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  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    Mike, I will send you a private message when we have finished a total interior paint job plus new flooring in the four rooms and settled all our stuff in. We are fast workers, so it won't be long.
    It will be nice to meet you both also.
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  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    If you do not want to pay a high property tax, you could always simplify your life a bit and have a less expensive home which will have a lower taxation. I paid no property tax at all while living on a boat and sailing around the Atlantic ocean for almost 30 years. I did this simply because I love sailing, but it had a good effect on my budget, for sure! Houses cost a whole lot more than boats to maintain and their bills are higher too.
    Recently we inherited a large home in New England but just sold it and will be buying a small home further south for our old age which might require more time ashore in the future. But we will keep the boat and keep on sailing as long as we can. Our taxes are very, very low.
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  • Wells Fargo Increases Dividend 16%, But Is It A Buy? [View article]
    This stock has been in the family for many decades first as Norwest and now WFC. It had a severe bump during the recession and is getting back on track now. I expect it will be in the family for many more decades. I sell only to rebalance.

    Apr 4 09:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reduce Your Portfolio's Downside Risk Before The Coming Market Correction [View article]
    I'm mostly with you, RAS, except for re balancing. Otherwise I will just keep collecting the raising dividends while living a secure retirement free of worry.
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  • Dividend Champions For April 2014 [View article]
    We are glad to hear that you are so young! Peace
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  • Consolidation Of Global Liners Spells Trouble For Container Lessors [View article]
    Very interesting. I have TAL on my watch list for my very first satellite investment and am likely to be buying a small amount of it pretty soon if it still looks good. I will be watching and reading carefully.
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  • Dividend Champions For April 2014 [View article]
    Thanks, David,

    Your work has actually changed our lives. Eat your fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, exercise, and stay well because your work is needed and appreciated by many.

    Today I bought a house and last week I sold a house. I now have some money to invest and your list is before me guiding my moves and reassuring me. If I do things right, I may cover my taxes and all the usual monthly housing bills with these investments. You know they will be on the CCC list!

    Apr 1 10:43 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reduce Your Portfolio's Downside Risk Before The Coming Market Correction [View article]
    Wonderful article, Bob!
    It is so nice to see the credit rating alongside the dividend yield in this article and I do wish other authors would do the same.
    I have all stocks in my portfolio but they are the ones I want to hold on to and most have done well during market corrections or have returned to value quickly when the "storm" was over.
    I also have followed some Seeking Alpha advice and set aside a year's worth of cash for my peace of mind. This was hard to do, but I find that I do put quite a high value on peace of mind, so I do not mind that it is not earning for me. It allows me to hold on to all the rest of the work horses in my portfolio as they go up and down with the market swings and together those stocks have earned very well for me over time.
    Always enjoy reading your articles!
    Mar 31 09:50 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    All of our situations are different and all of our values are different too so all of our plans will reflect these differences. I guess I should have restricted myself to suggesting that folks think harder about what hey really NEED in retirement and maybe that way they will discover that they do not WANT so much stuff in old age and that way they might be able to retire sooner. I was able to retire in my 40s and I have been sailing ever since while living on a tight budget but with my time free. Meanwhile my portfolio has been growing and my dividends growing also and I can now afford to spend a bit more each year and the portfolio and dividends continue to grow faster than inflation. I like how this has worked out for me because I really love to go sailing.
    But, hey, everybody should do what they want and enjoy life while we are all still alive. As we get older and older, the time remaining to us becomes less and less. We are still in good health, but we are noticing old age creeping in now that we are in our 70s. Life does not last forever. Just saying....
    Mar 31 09:27 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Financial Crisis Is Over For Wells Fargo Dividend Investors [View article]
    I have a serious problem with my WFC investment. The darn stock just grows all out of proportion! I got in back in 1997 with what was, back then, a full position in my portfolio. During the recession we tightened our belts and did not sell and managed to get by with that darn 5 cent dividend. But the price of the shares has grown like a weed since then and I keep selling large amounts every year to buy other things to broaden my base in a repeated attempt to balance the portfolio. But no matter how fast I sell the WFC, it just grows faster and faster. It is not too hard of a problem to live with, compared to some other problems I could imagine...
    My mentor and his father bought the stock back in 1952 as Norwest Bank and held and let it drip for decades. It did quite well for them too but they had the same problem I am having.
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  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    It always amazes me how much money some people think they need to save in order to be happy in retirement. A MILLION??? What ever for? Why would one need such a huge amount? Is it for a big home? Such an expensive life style can only be managed by working way too hard when younger in what is likely a stressful job and delaying gratification for decades to accumulate it all. Why?

    There are thousands of pleasant yet inexpensive quality things to do with your life, so it makes no sense to just keep on and on heaping more and more money on an already over sized pile. Why not spend a day relaxing with a person you love, go take a nap by the side of a stream, maybe listen to some music or walk in the woods? These types of quality activities are not costly and they really make you appreciate being alive. No matter how much money you make, you still have a limited time here on earth, so get out and LIVE a little. Keeping score here on how much money you have will not make you a winner in any meaningful sense of the word. Go sailing, hold hands with your sweetie, fly kites with the kids, plant a tree, but LIVE!

    I can't wait to get the big house in New England closed on so I can close on the little house here in North Carolina and then we can get the boat here too and settle down to simpler living and more sailing. Happiness comes more from good friends and relaxing moments than it ever does from piles of money and high cost life style. I have been there and done all that and I do know the difference. The real treasure is friends and time. Stuff and money is way farther down on the list, my friends. You need only what you need and all the rest just complicates things and gets in the way and that is especially true when you get older.

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  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    Just sold our big family house today. We inherited it two years ago here in the North East where we have high heat bills and taxes and all our other bills are high also. All the kids are grown, gone, have homes and kids of their own. So we do not need 5 bedrooms! We are moving to North Carolina where all prices are smaller and taxes are especially small, heat and air can be managed by sailing south for the winter and going camping up north in the summer. We only need a bedroom for us, a study so I can read and concentrate on Seeking Alpha, and maybe some kind of a guest room. So all that will cost about half of what the old house will bring to us. We will invest the other half and that should pay all the house bills if we do proper Seeking Alpha dividend growth investing. Long ALE, WFC, MCD, LOW, ATT, PG, UNP, GIS, and KMB. Thank you Seeking Alpha!
    Mar 28 06:51 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Selecting Stocks For My Second Quarter Watch List [View article]
    Just put TAL on my watch list. Thanks! Peace
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  • I Love My 'Magic Pants' And My Partners Wear Them Proudly [View article]
    Thanks for the gentlemanly response, Mr C. This is just one more reason to admire you.

    I think we have all had our say on this now, so I hope we can get back to work because I am sitting on a bit of cash that I want to invest right away and I need more advices and information to do it properly.

    In recent months I have started regular small investments in GIS and KMB because they are good companies but seem to be always high priced. I bought a full position in AT&T last week because it seems to be a good value presently. We inherited a large old house in New England a while back that we plan to sell and will be buying a smaller (and much less expensive) house in North Carolina for our old age when that sale is completed. So there will be more funds to invest shortly. This is one eager reader waiting for more good information packed articles.

    Mar 20 08:46 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Wells Fargo: A Lesson In Dealing With Fear [View article]
    It would be nice to read your list of ethical investments. Peace
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