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  • The Kinder Morgan Problem May Be Bigger Than The Individual Case  [View article]
    I wonder what all the newly minted geniuses who always surface "after the fact" will say if/when the price of natural gas rises when production falls.

    I believe that natural gas is the future of energy until/when a cleaner,more efficient,more available alternative can be found and implemented as in solar,some other source unknown at present becomes available,affordable to power the worlds economies and provide a source of energy for the "growing" demand!

    Yers,the strategy the Saudi's have chosen has damaged,destroyed,in the process of destroying many over leveraged companies. The "fact" remains that demand has actually Increased worldwide! Demand will continue to increase as there are more and more third world countries,people than those with declining demographics now!

    No one here seems to think outside the box that there is a line in the sand already crossed by many where the low prices for energy will fail to support the needs they all have and most importantly the needs of the people in power today. Ultimately(ultimately is NOT long term) when economies fail and people suffer either the game changes or regimes are overthrown!

    It is reported that the Saudi's can handle up to 5 years of very low prices before the line is crossed. There are a few others like them but many who simply cannot sirvive even now.

    In a world rampant with terrorism,violence,pol... debauchery(America for one) there are a cornucopia of events that can/will happen,are happening which can affect the resources essential to sustain life as we know it can be diametrically changed literally overnight!

    Neither I nor anyone else can for-tel the future but history does as in WW 2 Germany and the "Failed" economies at that time!

    Fracking was/is a monumental change in the energy world as was the oil embargo and the failure of governments to see it coming or proactively deal with what changed the balance of power,the quality of life,the policies,the "brains",the weapon that has,for almost 50 years exponentially changed the world!

    The West became dependent on others,enemies,tyrants religious
    fanatics,barbarians for survival as did all industrialized countries bankrupting the world,eviscerating economies which is where we are today.

    This country,the civilized world is hopelessly bankrupt dependent on those sworn to destroy us for debt service never mind astronomical debt,the "time bomb" set to explode and with that the "Freedoms",the present and future of all of us and those yet to come!

    America for one has faced crisis after crisis,war after war,tyrannical governments here and abroad over and over and over again! We were able to survive and ultimately thrive until now!

    Investing is based on probable outcomes,ingenuity,inv... taking and the vision and genius,the hard work and indomitable desire to succeed,sometimes fail and try again until it works!

    There will be survivors of this crisis! Those who best mange it,survive,stay alive and able will ultimately get past today and reward those who took the chance,did the work,had the vision to benefit,to prosper to face the challenges we face today!

    I will not speak of those I am betting on but believe after the pain,after the panic will emerge stronger and will prudently take the chance I am right!

    Negativity and panic have NEVER been rewarded. If you believe that energy,the transport of energy,those who have and can provide the energy and services we MUST have will survive which I do then the foundation of the future is NOW!
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  • Kinder Morgan, Inc.: Trying To Separate Facts From Sentiment  [View article]
    Is that a worthwhile comment?

    I cannot nor can anyone else predict what might happen in the short term. No one on this thread has mentioned that the demand for oil and gas is actually more than it was and one can reasonably argue that this will continue if/when the worlds economies improve and/or production declines.

    We know that the worlds producers are also hemorrhaging as Saudi Arabia ramps up production. We also know that even the Saudi's have a line they cannot cross. If oil prices remain this low(lower) for too long the people,the countries that depend on oil/gas for most of their income will exponentially face the wrath of the people they govern/control! It would not be fallacious to think that the powers that be will be facing societal collapse if/when the people have had enough!

    It is critically important to choose companies,management that is/will be structurally sound no matter the short term panic and bravado we witness today but,as always those who survive will ultimately prosper when the "worm turns".

    The alternative sources of energy so many anticipate will take many years to enact which is a long way from reality now! At the end of the day economies run on energy,power,fuel,elec... and billions depend on the revenue to survive.We have entered the "panic" stage,the worst case scenario which to the best of my knowledge has never been the right time,the smart time,the prudent time to act!

    As the oil embargo changed the world this "move" by the Saudi's and others will ultimately fail which is where the real money will be made!

