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  • Dividend Yield Vs. Dividend Growth Revisited - Does It Matter? [View article]
    Glad you like your algorithms so much and I guess they must be working well for you.
    Here I am with my portfolio that has grown over the past 35 years beyond my wildest dreams and I do not even know what an algorithm is, to be honest with you. I know my mentor did know about algorithims but I also know that he did not use an algorithm in his investing style and neither did his father before him. So that makes for over 100 years of really successful dividend growth investing in our family which did not use your method. I have to say that the three of us apparently did accurately evaluate performance by another method and it did work. My mentor and his father did very well and my mentor actually was a wealthy man because of his investments and if the world does not end real soon, I guess I am headed that way also.
    So I will ask you to tone down your comment a bit because there really are many ways to invest and some of us prefer to use different ways than you do and we have every right to spend or invest our money any way we wish. We merely come here to learn about the many ways. I sure do not want to have to wade through a lot of comments heavily insisting that there is only one way to do this or that. There is my way and your way and there are thousands of other ways to invest and we are all free to do as we please.
    I do like to read about the many other ways but I do not want a heavy "sell" like the old fashioned way they used to sell used cars long ago. I wish you and all the others here on this site successful investing in whatever way they decide works for them and may we all have happy days ahead.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    I have an advanced degree and I know I learned all that stuff by studying WAY more than the "minimum of 8 hours a week" but when I got the job I had been getting qualified for, it never paid me as much as my dividend growth investing does now. So I never mind the time I spend studying here. It is fun to read the many ideas and it is really fun to keep my graphs of increasing dividends for us to live on in the future.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    It really helps to have a mentor. I had one for the first 35 years of investing and he helped me learn to relax during dips and be glad for the chance to buy low. He also helped me to learn to hold and monitor and not rush out to try to figure when I could try to sell high. We played a little game for a while with no money invested in it, we tried to guess one of our favorite stocks future high and low. It was totally useless even though he and his father had owned shares in that for over 100 years and knew it very well by then. He taught me how to monitor and how to keep records and how to become part owner of companies and not simply traders. Then he died.
    But now I have this site and I read comments and articles just exactly like what my mentor taught me. So if you stick around, you will have what I had. A mentor - even better, you will have several mentors and some will not always agree so you will get a well rounded approach to this special kind of investing.
    Stick around!
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  • Why Did I Purchase This Quality Dividend Machine? [View article]
    Here on Seeking Alpha, we can double and triple check our facts for each other and that is what makes this a reliable site for getting information on our Dividend Growth Investing. On our boat, we double check for each other sometimes when navigation is critical and it keeps us feeling safe and secure when there are rocks or swift currents nearby. Certainly the investment environment has its own "rocks" and "hard places" which we do not want to get between.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    Mister J
    In the future, could you please simply state your views without such shrill wording. I like to read opposing views, but I do not like to read angry and confrontational comments. They are not needed here.
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  • Gluten-free children's food category emerges [View news story]
    There are a few folks who have real trouble digesting wheat, barley, and rye. Most can cope with a little gluten, but some folks cannot tolerate ANY gluten and cannot even eat regular oatmeal because it usually does have traces of wheat. and so it makes them very sick indeed. I believe that most of the people buying gluten free foods today are involved with a food fad and this is a great help to real gluten intolerant people.
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  • You Are Responsible For Your Investing Decisions [View article]
    Thanks for this essential article, David. It reminds me of so many comments my mentor used to make. There is enough information here both positive and negative on every issue, any determined person should find a path forward that fits into their financial endeavors. Best of all, Seeking Alpha is free so you get to save more money and put it to work in investments all by yourself.
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  • Dividend Update - June 2014 [View article]
    My mentor always said that the average increase in the value of a home was about 7% but that one should remember the high cost of taxes, insurance, new roof, call the plumber, etc, etc, etc. Then he pointed out that someone will have to pay for all the "stuff" one tends to think are needed inside a larger house compared to a smaller one.

    During that conversation I was still in my early years of investing and I kept all my graphs in a tiny note book that could fit in my pocket. So I held that little book which did not have any added expenses at all and was earning WAY more than 7% at the time and I thought that I would continue to live in my small boat and add to the investments in my small note book and forget about a house.

    The dividend growth investments recorded in that small note book increased from 100k to 310k plus they paid for the shed rent and all of the materials we used to build the large boat we own now. Boats do not pay taxes, you can fix anything you build, they pack in a whole lot more adventure than a house, AND they can sail to windward! We heated by latitude traveling north and south with the seasons. Until quite recently Mr Peace and I were full time live aboards but now we own the smallest house we thought we could be comfortable with. It has small taxes and insurance and extremely low maintenance and is in a small town with casual lifestyle. We are elderly so we really do need a house and this one is all on one level and golf carts are allowed, we are within walking distance of all the simple shopping we need and have terrific neighbors. But we still sail. I will sail as long as I breathe and can get aboard.

