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  • Apple's iWatch Counting Down To The End Of The iPod [View article]
    There has not been a decline in iPods....In fact iPods have been in the increase ever since the introduction of the iPhone, they just come included to each iPhone.

    The important part the iPod is not selling the device, it's selling the content for the device. In fact, AAPL should just give away the device in the strategy that will bring people to itunes.

    There is nothing that resembles printing money for free than selling itunes content. Actually, it is even better than printing money since even for that you need paper and the printer and the ink and the space. To make money out of contect, you just send somebody the file what needs no inventory nor production costs.
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  • 5.5-Inch iPhone Will Offset iPad Cannibalization [View article]
    There is no such thing as cannibalization for AAPL. A sale for AAPL is a sale for AAPL. If someone chooses to buy an iPad mini instead of an iPad or an iPhone 6 instead of an iPad mini, it all still goes to AAPL. Basically whatever one wants, so as long as it is an AAPL product, it is all good.

    Simply put: If somebody is going to choose product over an AAPL product, it better be another AAPL product. A scheme like this can't hurt AAPL.

    The only "cannibalization" that might go on is the one that would be done by all other phablet users when finally AAPL offers the screen size they so much appreciate.

    Canibalization is what is going on in China with Little Rice and Samsung and all other Android users.
    Jul 7 06:03 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Android Gains Even More On iOS [View article]
    Be as it might be, all these negative (on AAPL) commentators are a lot wiser than we are. All they need to do is come around and write bogus/negative comments and get all the attention they don't get in real life.

    Unfortunately, this is the essence of modern entertainment. It is not good any more to be be balanced or rational. That does not invite response and reaction.

    Just think about it. Somebody comes and write a positive article on AAPL and all we see are 10 responses of "good article", or "great analysis".

    Real arguments and logic does not work...The more flawed and extreme the article is (a la iPods cause heart attacks, from a few years back), the more passionate and numerous the responses.

    It is just an irony that the more negative they go, the more responses they generate and the more "popular" they become.
    Nov 19 10:58 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • It May Be Apple Harvest Time [View article]
    The "science" of designeing a device/smart phone CAN NOT be reduced to SCREEN SIZE.

    Apple is not struggling, it does not need to be "saved", it is NOT competing...AAPL does not sell products at the lower end price, AAPL wants to make money, not give phones away and help competitors by distributing their services and advertisements.

    To come to this type of forums and reduce the "solution for AAPL" to:

    "Make iPhones with bigger screens, and sacrifice profits for market share"

    Is in fact saying: "Make AAPL be Samsung".

    But AAPL is way better than Samsung (as a company and as the stock price and market cap reflects)...why would they want to be Samsung?

    What will happen when Samsung comes out with a COPY of the finger print feature? Will this be accepted as a standard security feature or be critizied as flaw?
    Sep 25 11:53 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • iPhone China Orders Off To Slow Start [View article]
    So it was 9 million units over the weekend....(a year ago it was "only" 5 million).

    Now what?...At least admit you were wrong...
    Sep 23 10:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Apple May Fail In China [View article]
    People are just too simplistic....

    Some say a BIGGER SCREEN will "save" AAPL or that a "cheaper" phone will be the solution. Well, does AAPL NEED SAVING?

    Has bigger screens saved Blackberry or Nokia?

    Have cheaper phones saved Blackberry or Nokia or Motorola?

    Who does AAPL need to compete with? AAPL DOES NOT OFFER cheap phones....How can they compete where they got not offerings?

    AAPL is a business, NOT a non-profit org. The mission is to make money. Not give a cell phone to every citizen.
    Sep 13 12:35 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: It's Panic Time [View article]
    Well, at least you are BREAVE. At AAPL’s lowest levels you are calling for a short. If indeed you short AAPL at these levels of $390 (not counting today’s 7/1 increase to $410), how long will you ride it? Mind you, you would be on the hook for a 3% dividend that you would have to pay out.

    Is it more likely that AAPL would go down 10% from 390 or up 10%?

    Would management not jump at shares of $350, when they announced to the world they were willing to buy back at 400?

