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  • Davidoff
    $AAPL Just as expected. Short!
    Jul 21, 4:34 PM
      • Davidoff
        $AAPL Apple Watch daily sales down 90% in the US from 200k to less than 20k. 2/3 are cheap sport versions.
        Jul 8, 10:02 PM
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        • 2ng: ...the middle class level. That means hundreds of millions of new potential apple customers just in china.
          Aug 4, 10:26 AM
        • Davidoff: Wow, talking about a stalker. 8th July. Meanwhile I was right on the whole line.
          Aug 4, 11:18 AM
          • Davidoff
            $AAPL 18 hours in normal use. It can't replace a watch and can't become a gadget either. Very weak in my opinion. Wait for 2nd generation.
            Mar 9, 2:29 PM
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            • Patience29: I have a Rolex but will also be buying the ss the accessibility w/o dragging out phone (or forgetting where I put it).
              Mar 9, 2:59 PM
            • Patience29: There are times when I won't want to be "plugged in" as much, so I can see switching watches back & forth depending on activity and/or need
              Mar 9, 3:04 PM
              • Davidoff
                $AAPL I think that Apple Pay will have hard times in EU. Europeans aren't used to pay with their credit cards. Debit card is the king here.
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                • matratra: In business Chinese or other countries we should be open minded, if we believe economics and market place. David you have point Antitrust.
                • Davidoff: Politicians tend to believe in a free market as long as it serves their own interests. "Tolerating" a strong China is perceived as hazardous
                  • Davidoff
                    After the 9th Sep Keynote, if $AAPL releases an iWatch, it would be the perfect time to go short on Swatch Group ($543) Swatch, Tissot, CK..
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                    • Davidoff: AAPL knows how to launch trends. With 2 models, thousands of belts and thousands of virtual displays it's like having thousands of watches.
                    • Davidoff: If the price will be reasonable, it's going to be a success and other major watchmakers will feel it. Perfect timing to start shorting.
                      • Davidoff
                        $AAPL, I'm looking at AAPL and I see $BBRY in 2008...
                          • Davidoff
                            $AAPL $NOK $BBRY, rumors spread all over the Net regarding a possible cheap iPhone model release by Q2 2013 following iPad mini's success.
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                            • C.E.: Exactly smokeyRose, the bragging factor is gone with cheap iPhone. iPhone is no longer a status symbol.
                            • smokeyRose: There in lays the problem with apple. They are Getting a Bit Long in the Tooth!
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