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  • The Future Of General Mills [View article]

    That's the same kind of thinking I have been using with GIS and also generally with my own portfolio with similar spectacular results. Safe and boring stocks + drip reinvesting got me a long way to where I am now. In retirement, I now take all the dividends to live on but invest spare cash selectively back into my portfolio where ever I find best value at the time. Stress free living is important to me so I hope GIS will pull back soon so I can buy more of it gradually.

    The gluten free cereal is helpful for folks who really are gluten intolerant but most of the action in this segment is really just a fad.

    Jul 1 09:35 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Fed's Exit Strategy Will Line The Pockets Of The Big Banks [View article]
    Long WFC and the third generation in my family to be so. I sat tight through the TARP panic, so I guess I will sit tight while the FED makes its moves now.
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  • Why Did I Purchase This Quality Dividend Machine? [View article]
    I have a good start in GIS and am impatient to buy more but will wait for the price to go down a tiny bit more. I expect it to be a core holding - likely a forever more stock.
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  • Dividend Yield Vs. Dividend Growth Revisited - Does It Matter? [View article]
    Frugality comes to sensible folks everywhere. I caught on in California as a college student, carried it to New England where I raised my family, and am finding it here in North Carolina among the nice neighbors here in our new retirement house. Frugality is the path to having the bigger dreams in life actually come true. I was able to teach it to half my kids and the others will never catch on. It is a personal thing so I cannot berate them for not following my ways. It is their life, after all.

    It's a funny thing about dreams... First you are day dreaming and then you find you keep on dreaming the same day dream over and over with more and more detail. Finally, when you are not looking, you discover that you crossed the line a while back and have started to plan how that dream is going to actually come true in your life. Those details become so interesting, you figure out step by step how to make it all happen and then it is quite easy after all to get the job done and there you are living the dream!

    My first dream was to cross the ocean in a small boat by myself and I prepared myself and my small boat and I did that and it was wonderful.

    My next dream was to have a secure income from dividends just like my mentor did. So I buckled down and learned all that he could teach me in greater detail than ever before and then a friend told me of Seeking Alpha. That was a key bit of information for me and eventually I was teaching my mentor sometimes!

    Not all of us invest the same way but if we share ideas respectfully and without insisting that one way is better than another, then it is fun to read and share and learn and gradually even make a few changes in our individual style of living with money.

    For example, I have very recently decided to leave half of my reserve money in a safe utility where I can likely get all of it if needed and meanwhile I will be collecting 4% or more dividends while feeling safe with the other half of my reserve money in the bank. After much thought that small change seems reasonable.

    I keep on dreaming but the one dream that never goes away is the sleep well at night dream of financial security, being warm and dry, simple living well within the budget, and living stress free in a small town. I got that now and Mr Peace and I are very contented in our retirement years here. We dreamed it together over and over and shared the details of our dream and we both knew exactly what we wanted to do and how to get the job done.

    We are still being frugal and doing the interior decorating ourselves - painting everything inside and putting in hardwood floors. I start the flowers from seeds and we share lawn work with the neighbor. He likes to mow and we like to trim so everybody is happy.

    Habits of frugality and habits of happiness and habits of respect for the rights of others to live as they please are all basic to our lives. It works best that way.

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  • Protecting Your Income Portfolios In Today's Market: Consider Defensive Utility Stocks [View article]
    I really hate coal also but I hate nuclear even more. Peace
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  • Protecting Your Income Portfolios In Today's Market: Consider Defensive Utility Stocks [View article]
    I have been looking for a secure and sustainable way to invest in wind and solar energy and when I first looked up NEE, I was reading along and getting excited that maybe this would be the place where I could do that. But then I noticed that they were involved in nuclear power and that stopped me because I fear a nuclear accident would not only be messy and perhaps deadly, but it would also be costly and maybe a company I was investing in might be held liable.
    What do you know about this kind of issue and also do you know of any secure and sustainable wind and solar investment. I lived in Britain for 8 years and traveled down the coast of Europe in sailboats and saw many wind generators. I have friends living off grid with plenty of electric use as in a normal home all powered by solar panels on the roof of the house and the barn. Solar is BIG in Germany now. I really would like to have a solar and wind investment. I think the world is heading that way faster than we know.
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  • Dividend Yield Vs. Dividend Growth Revisited - Does It Matter? [View article]
    I really like the 3 x 5 card savings plan. That is neat and sweet and I can see that it would be effective. The card could fit in your pocket and you would know that all purchases had to be recorded so you would think twice before pulling out your wallet. Good idea!
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