    At $390/share a pay out of $12.20/share per year translates to 3.1% dividend. Will one be willing to pay this level for holding shorts?

    AAPL’s stock performance is solely a function of market SENTIMENT (not performance). Plenty of people took gains off AAPL, already and are probably waiting for the signals to jump back.

    A call to short would be more valuable and have more merit when the stock is actually performing well (closer to the highs). To do it when the stock is closer to the lows than to the highs just don’t seem wise.
    Jul 1 02:03 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Could India Become Even More Important Than China For Apple? [View article]
    India could indeed be a better place for AAPL to make money IF and ONLY IF the Indian gov does not try to torpedo AAPL's business in favor of a native/domestic company or try to steal/copy the technology or start a bogus PR campaign as a reaction to some diplomatic/political issue.
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  • Apple: It's Time To Move On [View article]
    At 450 or so, it is too late for this kind of article. Had this been written back in 700s, then it would have been something.

    If one is still holding AAPL, why oh why, would one want to give up a solid 3% return and a potential upside on a dynamic company in favor or other companies that are no where near profitable.

    The idea here is to make money, and AAPL has proven to be very good at it. Why do you think smarter to invest in less profitable companies?

    Yes, there are new products from MS and Blackberry and Samsung, etc, but why do you think everybody will continue to have new products and except AAPL?

    Yes, let's say that there are some Android devices that are faster and cheaper than iPhone. BUT when these device makers are not making profits, why would I want to invest on them?
    May 26 03:59 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.PK) says its Q1 profit rose 42% to a record high on strong smartphone sales. Net profit rose to a record KRW7.15T ($6.4B), up from KRW5.05T a year earlier. Operating profit rose 54% to KRW8.8T from KRW5.7T. Sales rose 16.8% to KRW52.9T from KRW45.3T, coming in in line with the company's guidance of KRW51T to KRW53T. The results stand in stark contrast those of Apple (AAPL), which earlier this week reported its first profit drop in a decade and forecast margins to decline in the current quarter ending in June. [View news story]
    We know AAPL shipped 37.4 iPhones in Q1, Samsung does NOT provide such numbers but ANAL-ists guestimate they shipped about 68 to 70 million; and yet is is AAPL who scores 13.08 billion in net profits vs. 6.4 billion from Samsung.

    So at the end, who is really doing better?
    Apr 26 02:23 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Samsung Electronics (SSNLF.PK) says its Q1 profit rose 42% to a record high on strong smartphone sales. Net profit rose to a record KRW7.15T ($6.4B), up from KRW5.05T a year earlier. Operating profit rose 54% to KRW8.8T from KRW5.7T. Sales rose 16.8% to KRW52.9T from KRW45.3T, coming in in line with the company's guidance of KRW51T to KRW53T. The results stand in stark contrast those of Apple (AAPL), which earlier this week reported its first profit drop in a decade and forecast margins to decline in the current quarter ending in June. [View news story]
    Good for Samsung, but people here seem to get lost in translation…

    I mean, if Samsung makes a record profit of 6.4 Billion, it is all good, congratulations for it. But we got to be careful to call AAPL’s demise when AAPL reported 13.08 in net profits. (In an already conservatively adjusted quarter)

    Moreover, if it is a given that Samsung simply ships MORE smartphones than AAPL (in all shapes and sizes and price points), does it not AAPL’s higher profit show that indeed AAPL is actually better at making money (which as I was told in the past, what business are supposed to do).

    I got curious and looked at other links about Samsung’s numbers and even they admit that numbers might suffer (a bit) due to stiffer completion…..But stiffer competition on mid to lower end markets. BUT the thing is that AAPL does not even compete in those markets; so it is NOT AAPL who competes with Samsung (at least not yet) but OTHER device makers.