    Does it really matter how much money one has if the world comes to an end? I think not
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  • Kinder Morgan: While The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play  [View article]
    Not exactly the kind of thing one wants to hear from a mature,intelligent analyst giving investment advise to people who need it!

    People who come here to get help hope to find serious people,dedicated,proven people who they can trust!

    Sarcasm and inconsistency serve no one!
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  • SunEdison Devco Breakeven Quarter?  [View article]
    It is an interesting but obviously dangerous game to play! I know for a fact that a number of the best and brightest hedge funds own/owned this stock and watched it more than double.

    The stock has traded at least 200 million shares since the earnings and call down from 32-33 to just over 11. This is a drop of 2/3 which is the low for this stock as of now! Obviously,a lot of the "BIG players could not get out fast enough until now. The last couple of days has seen a bounce from 11 and change to over 16 today!

    There were a lot of people,a ton of money in this stock before the crash so,one must define whether this company is viable or will cease to exist. The reward is huge but,so is the risk. I am trying to determine who got out in time and who either sold due to price and who was forced to sell or knew the numbers would disappoint.

    Obviously due to the volume and price drop many were caught by surprise. The stock as of today is selling around the same price a number of players entered the market and rode a double at the time. The technical damage is likewise immense so,the question is whether this company will fulfill it's promise or not. This stock,this company has a lot to prove going forward as the story is now jaded and a lot of people got slammed.

    The rebound the past two days was on lighter volume but still voluminous. I am trying to ascertain when quarterly positions are disclosed to see who got killed and who got out in time,shorted this thing exercising some patience and doing as much research as I can to determine how those who I respect fared in this wipe out but,suffice it to say that SUNE was right around the highs before earnings so that in and of itself says to tread lightly considering risk and the potential for at least a double maybe much more in the future if the ship can be "righted" which is a big "If" right now!

    I would like to see consolidation and significantly less downside pressure on the stock. I need to determine whether this is a "dead cat" bounce or "fools gold" which is unknowable at this time.
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  • Energy Transfer Partners beats by $0.19, misses on revenue  [View news story]
    It doesn't sound too bad given the environment we're in but,obviously a lot of people(institutions) are just dumping the pipeline MLP's. It's as if the best of them are now caught in the debacle.

    Even with a possible "no" bump next time the stocks are trading as if they will cut!
    I cannot imagine that ETP,PAA,EPD will not be able to pay at least what they have as the infrastructure HAS to be there if energy is going to get to the terminals which are still being built with a lot more to do!

    Obviously,there is outright panic here as so many own(ed) these things for the income you cannot find anywhere else. The E.T.F's and the companies themselves have reached "Panic" levels.

    WMB is still up for sale so one might assume that those who buy it think that the industry will rebound and benefit shareholders with continued yield enhancement. I suppose it will depend on the price paid and by whom but these managements amongst others leave little reason to doubt them unless you believe that the future of Natural Gas is in danger which I Do Not!
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  • Forward T-Bill Rates Show Sharp Twist, With Projected 10-Year Yields Up 0.05% From Last Week  [View article]
    My experience with interest rates over a 30 year span is that when they turn,they do it very quickly and very sharply.
    We have had a bond Bull market for more than 30 years! Long term treasuries peaked out at around 15% and the rest is history!
    There has Never been the kind of intervention we have been living through so,the end game is likewise unknown! We know that rates have been "manipulated" by Central Banks around the world which have Nothing to do with analytical economics and whose outcome is yet to be understood.
    Most predictable measures of future interest rates are based in the last century but have NO accurate meaning to explain what has and will happen now!
    There used to be a uniform set of rules,formula's,unders... based on the Dollar as the worlds currency with America the most robust,relevant economy in the world. That is No Longer true as the world and with it the worlds economics have changed exponentially with the outcome unknown!
    Suffice it to say that Greenspan,once the acknowledged "Maestro" of Central banking has since been proven to be anything but.
    Suffice it to say that there has Never been such a massive injection of liquidity on such a grand scale,for such a prolonged period of time!
    Clearly,the rules have changed as have the drivers of interest rates by a tectonic shift in policy whose ultimate end is unknown.
    Suffice it to say that the "world's" currency is the dollar! The dollar is backed by "Nothing" these days and for the decades the "Gold" standard was no more.
    The current worlds currency belongs to a country more than $17 trillion in debt without the ability to pay even the service on that debt dependent on others to fund it!
    A bankrupt country and the worlds currency seems a tad risky to me and many others whose end game is out there but unknown.
    The old measures of wages,commodity prices,all the rather simplistic measures of where interest rates will go are DEAD! Economic reality is Non-Existent as who amongst us can accurately predict what level of interest rates will satisfy those who fund it when everything that was is no more and the balance of economic power has been altered,changed by technology,by demographic and geographic change as well as the worlds economies are arguably a massive Ponzi scheme based on Nothing but confidence in governmental manipulation,artificial measures whose outcome is impossible to predict!

