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  • It would be "an absolute outrage" for Clearwire (CLWR -0.8%) to be sold at Sprint's (S -0.8%) $2.90/share offer price, declares 3.6% activist Clearwire owner Mount Kellett in a letter to the board. To further demonstrate its commitment to fighting for a higher bid, Mount Kellett assigns Clearwire a value of $6.30/share based on some back-of-the-envelope math that values the carrier's spectrum at $18B. Fellow activist investor Crest Financial is also intent on receiving a higher offer. (earlier) (Nov. letter[View news story]
    I understand how Mount Kellet feels, but two weeks ago, they were crying about how Clearwire should see the Spectrum. Yea, now what do you think? If Cleariwre would have listened to them, the company would be worth $2.90.

    Now that there is some interest, they are now singing a different tune!
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  • The Endgame At Clearwire: Let The Negotiating And Gamesmanship Begin  [View article]
    You wrote: "And with Clearwire's shares trading well above $3, it is clear that the markets expect a higher offer to emerge. And the majority of analysts agree with such a view."

    LOLOL...now they agree to this view. The majority of the anal-cysts (with the exception of you) have been saying that the company is headed for bankruptcy and that they are so far in debt that they will never see the light of day.

    But, now that there is a buy out on the horizon, now all the anal-cysts feel that the stock is worth more. It's easy to blah, blah, blah when they have no investment and all they want to do is give their $0.02 cents to watch the stock s*** it's self.

    Now as far as the cost per share goes, Clearwire really is the one with all the cards. At this stage of the game, (as you know) they are the ones with spectrum. This is the reason why Softbank is interested in Sprint, because of Cleariwre's large spectrum holding within the same TDD-LTE network spectrum.

    The day Softbank came out with this multi-billion dollar deal and then said..."Oh by the way, we have a TDD network like Clearwire!" It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this ones going.

    But still, I feel that if Clearwire continues on the course that they are on and with nothing changing, the stock will be up around $15.00 by this time next year. Why? It's pretty easy...150+ mbps download speed!

    Which telecom is the USA has that type of speed? NO ONE!!!!! The only thing the other's have to offer to their customers is throttling. Please sir, can I have some more!

    Why do you think Dish is so interested? Surely not for the speeds of 28 mbps that Verizon and AT&T has to offer. The Dish / Sprint talks last week was more important then anything else and everyone looked at it like it was a plague. So much that the minute the new came out Clearwire's stock took a dive.

    But stupid investors thought...."OH, Sprints going to get the deal and not Clearwire, quick run for the hills!"

    Hello stupid bastards, Dish doesn't want a 17 mbps download speed in Sprint...hellooooo anyone home?

    Dish needs speeds to compete with rivals like Hula and 17 mbps doesn't cut it. But 150+ mbps does.....get it! This is why Dish is talking with Sprint and for you knuckleheads out there that means....CLEARWIRE!!!!!!! GET IT!!!!!!!

    Oh, and by the way. Why would Sprint waste their time with Dish if the network wasn't fast enough? Why go out and romance a company if the product wasn't almost ready? Would you?

    Why go have talks with Dish about a partnership if things were still at 17 mbps download speed? Could it be that the network (TDD-LTE) with 150+mbps is almost up and ready to bring on line?

    Hum....maybe it's time to buy more of Sprint!
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  • Sprint Could Snag The Rest Of Clearwire To Bolster Its LTE Prospects  [View article]
    Well, logic would dictate that Sprint will give equal amount of Sprint share....yes? So they give me 1 share at $3.00 or at $5.00. It doesn't matter because Sprints share will be around $25.00 a share in under 5 years....IMHO and so far, I've been batting 1000.

    Not that I am telling you want to do, but maybe you should check out this as well....MJNA Currently a 2 billion dollar industry that expected to reach 13 billion next year. Oh, and it's a big whopping $0.11 a share.
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  • Does Sprint Have Mammoth Upside?  [View article]
    Yea, Sprint has to make the move to buy Clearwire before Dish makes the attempt! I was wondering how long it was going to take before people woke up about Cleariwre....thanks god I'm in at $1.35.
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  • Sprint Could Snag The Rest Of Clearwire To Bolster Its LTE Prospects  [View article]
    I bought both Sprint and Clearwire month's ago because of the way the trend was/is going...more videos downloaded to smartphones. But everyone kept saying....dump the stock while you still have a change.

