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  • What's Your (Dividend Growth) Number?: Part 4 - Creating And Surpassing Goals [View article]
    Hi Mike,
    I guess we are just a little bit different from what most married folks do with finances. Mr Peace is much more interested in boat building and other creative carpentry and mechanical activities and I mostly do the investing and take care of all the other family finances. We are completely used to sharing everything in life because of living aboard for so many years and voyaging thousands of miles in earlier small boats as well as the larger boat we built together over a decade ago. But we find it works best if we share the work by each one doing what we like best or do best and that way everything eventually gets done properly and we are happy most of the time. I invest and he fixes and builds. Works for us!
    It gives me deep serenity to see the accumulation of the dividends and how steady they are now and I can rest assured that we will be financially ok in old age using the dividend growth method of investing similar to what Mike has detailed here. I have been doing this since I was in my 30s (thanks to my late mentor) and it works fine for me but I just keep simple paper charts and do almost no arithmetic since that is not something I do well or with any joy at all. I just look for that curving line that goes from the lower left of my charts to the upper right of the charts. I love the FAST graphs and reading here on Seeking Alpha. I keep Mr Peace informed and we discuss everything when he feels interested - that is not often, but life is what it is. I also do not like to discuss mechanical things...
    Because we know how to live on very little money, we were able to retire and set sail as full time live aboards in our 40s and 50s while our bodies were still young. Now 70,000 miles later, we are elderly (in our 70s) and have stopped reinvesting all the dividends which are direct deposited into a separate investing check account. I do keep a high balance there so emergency money is readily available, but that amount is much less than it has been in the past because I have greater and greater faith in those steady dividends. When that check account grows beyond a certain limit, I still send off investments. I have a total of 10 investments and in recent years I have been known to sell one in order to buy what looked like a better one but that is a rare event indeed!
    We still have the boat but now have a small and very low maintenance house too for our old age but a recent inheritance easily covers the increased cost of both the boat which is now at a dock and the little house. Boat building skills make house care and improvements easy for us so everything can still be do-it-yourself and that helps the budget a lot.
    I must thank you again, Mike, for this and all your many articles which reinforce what my mentor taught me 40 years ago and give me serenity and assurance as I invest for the two of us heading into old age. The future looks good and I appreciate the many contributions Seeking Alpha has made in our lives.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    Yes I am happy to pay for folks who come to my state and soon I intend to volunteer at a medical clinic for undocumented immigrants. My great grandfather came to this country with his wife and kids and turned out to be a failure as a farmer so they were starving. They had charity over the winter and for the birth of my grandfather and then the family settled and the four sons went on to do amazing things with science, business, and engineering. I am happy to volunteer in gratitude that my grandfather lived and prospered because someone was kind to a poor family of new comers.
    Most folks in America at least have relatives who came here from some other place. People who move are usually the "movers and shakers" in any society - they are the folks with get up and go and they got up and left and we are lucky to have them.
    My foreign born kids are paying big time taxes and happy to do so because they had some welfare for the first couple of months when they arrived here as boat people from Viet Nam. They have paid back on that short time of welfare support many, many times over.
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  • Seeking Alpha Strikes A Victory For Free Speech [View article]
    Congratulations to Seeking Alpha for this win for freedom to share ideas and opinions. Long ACLU.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    In Rhode Island the roads are just awful and even dangerous because they are decades past needing to be paved again. We are delighted to live in North Carolina now where roads are paved and kept safe. I will be happy to pay taxes here for roads.

    How would it be with no navigation aids when sailing? Heck! I really and seriously am grateful for the Coast Guard keeping zillions of day marks and buoys on station in working order.

    Just think about it a while. We do need stuff and we cannot do it privately. It makes sense to do it with government. I am happy to pay for it. Bring on the tax man!

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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    Hoorah rnsmth!

    I agree with you completely. I have invested for years and now have enough money so I will be paying taxes and it is just and proper that I do so. I can and should pay my fair share.

