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  • 20 Dividend Champions To Buy Today [View article]
    Right behind you, Chowder, over-weighted CVX and T same time period. Glad to know I stumbled into your foot prints! Peace
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  • A Review Of The Dividend Safety Superstars [View article]
    "Pillow Stocks". I like it!
    Thanks, Bob, for the research and for adding to your long list of good articles.
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  • 20 Dividend Champions To Buy Today [View article]
    Yes, buyandhold, there will be a correction in the market as a whole. I agree with all that. But I have been waiting for that correction for two years now and meanwhile, my carefully selected portfolio of reliable dividend growth stocks has gone up over 30% without counting the substantial dividends and I have been living on those dividends all that time. I inherited some cash a while back and had I been waiting for the expected correction before investing it, I would not have enjoyed that fine run up or those fine dividends the past two years. If there is a correction, it is likely going to be only a temporary drop as usual. Even if the dividends are cut, they will be restored pretty soon and the share value will rise again like a Phoenix just as always.

    For example, my WFC shares dropped in price and the dividends were cut when the government insisted that WFC accept TARP funds which WFC did not want and did not need. But the share price and dividends rose again and I suffered no lasting harm. Buying quality companies is what matters and buying at a fair price is a whole lot better than waiting around for a correction which might or might not provide bargain prices in companies I want to buy. I am not willing to leave good money under the mattress or in a bank (which is about the same thing these days) while hoping for a correction.

    I do like to keep a lot more money in my checking account than I did when I was younger mostly because I can afford to do so these days, but it is there for a very important reason. It is there for my peace of mind. I can cover my bills and continue to live simply while the market goes up and down like a yo yo if it wants to, and with my small budget lifestyle, there will be no problem and I know I will sleep well at night. But that is the only reason for me to keep money sitting round. It is reassuring. I would never keep money sitting around while I wait for a correction because no person can predict when a correction will come or how big it will be or which companies will have bargain prices. Best to get up early and do good work and to make my money do the same thing in good companies.

    Jun 6 08:55 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 20 Dividend Champions To Buy Today [View article]
    Once again, a great article from Chuck Carnevale. I am so grateful for your fine teaching articles and also for the FAST graphs which have helped me so much. Peace
    Jun 5 08:18 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What To Make Of That 5% McDonald's Dividend Hike [View article]
    "Keep it simple and make better food"
    I agree completely! And please make the wonderful thick coffee flavored milk shake available ALL THE TIME at EVERY store. I am addicted now and it is not available here in North Carolina. :-(
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  • Ultra-Low-Risk Retirement Strategy For Folks Who've Saved $1 Million [View article]
    I never had a pension and do not understand these ROTH and IRA schemes, so I just invested plain and simple and follow through by living simply too. Living on a boat, I paid no property tax and then for a short while I paid high property tax on the house I inherited, but now that has been sold and we have moved into a small home with small tax. Keeping life simple and in balance seems to be the main thing that has worked for me.
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  • Dividend Growth Investing: Creating Your Own Dividend By Selling Shares (Part 1) [View article]
    This is going to become one of the "classic" Seeking Alpha articles. I plan to print part one and part two and keep copies for friends and relations to read. Some will listen and learn and others will not, but I always try and try and try to spread the word. Thanks for sharing this fine work with all of us.
    May 20 02:59 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Current Market Levels Indicate Caution Not Panic: Part 1 [View article]
    Hang in there mm. From now on, if you keep reading here, those pennies will be working for you while you continue to use your creative spirit inventing. Hard working pennies earn lovely dollars and continue to free up your time. Everything you need to know is right here. It is just wonderful!
    May 17 04:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Current Market Levels Indicate Caution Not Panic: Part 1 [View article]
    Two people close to me each inherited 60,000 dollars. One bought a fancy SUV even though she had a perfectly good used car and then turned around and bought a household full of brand new furniture. She blew the whole wad in less than one month. The other invested every single cent in Seeking Alpha kinds of dividend paying stocks that grow and he put them all on automatic reinvesting. In 10 years these two people will have children entering college. The first one will have an old car and some worn furniture and no money saved up at all. The second one will have money all set and ready for college. I will be matching any thing parents or the college age kids put out for that college education.
    The point is that even if you GIVE folks money, they may just blow it and not invest for their own future or their children's future. It's a free country but I believe that "God helps those who help themselves". I have been rich and I have been poor and never EVER was I not saving. You can pinch my income all you want, but I will still save. I will invest. I will be prepared for my own future and ready to help family and friends who are doing as I do.
    May 14 01:08 PM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Current Market Levels Indicate Caution Not Panic: Part 1 [View article]
    If you want that education, you will get it if you just want it bad enough as I know because I also put myself through using the long plan.

    I am saving to help the grand kids get their college paid for but I will only match what they earn or their parents put into the pot. I have learned not to give a gift of education outright because if the kid does not value it enough or is not completely on the same page, you can just see the money evaporate with no forward progress made in the kid's life. This has happened twice already with the kid dropping out after one semester of class skipping and party time and it was a mighty disappointment. But when you help a kid who is helping himself or herself, and really wants that education, then the result is the pure joy of seeing a graduation and a kid well set up for a good future doing work he or she likes and making an income so they can help the next generation also in the same way. Then see that graduation and the good job after and the babies get education funds set up and it all happens again like the perennial flowers in the garden.

    Congratulations, Blue, for your accomplishment. Hard work and sacrifice to reach a goal is the best way to feel long lasting satisfaction with yourself. You have my admiration.

