny thing is, I bought MJNA, COIN, and CBIS before CLWR and Sprint and made a small killing, sold the stock and bought CLWR and Sprint. Now I'm up over 100% on both these stocks.

    But I am glad that these stock lowered themselves so I could jump back in and go long. I mean....LOOOOONGA! In fact, I am about to buy more to lower my position because I bought HEMP when it was up. Now it is down and I'm going to buy a load to lower the cost per share and then sell the high stuff.

    But lets really get into the meat and potatoes of MJNA. If you want to own a part of Dixie Elixirs, then you have to my MJNA stock. For this reason, is why I invested in MJNA.
    Here enjoy: http://cbsn.ws/142CjsY

    Plus, Pottles‏@MyPottles reports: $MJNA plans to announce first ever projections for 2013 & 2014 on 2/17/13! Q4 at 1,100% growth...the greenrush is now! #mmot #hemp $CBIS

    Okay, why MWIP? They will do the money transfer allowing dispensaries to allow customers to use their debt card, where as right now....it's all cash. So, MWIP is key in the growth of the industry.

    Okay, why HEMP. HEMP covers a wide range within the industry, including 4 sub-companies that they are going to spin-off. One of these spin-off is called: http://bit.ly/PnuMj3 You want to stay up on the industry, stick with HEMP.

    Oh, and another plus about HEMP is that when they spin-off these other companies, anyone holding current stock in HEMP will get equal share in the other spin-offs at no extra cost....what a deal!

    Okay, why ERBB? ERBB is one of the first legalized medical dispenseries in the country. In fact, they have this down to a fine art, that they can help you get into a turn key operation over night within your state. They can help you with all of the paper work and licenses to help you get started. Plus, they also have a tracking system that is added to each plant to that you will be in compliance with all state regulatons.

    Last, why CBIS? CBIS is entering the pharmaceutical cannabinoid industry. Recent advances in science have opened the door to develop, produce, and commercialize, a variety of effective whole plant cannabinoid based pharmaceutical products with a wide variety of important applications.
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  • Clearwire (CLWR) has resumed trading after disclosing Dish Network (DISH) has made a complex $3.30/share offer for the company. Shares +9.3% AH to $3.19. The fact Sprint (S) owns a majority of Clearwire shares and (given its rhetoric) might legally contest any agreement with Dish could be limiting Clearwire's gains.  [View news story]
    Wow...you bought post market hours on the news of Dish bid? I bought months ago when it was $1.30 and yes, all they are missing is TV. But that's why Dish is interested in Clearwire. Not because Sprint needs TV but because Clearwire download speed is 150+ mbps...not 28 mbps like VZ or AT&T. That's why it will go to $35.00
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  • "It's hard for me to imagine that what Dish wants is Clearwire ... It could be a chess move to get a partnership with Sprint," opines Bernstein's Craig Moffett. Jefferies and Macquarie also think Dish's (DISH +2.1%) $3.30/share offer for Clearwire (CLWR +7.7%) is an attempt to cut a deal with Sprint (S -1.4%), long named as a potential 4G partner but currently in the midst of selling itself to SoftBank (SFTBF.PK). Macquarie adds a $3.50-$3.75/share Sprint bid might be needed to get Dish and dissident shareholders to back down. PCS +1.8%. LEAP +0.9%[View news story]
    Here, here....I agree. But why does one go out and buy debt? Ever since you came out with this..."they bought debt", I have been pay a &%$# of attention on this very thing of their buy debt.

    So much that I found FCC dockets that state Dish's intention and the restrictions that the FCC has placed on Dish to do a build out in a specific time.

    This is the reason for the relationship with Clearwire. But buying the debt....hum. Why would someone want to buy debt?

    Back in the 90's there was a thing that caught everyones attention called..."Factoring"! http://bit.ly/WtC56J)

    But the true big picture of the interest is that if Dish wants to succeed they need to change their business model. This is why they are going after wireless.

    But in order to go into wireless, they will need a network that will have the download speed to compete with Hulu....in comes Clearwire with their Advanced LTE network with download speeds tested in China at 100+ mbps, not 28 mbps like Verizon and AT&T.

    These are the speed that Dish will need to compete. But, the only way that will allow them the time to fulfill this FCC time requirement is to marry with a company that already has this network and this is Clearwire.

    Intel came out with a report last week that said they want to get into the broadband market by offering a TV network that will allow the user to pick and choose their cable shows, rather than buying it in a bundle like Dish, Direct, and other cable companies. But reports came out on monday that it was just BS: http://bit.ly/11ggQwB

    But the pressure is still there for Dish!

    Next question....why would the CEO of Dish go to Japan 2 weeks before Christmas? To go buy electronic for his kid? Reports were that he was going to meet with Softbank....so they say.

    Could it be that this offer that Dish made to Clearwire is Softbanks was of "saving face" and coming back to Sprint to say....okay, offer a little more?

    Initially Softbank told Sprint only to offer "This Much and No More." But Softbank didn't think investors would bach at this type of deal seeing how the company is on it's way to bankruptcy (so says every anal-cyst on the earth)

    So now what does Softbank do to save face? Japan uses the "Keiretsu" to do business (def: http://bit.ly/WtC56P)

    So you have to keep in mind of how Japan companies make deals in business....save face! Send in other people (company) to make the deal work.
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  • Clearwire (CLWR) has resumed trading after disclosing Dish Network (DISH) has made a complex $3.30/share offer for the company. Shares +9.3% AH to $3.19. The fact Sprint (S) owns a majority of Clearwire shares and (given its rhetoric) might legally contest any agreement with Dish could be limiting Clearwire's gains.  [View news story]
    Agree 100%!!!!! If VZ and AT&T stock can be at $35.00....so can Sprint! The problem is I have twice the share in Clearwire than Sprint. However, don't forget the $6 (and some) that will come to the share holder in mid-2013 from Softbank.

    As for Dish...I don't mean to say I told you so, but...told you so. LOL!
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  • Clearwire (CLWR) has received an unsolicited $3.30/share buyout offer from Dish Network (DISH). That easily trumps Sprint's (S) $2.97/share offer. The proposal requires Clearwire sell Dish 24% of its spectrum for $2.2B and use the proceeds to pay down debt, as well as (with extra financing) agree to build a 4G network for Dish. Sprint has responded to the proposal by calling it "not viable ... in light of Clearwire's current legal and contractual obligations." Clearwire's board will "engage with Dish;" shares are halted. Sprint -2.5% AH. Dish -2%[View news story]
    Here's my post on Twitter earlier today....how's this for insight! Move over Cramer!

    $CLWR So, they are putting in an Advanced LTE, this means fast enough for selling wholesale bandwidth to cable companies like Dish..get it!

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