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  • Can Everyone Succeed With Dividend Paying Stocks? [View article]
    David, we need a "super like" for your last comment here! Peace
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  • Can Everyone Succeed With Dividend Paying Stocks? [View article]
    Hi Fred,
    Nice to see a first comment from you today. Welcome to Seeking Alpha!
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  • Can Everyone Succeed With Dividend Paying Stocks? [View article]
    Chowder for breakfast, chowder for lunch, and chowder for supper too!
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    I could not disagree with you more.
    Respectfully, Peace.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    I agree we all have different areas of strength and drive sure seems similar to persistence. I can see your work with matching people to the right energy level dog is essential and it sure takes skill and experience to judge an animal and also a person.
    We all have some things we do well and some things we don't and some of who and what we are is just inborn and not likely to change. I know a Nobel Prize winner who put a ladder up against a tree branch he needed to cut and he went up the ladder with the saw and sawed the branch off. He sawed the part of the branch the ladder was leaning against and fell down and broke his arm. This really happened! Same guy was unable to put the last jig saw puzzle piece in place. Just could not do jig saw puzzles at all. Wonderful person, amazing scientist, but unable to do those two simple things that most folks would do so easily.
    Luckily there are a lot of ways to invest. Some will not be in dividend growth investments. Maybe they will go into house fixing and flipping. Maybe they will do precious metals. I knew an old lady who did that with amazing success and kept bars of silver in her basement behind the water heater. I would not know how to begin to do that and it would give me a worried life to have that stuff anywhere in the house. Yikes! Some write books and let the royalties roll in over the years. Luckily there are as many ways as folk.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    From where I sit, you appear to be doing just fine, Dave
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    Persistence is an underappreciated value.
    I watched one of my foreign born kids actually wear out two Vietnamese - English dictionaries before he finished high school. He came here not speaking English as a 15 year old and now has his master's degree. He is not exceptionally smart, but he is exceptionally persistent and that won the day. Yes, he lived with us and we provided food, shelter, clothing and encouragement. But he took it from there because he wanted to become an educated gentle man and live a secure and productive lifestyle helping people. We had no state aid and treated him as a son.
    In spite of a severe case of PTSD from the war years, he did well and it was easy to have him about the house. He did a lifestyle turnaround because he arrived in flip flops, shorts, and tee shirt to New England in January. He lives in a fancy house and has two sons in university now. We did minimal and he did maximum.
    Another lifestyle turnaround was a man I met in prison as part of a volunteer project. He had a genetic predisposition to violence because of an extra chromosome. After 5 years of visiting, he had learned anger management, was released after 18 years in jail, completed a degree in psychology, started drug counseling on the outside and was asked by the prison to come back into the prison and do drug counseling inside the prison. Another lifestyle turnaround. He has had a wonderful career since then and his anger is in control but I can feel how hard it is for him to maintain that control.
    Turnarounds can be done and it is being done all around us. It takes a well thought out plan and a firm decision to work that plan. I could go on and on with more stories of people I know personally who made lifestyle turnarounds, but you get the point.
    Saying that, although I have used persistence many times in my life, I am overweight because I do not follow a diet. I am weak so I cannot despise others for weakness.
    I like teaching folks about investing and then seeing them make dreams come true. I show them what I do and then send them here. Some of them "get it" and study the choices and make a decision to follow a plan and some don't. Freedom of choice.
    People are so interesting.
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  • What To Do When You Can't Find Anything To Buy [View article]
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    I think you intended to write, "their" investment activities Not "they're" investment activities. But I bet your computer changed that on you when you were not looking. Mine does that a lot when I spell words wrong. Luckily it does because I spell about as well as I do math even though I have advanced degrees. Apparently spelling, math, and exactly perfect English is not needed in order to invest successfully or graduate from university. I do quite well and so do some of my foreign born children who have college degrees but write poorly although with great charm. I believe you can learn for your whole life including investing methods that are simple and effective.
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  • Dividend Yield Vs. Dividend Growth Revisited - Does It Matter? [View article]
    Glad you like your algorithms so much and I guess they must be working well for you.
    Here I am with my portfolio that has grown over the past 35 years beyond my wildest dreams and I do not even know what an algorithm is, to be honest with you. I know my mentor did know about algorithims but I also know that he did not use an algorithm in his investing style and neither did his father before him. So that makes for over 100 years of really successful dividend growth investing in our family which did not use your method. I have to say that the three of us apparently did accurately evaluate performance by another method and it did work. My mentor and his father did very well and my mentor actually was a wealthy man because of his investments and if the world does not end real soon, I guess I am headed that way also.
    So I will ask you to tone down your comment a bit because there really are many ways to invest and some of us prefer to use different ways than you do and we have every right to spend or invest our money any way we wish. We merely come here to learn about the many ways. I sure do not want to have to wade through a lot of comments heavily insisting that there is only one way to do this or that. There is my way and your way and there are thousands of other ways to invest and we are all free to do as we please.
    I do like to read about the many other ways but I do not want a heavy "sell" like the old fashioned way they used to sell used cars long ago. I wish you and all the others here on this site successful investing in whatever way they decide works for them and may we all have happy days ahead.
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