    Anyhow, don’t mean to piss on Samsung’s parade, but just wanted to point out that one can’t simply take numbers and massage them to fit one’s own preconceptions.
    Apr 25 11:02 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • More from Apple's (AAPL) FQ2 call: Mix shift towards iPhone 4 responsible for iPhone ASP drop; iPhone channel inventory up 1M Q/Q. Greater China sell-thru growth was 18% Y/Y, above reported (sell-in) 8%. Revenue mix shift towards iPad hurt gross margin, expected to fall to 36%-37% in FQ3 due to lower revenue and mix, partly offset by lower costs. Tim Cook talks of "exciting new product categories" (an iWatch?). While Cook said competitors made tradeoffs to offer ~5" phones, he didn't mention one-handed use (Apple's traditional critique) - is he hinting one will eventually arrive? AAPL -0.3% AH, as investors focus on FQ3 guidance (implies rev. growth of -4% to +2% Y/Y). CRUS -1.9%. (transcript) (previous[View news story]

    Of course stock holders would appreciate an increase in stock price, but for all practical purposes, the only way to make money out of it would be to sell the stock. A solid dividend, on the other hand, provides you with cash without taking away from your principal investment.

    Again, I am not knocking on a price increase, I would sure appreciate it right about now. BUT unless I was to sell the stock, I would not make any money. That AAPL decided to give money back to its investors, just makes it more attractive to hold.

    But still at 3% is it quite low....(even if it translates to about 12 dollars per share per year).
    Apr 24 12:38 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Dirty Little Secret [View article]
    Well, interesting article but it is all SOO EASY to say this stuff now that AAPL is at 400, isn’t it?

    I mean, had this been written on the way at 600 or at the peak at 700 or even on its way down to 600, then we would have something to talk about.

    Even the last sentences are confusing….we make money on undervalue and unappraciated stocks and yet AAPL at 400 IS NOT ONE OF THEM? Then who? Google or Amazon?

    I thought the way to make money was to buy stock in businesses that MAKE MONEY ON WHAT THEY SELL. And not give OS away for free or give devices for free in the same of market share. So far, AAPL has been MAKING MONEY, returning a dividend and proving to be a valued AMERICAN brand.

    The down turn in AAPL had nothing thing to do with the company’s performance, as it started on the very day that AAPL reported record results; but has everything to do with sentiment and manipulation.

    From one day to the next and from one month to the next, AAPL reporting devolved into a contest of which ANAL-yst could call the down fall of AAPL.

    If AAPL has be guilty of something is of not having its management team come out and return money to investors (independently of sentiment or stock price). But it can not and should not respond and react to any badmouthing, speculation and manipulation or else it becomes hostage to so call “business reporters”.
    Apr 19 03:32 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Android Vs. iOS: Will The iPad Suffer The Same Fate As The iPhone? [View article]
    Dude, a 90-dollar Android table from Big Lots does not take market share away from AAPL. Amazon might have lured away “millions” but eventually they go AAPL when they figure out that their Kindle Fire was designed to be a tool to consume (only) Amazon media.

    I don’t doubt that at 150 dollars that Nexus is a good buy, but again, how many of those purchases were going to get an iPad?

    By your own admission and by own observations there are plenty of options and alternatives to an iPad (heck, even I got an 80 dollar tablet from a hardware store in Chicago), and yet AAPL is still making money and corporations are developing for a single flavor of iOS rather than the variations of Android….AND STILL APPL IS MAKING MONEY…Where does that leave us?

    One of the comments above had it right: The goal here is to make money, which AAPL DOES and it WIL CONTINUE to do even after the purshare in the form of selling content and apps. (not give away a product for free in the name of market share)
    Apr 8 05:07 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple App Store Vs. Google Play [View article]
    This makes no sense whatsoever. This is capitalism, not religion. Developers that want to maximize their income will develop applications for both or any number of platforms that are worth it. Creating an iOS app does not mean that an Android version is off the table, and vice versa.

    Moreover, let’s see when device makers such as Samsung leave Android in favor of their own OS, then Android will have lost its “flagship” representative (unless of course Motorola starts making serious inroads and drive Android by itself).

    Do we really think that Samsung and HTC will continue to benefit a direct competitor such as Google?

    If and when Samsung breaks Android ranks it will negatively affect Google more than it will affect AAPL.
    Mar 26 02:11 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment