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  • Is The Bear About To Maul The Bull? Here's How We're Investing [View article]
    I remember those years of high double digit inflation back in the 1980s. My mentor and I kept our stocks and we each enjoyed the usual amount of dividends from them all through that time but we simply put any additional or spare money into CDs down at the bank and they were bringing in huge interest rates for a short while there. So we had the usual level of income from the stocks which sustained us plus we had those CDs which eventually matured and all that CD money was finally invested back into dividend growth investments. There was no problem at all. We profited during those years. But always and forever, we preferred dividend growth investing for the reliability and security of constant income stream plus steady growth of that stream. While I am committed to dividend growth investing, I was happy to enjoy a temporary benefit down at the bank!
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  • Is The Bear About To Maul The Bull? Here's How We're Investing [View article]
    Nice article again, Mike

    I started investing back in 1978 with two stocks that I still have - WFC and ALE. I sold a mutual fund I got back in the late 70s that paid big dividends and cap gains distributions for several years and then stopped all pay outs. I waited around for a few years to see if they would perk up again, but they did not so I sold and bought PG and MCD. Those have all treated me well.

    In recent years I bought UNP and T and most recently CVX and GIS. I am just getting a toe wet with CBRL. For a while I owned SNH but somebody said something that spooked me so I sold and when I got FAST graphs, I did not understand the estimate earnings and return calculator so I was glad I had gotten out of SNH. I do not like to invest in anything I cannot understand.

    I am in no fear of a market correction because by now I have been through this all many times. I held on to WFC during the mortgage crisis when they cut the dividend because I felt they did not belong lumped in with all the other banks that were forced to take tarp funds. Now WFC is strong again and I am glad I held on. I would not hold any company that cut their dividend, but I held that one that time.

    After selling a large house I inherited and buying another house that was half that price, I am sitting on some cash I want to invest. I did add to some of my holdings - CVX and T - but there is more to invest. I am doing so but cautiously and with an eye out for a bargain with a mind set on high safety expectations. If there is a deep correction it will make my job easier because more of the kinds of companies I want will be on sale at a discount. But I know that the greatest likelihood is that my stocks will continue to provide dividends at a growing rate during any future correction. And some time in the not to distant future I will be owning more of this same kind of dividend paying stocks.

    It sure is nice getting reliable dividends and I also keep about a year supply of cash around just in case we need it. I like calm and I like contented and I can afford to keep cash to insure I have lots of calm and contented in my life. Dividend growth investing has provided me with a secure retirement and I am grateful I learned about it so long ago. I am even more grateful to be learning more and more about it now right here on this site.

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  • A Current Review Of Dividend Safety Superstars - Part Two [View article]
    How very tiresome all this arguing is.

    I believe we are all adults here and all of us have learned to read and write and do basic math as well as use the computer. So we are all somewhat intelligent and capable of making up our own minds. I do not think one person can know with any certainty what is best for another person in any aspect of living and certainly not in the investment decisions we are all trying to make here. We each do our research and we do our own thinking and then maybe we share our ideas with others. Then we all have a different style of investing and maybe we have different ways of interpreting the writings of the better known investment gurus. So we naturally have different opinions on what is right for us. But that does not give us the right to tell another person what is right for them.

    Once our views have been expressed, others can comment and share with us what they believe and then we just have to leave it at that. This constant badgering about one way being better than another way is just too tiresome. There is no point to it, really. It has all been said again and again and again.

    I, for one, am a Democrat and proudly vote that way all the time. I have friends who disagree with me and I know of many well respected Republicans who think I am wrong to think and vote the way I do. But I am entitled to think and vote my way and they are entitled to think and vote their way. That's all there is to it. Respectfully we can each express our thoughts and then leave those thoughts "one the table" for the other to pick up and make his own or not, as he sees fit. As adults, we are free to think and vote the best way we can and that is true even if one of us votes Democrat and the other votes Republican. I certainly would defend the right of a Republican to vote his way even though I am a Democrat. I would even drive him to the voting place if he needed a ride.

    Here on Seeking Alpha we have different ideas and interpret the writings of others differently and we all invest in ways we find satisfying and inevitably that means we all invest differently. That is all there is to it. We do not need to argue about it.

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  • A Current Review Of Dividend Safety Superstars - Part Two [View article]
    Chowder - lots of wisdom in all your remarks. Peace
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  • Why AT&T Is In My Retirement Portfolio [View article]
    I just overweighted my AT&T position because I share your belief. Hope we are both right! Peace
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  • Dividend Challengers: 17 Increases Expected By August 29 [View article]
    Thank you for this important work and also for all your comments and guidance.
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  • Putting Companies On 'Dividend Growth Probation' [View article]
    I sorta feel sorry for the little trolls because they don't have much of a real life so they can only be jerks here on Seeking Alpha and that is all the fun they have.

    It sure does not look like very much fun when I think about it. Here I am living in my nice little house which is all bought and paid for out of my proceeds from dividend growth investing or out of family member dividend growth investing that we recently inherited. Later on we will go to our boat which came from our own labor and our own dividend growth investing.