    Suffice it to say that the eventual outcome is more likely to be based on entirely new measures with the probability that rates will be much higher after this 30+ year Bull!
    Is anything "rock solid" in the debt game anymore? Is any income investment "safe",without unwanted risk? I don't think so!!!
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  • Boeing gets U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran  [View news story]
    There is NO point to arguing with the "blind,deaf and incredibly dumb!"
    Iran has been a tyrannical country killing people from without and within. They were/are led by religious fanatics who have no compunction Killing anyone/everyone they see as a threat to their theocracy!
    Killing in the name of Religion is tragically a constant throughout history but rarely with the fervor,the savage dis-regard of life, that which defines humanity from those who define sub-human as governments,companies,... Vermin are Always waiting to profit from the death,the suffering of others including their own!
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  • Boeing gets U.S. license to sell spare parts to Iran  [View news story]
    I cannot believe that this government and this company would arm a country,a tyrannical,long time enemy of America which is a "clear and present danger" to our way of life and the People who will suffer the consequences of this Insane decision!
    This is lunacy and a betrayal as Iran is reportedly close to completing a nuclear weapon which will be used as a threat against our ally in Israel and the Free world!
    The people,the government currently in power must be stopped from arming those who have demonstrated their hatred,their resolve to harm,to kill others.
    Arm them,service their war machine?! Are we that insane?,
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  • Opportunity Knocks At Kinder Morgan  [View article]
    If you believe that natural gas is the future then Kinder Morgan is a good place to be!
    This is a company that has grown into the premier player in the Must have ability to transport,store,sell what is becoming and will continue to be what replaces fossil fuels now and more importantly for the foreseeable future.
    When one invests in an industry,any industry,management is arguably the most important thing. Perhaps,unarguably is the more precise term and Richard Kinder and his team have proven over the years to be amongst the best perhaps the very best in the industry!
    The assets as stated in this article have the biggest footprint in all the must have areas to capture and cover every angle better than anyone! One cannot ignore the purchase of vessels for transport made recently,the purchase of ELP,the bold and thus far brilliant Kinder has built the biggest and arguably best managed company in an industry with dynamic growth ahead of it! When all the pieces "fall into place" and the "wise guys" who slander and manipulate markets without facts or accountability exist there will be "Bear Raids" based on questionable and arguably shameless profiteering by those who the make their money long and short without consequence except to the companies and those who are victims of "facts not in evidence".
    Hedge Eye and it's analyst are like the current government in America where the Free Enterprise system is under massive attack knowingly lying and using the courts and regulation tyrannically,illegally... causing harm to whomever they attack as NO ONE whose job it is to make people play by the rules,protect the system from corruption does the job they were appointed,elected,paid to do causing systematic anarchy where individual businesses and the economy as a whole have made it damn near impossible to run efficiently,on a timely basis where risk and creation are rewarded as opposed to punished.
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  • Kinder Morgan Faces Yet Another Bear Attack  [View article]
    One would think that those attacking Kinder Morgan would have to prove their case to the satisfaction of the S.E.C and all regulatory agencies before attacking a publicly held company!
    It is incomprehensible that any firm,person,Newspaper can make claims against a company without a centilla of proof.
    They accuse the company of underfunding maintenance yet Kmi,Kmp,Kmr has NOT had any issues,problems that would surely become evident if in fact maintenance was poor!
    Bear raids,stock manipulation,slander,i... are illegal if the facts say otherwise.
    Shareholders,"partners become victims of a firm"Hedge Eye,an analyst who "Blew his case against Linn energy which after an investigation was NOT found to be complicit in any wrong doing but,none the less the shareholder's were forced to endure a 30+% decline in their investment and the Berry deal was almost undone which in fact would/did damage Line and LNCO!