    Now, they are both way above 100%....oh, that sucks. I bet you Food Stamp boy is really ticked off now, aren't you....LOL

    Boy life is good right about now. Well, look at it this way. Both Verizon and AT&T stocks are both up around $30 or so, give or take a dime. So what will that mean for Clearwire and Sprint with a new network with download speeds of 150+ mbps?

    Yea..."ALL ABOARD!"
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  • Clearwire (CLWR +12.5%) soars to to $3.10 on news of Sprint's (S -1.1%) $2.90/share offer. Wells Fargo views Sprint's initial bid as a starting point for negotiations, and so, apparently, do many others. At $0.17/MHz.-pop, other spectrum deals have involved 50%+ premiums to the implied value of Sprint's offer, the firm notes. Though not 100% comparable, Verizon's cable spectrum purchases cost $0.68/MHz-pop[View news story]
    I agree...$2.90 is way too low....$6.00 is more like it as a starting point and then let's go from here.
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  • Does SoftBank Eliminate All The Risk In Buying Sprint?  [View article]
    Sprint Is Said to Suggest Dish Partnership.

    I wish I could say..."I told you so." Oh wait...I just did! I have been saying this for months.....

    Dish buys $50M worth of Advanced LTE chipsets.

    Who has an Advanced LTE network in which they are using the same chipset from Qualcomm? That's right....Clearwire!

    Several months ago, I posted an FCC docket that talks about Dish looking to build their own Advanced LTE network, but will look at partnering with Sprint or Clearwire.

    If Dish does go with Sprint, who's network are they going to use? Sprints network download speed is at around 25 mbps. Where Cleariwre's download speed is at 150 mbps.

    Which network do you think Dish wants? Now, yes the Clearwire Network is not up and running...yet! But why would Sprint go out and romance Dish if the Advanced network was not close to being ready?

    Why would Sprint go out and offer a download speed to Dish at 25 mbps? Get it! Doesn't it make sense that maybe the Advanced network is almost ready?

    Remember....Softbank has the same network as Clearwire! HELLOOOO anyone one awake over there?
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  • Though Verizon (VZ) has an edge on AT&T (T) when it comes to 4G LTE coverage, AT&T might soon open a lead in download speeds. Research firm TBR says it believes AT&T will launch 4G services based on the LTE Advanced standard, which supports 100 Mbps+ speeds (in lab environments anyway), in 2H13, citing recent executive comments. Verizon has said it will support LTE Advanced, but hasn't provided a timetable. Clearwire's (CLWR) LTE network will support the standard from the start.  [View news story]
    Well, placing in an Advanced LTE is NOT cheap...ask Clearwire and Sprint.

    But, Clearwire will also be coming on board with their Advanced network at the same time as AT&T. Hum, what if AT&T is not putting in an Advanced LTE and is really going to buy wholesale time on Clearwire?

    Sprint did the same thing when they said they had 4G when in reality it was the Clearwire WiMax network. Could it be that AT&T is buy network time from Clearwire?
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  • 6 Rallying Technology Stocks Being Snapped Up By Hedge Funds  [View article]
    But out of all the stocks shown here, the Clearwire stock will give you MORE BANG for your buck!
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  • Does SoftBank Eliminate All The Risk In Buying Sprint?  [View article]
    LOLOLOL. Same price. LOLOLOL. What planet did you just come from? The stock use to be $25.00 a share and it went down to $2.00 and some cents and is now at what....$5.60? How do you get stock is the same price.

    So, if it use to be at $25.00 a share, what will it be like in 2 or 3 years? I am sorry to say Food Stamp boy, I am long on the stock because they and Clearwire is the future.

    Here, let me help you. What would you like in 2 years...28 mbps download speed or 100+ mbps. Yes, I know it's not now. But check this. The stock is low and if this is the new trend, then my advice is to get into the stock while it's still cheap.

