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  • Apple's Cash Position Is Overstated By $70 Billion [View article]
    I have an extremely simple explanation for that - Foxconn strike, that Apple refuse to recognize. The demand is high, no doubt about that, but when the supply can't satisfy the demand, that was already forecasted as being huge even bofore the release, it's Apple's mismanagement. You can have a sold out poduct, but since you aren't able to produce enough units to reach the demand, it won't increase your revenue!
    Don't get fooled, Apple worked really badly here. First, the supply issues, a bigger screen unadapted to the iOs, photos with two black bands, microphone issues, factory scratches and so on... It doesn't wonder me that Apple is being massively shorted. Once people read the revues and get to know about all these issues, probably 10-20% of people who were supposed to buy an iPhone 5, but couldn't find one in stores, will wait for an iPhone 6, or will move to the concurrent phone makers.
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  • 15 Reasons Why Apple Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity [View article]
    The interesting thing with the Third World countries is that with the affluence of the whole "capitalist" products, people spare money on the essential (mainly for us) products, like food, water, clothes or home, in wake of buying all kind of useless gadgets, like Apple products, simply because it was completely inaccessible for them before. In Eastern Europe countries like Russia, Ukraine or even Poland people take bank credits simply to buy some luxury products they can't normally afford. So yes, Chinese population might represent the Saint Grail for companies like Apple, exactly because they don't think like us, they don't consume like us and mainly because they aren't as sufficient as us.
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  • Apple: iPhone Subsidies Are Not The Issue [View article]
    Europe is in pace to become a Third World continent, unless the Eastern Europe undergoes a Modern Industrial Revolution in this decade. Western Europe become the Socialist's nest. So basically we've got here a double movement, now the Western UE is financing (more or less) the Eastern EU, while the Western countries are clearly living above their means. So unless the Eastern countries, like Romania, Poland or Czech Republic modernize their industrial capital and start to earn enough money to finance the whole EU (and to compensate the previous investments), yes, Europe will become the new Third World. And I don't think that we should count on Russia here, as the country has become a simple oil and gas exporter, but the country doesn't have any industrial and research infrastructures, while it's losing a little bit more political influence every year.

    Now conserving the iPhone, is there another high scale phone that would cost from 615-900€? Accept Nokia's Vertue starting at 5000€, I don't know any. Nokia, Blackberry, Sumsung and HTC offer the exact same functions for 300-500€, so YES, iPhone is a luxury product and not simply a wise functional choice. You buy an iPhone for it's trend, cause it's hype to have one, or because you simply like its design, but it offers the exact same functions, the exact same technological specifications, for a much higher price simple because it's an Apple. Personally, I don't think that after the Job's era, the brand is still going to be as trendy and as innovative as it was before... This is the main problem of the companies that are based on an effect of trend and on one single person's talent.
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  • Apple: iPhone Subsidies Are Not The Issue [View article]
    I'm also an iPhone user, and I'm extremely happy with my phone, however, you shouldn't forget that it's a luxury product (at least in Europe) and by definition, it's an object reserved to some "happy few". Personally, I've paid 650 euros for it, since in Belgium, like in many small countries of Europe, phone companies don't offer special prices on cellphones with a contract, as the market isn't big enough to be profitable with that policy. So, how many people could afford a cellphone for almost $1k? Not as much as people who could afford buying a 100 euro Nokia!

    As someone told me, don't mix sex with love, it isn't because you sleep with a woman that you have to merry her! Same thing with Apple... At this point, AAPL shares aren't the best investment on the market and let me explain you why.

    Apple worth $608 a share and as you've probably seen, the stock has been bouncing for a couple of weeks now, as people aren't "so" sure that the stock has still a lot of potential for growth. On the other hand we've got Nokia, that worth $4/share, and just a week ago it cost $5/share. Since Nokia is the market leader, with a large scale of products and an extremely wide price range, I would say that there are more then 50% of chances that the stock will bounce back to at least its initial price of 5 bucks in a week, which already represents a return of 25% on the investment. What are the odds that Apple will take 25% in 7 days (which is $152)? I guess less then 1% of chances!

    Today, you could have bought exactly 152 stocks of NOK, for only one stock of AAPL. However, you need a huge, massive, extraordinary piece of news to make move a mammoth like Apple by $152, while Nokia is a such a beaten stock, that with a tiny illusion of bettering it will certainly go up by just what you need to make some extra cash very quickly....

    I don't "believe" in Nokia, but I'm sure that it's an excellent opportunity for a short term investment, and I don't see a better stock that could bring with such a high probabilities, such a big return in such a short period of time, while the risk for your investment is close to zero, since the company is still making billions, it has Microsoft watching its back and there is no apparent reason for it to bankrupt.
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