    All our friends come to see us in our new house and on our nice boat and we have a wonderful time and likely a lot more fun than what the trolls do.

    So I do really feel sorry for them. Their lives are filled with frustration and anger and that is all their lives are about. It is sad, really.

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  • Discover Financial Is Using A Financial Crisis Transformation To Fuel Higher Dividends [View article]
    Thanks, Tim, I am amazed that you remembered that I had WFC! You really have a great memory! Peace
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  • Discover Financial Is Using A Financial Crisis Transformation To Fuel Higher Dividends [View article]
    Nice article, Tim!
    It is amusing to me to remember how impatient my kids were when they were young and I was always asking them to take a breath and slow down and wait patiently for all the good things to happen. But here I am looking at this good thing you have researched here with Discover and I just gotta say that I cannot wait that long for the fine dividend to grow for me. But at my age, there simply is not time left.
    And this is the point so many of the elder contributors here on Seeking Alpha are saying. Our portfolios need to reflect our own needs and aspirations because all our lives and investment plans are different. There is no one size that fits all.
    So I must pass up this fine investment because at my stage in life, the requirement is for at least 3% dividend NOW because there are not many years left for LATER.
    But this Discover would be good for a younger investor, as you say.
    I always read your stuff, Tim. Your enthusiasm is uplifting and I need that because this kind of research is difficult for me. So thanks again!
    Jun 14 07:44 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putting Companies On 'Dividend Growth Probation' [View article]
    Clear and easily understood Chowder wisdom. Thanks! Peace
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  • A Current Review Of Dividend Safety Superstars - Part Two [View article]

    I have heard your message. I don't happen to agree with you, but I have listened and considered your thoughts and I am sure others will have read and considered your thoughts.

    In my own case, I have done this style of investing for many decades already and my mentor did this style of investing since he was 9 years old. He died recently in his late 90s. His father taught him and we have some of those same investments in our portfolio today. So my view is not just a "few years" that you say in your post. My family has used this method for well over 100 years.

    When my mentor died, I was at a bit of a loss because I did not have him to discuss investing ideas with me. When I found Seeking Alpha, it was full of the same ideas and procedures that he used but it was more up to date in that folks here use computers instead of snail mail and they also use on line information sources instead of walking to the library to look at Morning Star reports as he and I used to do together every month.

    I sincerely wish you the very best as you continue to invest according to your information and your own personal ideas. I really mean it. And I wish the same for all the other folks here. It is our money and we are trying to find the best way to earn it, and save it, and live with it and make it grow. We are all getting older and I am already rather old myself so there is much that I have learned just by living.

    One thing I have learned is that there is not much to be gained by arguing. Sharing is more in tune with all my other values and I certainly do not need to put anybody down who does not agree with me. One thing I really like about this site is the polite way we all work together here sharing and learning together what there is to learn and teach. Then we are all free to think things through and do what works for each one of us in our own ways.

    All the best to you - Peace
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  • Putting Companies On 'Dividend Growth Probation' [View article]
    Another great article. Thanks for all the discussion too. Lots to ponder here.
    Jun 11 10:31 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 20 Dividend Champions To Buy Today [View article]
    Right behind you, Chowder, over-weighted CVX and T same time period. Glad to know I stumbled into your foot prints! Peace
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  • A Review Of The Dividend Safety Superstars [View article]
    "Pillow Stocks". I like it!
    Thanks, Bob, for the research and for adding to your long list of good articles.
    Jun 6 09:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 20 Dividend Champions To Buy Today [View article]
    Yes, buyandhold, there will be a correction in the market as a whole. I agree with all that. But I have been waiting for that correction for two years now and meanwhile, my carefully selected portfolio of reliable dividend growth stocks has gone up over 30% without counting the substantial dividends and I have been living on those dividends all that time. I inherited some cash a while back and had I been waiting for the expected correction before investing it, I would not have enjoyed that fine run up or those fine dividends the past two years. If there is a correction, it is likely going to be only a temporary drop as usual. Even if the dividends are cut, they will be restored pretty soon and the share value will rise again like a Phoenix just as always.

    For example, my WFC shares dropped in price and the dividends were cut when the government insisted that WFC accept TARP funds which WFC did not want and did not need. But the share price and dividends rose again and I suffered no lasting harm. Buying quality companies is what matters and buying at a fair price is a whole lot better than waiting around for a correction which might or might not provide bargain prices in companies I want to buy. I am not willing to leave good money under the mattress or in a bank (which is about the same thing these days) while hoping for a correction.

    I do like to keep a lot more money in my checking account than I did when I was younger mostly because I can afford to do so these days, but it is there for a very important reason. It is there for my peace of mind. I can cover my bills and continue to live simply while the market goes up and down like a yo yo if it wants to, and with my small budget lifestyle, there will be no problem and I know I will sleep well at night. But that is the only reason for me to keep money sitting round. It is reassuring. I would never keep money sitting around while I wait for a correction because no person can predict when a correction will come or how big it will be or which companies will have bargain prices. Best to get up early and do good work and to make my money do the same thing in good companies.

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