    I recommend you shouldn't wait until you see it hit $10.00 (which it will) by that time, you will be saying...I wonder how many more food stamps I can get!
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  • Clearwire's Story Is Anything But Clear  [View article]
    What makes the Clearwire company worth investing in is the Spectrum. Sell that off and you have another AT&T or Verizon. Once Clearwire sells their Spectrum, they will then be in the market to buy more spectrum when their network takes off because everyone wants 150+ mbps download speeds.

    So where is the &%$@&%( logic in selling? Are those people over at Mt. Kellett stupid or what?

    Let's see...."I think I will send all of the investors a letter to say that Clearwire should cut the nose off their face because it's too long!"

    So this reason, I do my own investing and not listen to Kellett. Just because they own an investment firm, doesn't mean they can invest. The proof is in the pudding! Sell the Spectrum....Bahahahahaha.
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  • Google (GOOG) has held talks with Dish Network (DISH) about building a massive 4G network using Dish's spectrum, the WSJ reports, while cautioning the talks "aren't advanced and could amount to nothing." Such a tie-up would be costly for Google and risk hurting carrier support for Android, but there would also be benefits. Google "wants people to watch 10 hours of YouTube a day ... what hurts them is [wireless carriers] restricting capacity," observes BTIG's Walter Piecyk. Sprint (S) and Clearwire (CLWR) have been named in the past as potential Dish partners (I, II).  [View news story]
    Why would Google want to build a 4G TDD (Advanced) wireless network when they already had in Cleariwre and sold ALL there Clearwire shares last year at a MAJOR lose.....why? I bet you Google is pooping themselves there pants right about now.

    Plus, why would Dish go out an buy several $$$$B worth of Cleariwre debit? Because they are nice guys.....NOT!

    Why would Dish go out and invest $50 Million in a Qualcomm Chip set that only works on a TDD network. Currently the ONLY TDD network being put in is with....you guest it, Clearwire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So why would Dish be talking with Google? The only purpose for this is that Dish might be wanting to use Google's new fiber optic in ground network. For what? Dish has a Satellite, who gives a fly leap about fiber?

    Again....why invest $50,000,000 dollars in an Advanced chipset which ONLY works on a TDD?

    Pnarancic is right.......BE PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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  • Revisiting Sprint Near $4 And My Next Stop  [View article]
    I agree with Larry, the most we would get from a class action lawsuit would be $1.25 I would rather take my change on holding on to the stock to help it go up rather than to see blood sucking lawyers get their dirty little hands on my $1.25.

    Oh, just look at it this way...$1.25 x 25 million investors is...$31.2 million dollars. A s$#@ load more than my $1.25
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  • Sprint Will Wait To Launch Windows Phone 8 Until 2013  [View article]
    Could be that it doesn't work on a TDD 4G LTE network. Well, not yet!

    But again, why buy a phone on the other networks with download speeds of 28mbps when you can get a phone on a TDD that will download at 150+mbps from Clearwire. yes, I know it's not up and running....YET!

    But I am willing to wait!

    Oh, and yes "Food Stamp Boy"....blah,blah,blah.
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  • AT&T (T) is doing its best to poach Sprint (S) subscribers still using its legacy Nextel network, ahead of the network's planned June '13 shutdown. Ma Bell introduced new "rugged" phones today, aimed at the kind of professional workers that make up much of Nextel's subscriber base, and is offering a $5/month push-to-talk to go with them. Sprint's recapture rate for departing Nextel subs stood at 59% in Q3.  [View news story]
    So, "push to talk" is design for people that have a Holier than Thou attitude. They want other people to listen to their conversation thinking that it interest us and...it doesn't.

    It only annoys people because the Holier than Thou person doesn't give a fly rats about other peoples privacy. They don't care that people are trying to work in the library, or trying to watch a movie, or trying to eat a nice relaxing dinner with the family.

    Their whole goal is to see how obnoxious they can get with their push to talk. So AT&T, you just go right ahead and get all of those types of thoughtful people.
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