    I can only believe that Hedge Eye and it's employee are liable and should be punished severely if the damage done is based on facts not proven and/or an attempt to harm shareholders.
    The Kinder Group has been victimized by innuendo NOT fact as these purveyors of manipulation make their money capitalizing on facts not in evidence!
    I read that this so far fraudulent bear raid is at least partially based "In the next few years,Kinder will face maintenance problems,leaks,etc which is outrageous and thus far "dead" wrong!

    The same agencies that sat on their Azz's while the banks,brokers,Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,the mortgage companies "Lied" over and again about capital requirements they swore they had met but had NOT. The rating agencies were complicit in the collapse of the system as millions and millions lost huge sums of money bringing the worlds economies to the edge of collapse.
    If all of this is bull sheet then investors are targets for every manipulator and the investor loses as the entire structure becomes amoral and unacceptable for investors who become victims in waiting to the raider's the manipulator's who are not held accountable!
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  • Kinder Morgan Faces Legal Controversy  [View article]
    Note the sheer number of comments from Sumflow and his seemingly complicit azz kisser maybenot who redundantly,always genuflects before him.
    I for one think that the diatribe and pseudo-intellectualism is the act of a narcissist who needs to feed his ego rather than focus on the truth,the evidence which is available and the merits of the too often frivolous, unsubstantiated claims! A zero sum game is not,can not be the answer when the game is rigged!
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  • Kinder Morgan Faces Legal Controversy  [View article]
    What an obnoxious,empty can you are!
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  • Kinder Morgan Faces Legal Controversy  [View article]
    You are becoming a pariah,a bore as now you would say "Wait for the future to see if I am guilty of Scandal,security manipulation et al.
    The "law",the Bill Of Rights,doesn't suggest that a "blow hard",a fool,someone who has tried to pull this off before and Failed is immune from consequence!
    Your opinion is noted and a bag of wind you are! Show any credible evidence which you cannot because there is NONE!
    The charges have been brought by YOU and a man with absolutely NO credibility so,let's see where it goes!
    There was an old lady who used to go to as many shareholder meetings as she could by owning ONE(1) share of stock! She would make accusation after accusation but to the best of my knowledge NEVER had a Legally valid claim.
    She passed recently but there is always someone to take her place!
    Making accusations that cause harm to others with NO evidence is a Crime! Those who inanely say well,"I get to buy shares cheaper" are in fact denying the rights of those who have been injured!
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  • Kinder Morgan Sued For Paying Too Much Dividends To Investors  [View article]
    I know that! I am just trying to separate the "Wheat From the Chaff" The S.E.C.,N.A.S.D. are all a bunch of empty cans as they proved so ably when the world changed due to corruption at the highest levels while the "Agency's" sat with their "thumbs up their azz"
    The system collapsed for a reason and these "serial" lawsuits,unfounded claims in fact are a small part of the wonton attack on investors with NO ONE to keep these barracuda somewhat accountable!
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  • Kinder Morgan Sued For Paying Too Much Dividends To Investors  [View article]
    Richard Kinder and other insiders have recently bought more shares! I think Kinder has earned his fortune by doing smart,timely transactions.
    El Paso was a problem but Kinder has purchased a shipping company and continues to make acquisitions to further grow the company and reward shareholders!
    M.L.P.'s were hit when people thought their tax deferred dividends would no longer be deferred! That proved to be "false" but NOT a violation of Securities Law.
    M.L.P.'s are very complex securities,partnerships and the "books" are kept with regard to what's best for the investor "within" current law!
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