    May 14 08:47 AM | 10 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Best Dividend Growers, Part 3: People's United Financial [View article]
    I have held WFC since the 1990s and it has been in my family as WFC and before that it was Norwest Bancorp for many decades. Although it got caught up in the TARP government restrictions, I do not think WFC needed to be rescued and actually tried hard to avoid it. It was difficult for me to hold on when we were not getting the full dividend and it was a worry when the share price dropped also, but then it turned around and popped up again and now it is giving dividends normally again. I think it will continue to do well now. I am not technical and cannot give you a high tech rational reason for feeling confident, but my long view makes me feel secure.
    May 11 03:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Do You Manage Your 'Low Conviction' Positions? [View article]
    Thanks so much for this article. This business of moving from accumulation to retirement phase began for me about 20 years ago when I started taking some of the dividends in my very small portfolio to live on instead of reinvesting everything and that allowed me to go sailing at a fairly young age. But sometimes I came into money (such as when I sold a boat) and then I added a new position. None of my investments were very big, but my expenses were small too so it was in balance. Luckily WFC was one that I bought back in the 90s after selling my old single hander boat and life has been easier financially ever since. Of course I still miss that old boat.....
    I have had conflicting emotions about WFC because I love how it grew, suffered when the dividend was cut, and love again how it is growing and paying dividends once again. Sometimes I think I should sell about half of my WFC position because it is three times bigger than any other, and other times I want to hold on and ride it higher and higher but I fear being greedy and getting my hands slapped. In the end, I have sold a small amount now and again in the past two years and made up for the dividends that I missed during the TARP times. I sold a lot of WFC when we built our current boat from scratch back around the millennium time, but it doubled a couple of times anyway. It just keeps growing.
    But now I have sold this big old house that I inherited two years ago and so I have about three positions worth of money left over after buying a small house to live in during our advanced old age which is right around the corner. Because we are in our 70s we have decided that we really should be taking all the dividends for living expenses now and also we decided that we need to have companies that give us at least 3% dividends and also some good growth and we try hard to follow the Chowder rule and go for green on FAST graphs. I made an exception a while back and bought AT&T which has high dividend and low dividend growth because we decided we liked the reliability of that high dividend kind of the way we like a large anchor at the end of an ocean passage. Something to reliably hold tight so we can sleep at night.
    I was thinking of adding to AT&T with a third of the extra house money, but then read an article here on Seeking Alpha that made me decide to wait a bit. Some concern about the direction all this tech business is heading. I decided I did not know enough and so I will not add to AT&T at this time. I have a full position already and will hold it. I won't live for ever so the low dividend growth does not worry me too much. I have other low dividend paying stocks with high growth so that will balance us out ok.
    Instead of more AT&T, I will add to my CVX which has the required 3%+ dividend, good credit rating, is well in the green on my FAST graphs, and looks steady for our future. I will have a double position in CVX next week and I know that will not make me worry at all. It is worthy of being doubled, I think.
    But then I look at the grand children and how fast they are growing and I know they will need help when they are in college. So I have looked and looked and looked for a good dividend payer for our needs now that may need to be trimmed when the kids are in college. There is still enough money for two more positions. I have been using Seeking Alpha, Google Finance, and FAST graphs and written on the backs of envelopes which have been stacked up here beside my computer.
    Cracker Barrel has kept appearing on those lists of companies I have been interested in. This will be my first modestly daring investment because CBRL only started paying a sizeable dividend since 2004. It is 4.1% which is nice and it is growing like weeds and so also the price has been growing at a fantastic rate so it will be likely to need trimming at just the right time if all goes well. I have been dithering about buying this stock for two years now and it has increased so much I could kick myself for not writing out the check already. My main worry is that it has not been paying that dividend for very many years and I usually like well over a decade of steady dividends in companies I invest in. But we ate there and it looked busy, pleasant, efficient, felt laid back but appeared to be collecting a lot of money from the customers who were waiting in the gift shop before eating their meals. Good food nicely priced too and the d├ęcor makes old folks remember back when.... Nicely situated by freeways and traveler oriented just when old folks are retiring and traveling and eating in pleasant restaurants. The spouse grew up in the restaurant trade and was most enthusiastic.
    And here you come, Bob, with CBRL on your watch list also! I have read all your stuff and love the way you think. I heard a few other positive comments from my other Seeking Alpha heroes about CBRL recently also. So that check I was about to write for more AT&T will be made out to CBRL instead. It is not in the green on my FAST graphs but it is under the smaller orange lines and it sure is growing. Reminds me of times when I have seen a few ripples on the water and motored out there to catch the breeze rather than waiting for the wind to get all the way to me. I cannot afford to have money sitting around at this time. If I need money for the kids when they get to college and CBRL is not up enough to provide it, I will then feel really good about selling WFC which is likely to be in great need of trimming by then. But it sure looks like we will have nice dividends meanwhile.
    So I am still looking for another investing opportunity because CVX and CBRL will only take up 2/3 of the house money left over when we downsize. I am reading, thinking, and I do not want to dither very much. This money comes available next week. I want it working for us right away and supporting the kids college education beginning in about 8 years. I am watching all the comments here closely.
    May 6 08:44 PM | 8 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AT&T Gets Very Direct [View article]
    I am REALLY long PBS radio.
    I will watch T for later investing but the bulk of the money I have now sitting here, will go to other investments instead of just doing nothing.
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  • AT&T Gets Very Direct [View article]
    Here I sit all poised to buy a whole lot more AT&T, and now all this appears to muddy the waters for me. Heck, I don't even watch TV! Maybe I should wait on my AT&T purchase and see what happens here.....? Some of us remember when we had a telephone on the wall, NBC and CBS on the TV and the town movie theatre was where life happened on Saturday night.
    May 5 09:53 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retired? How To Create A Strong Foundation Of Valuation Under Your Portfolio: Part 2 [View article]
    This reminds me of the famous Fast Net Race over there in Britain. A storm came where sailboats were racing and several of the crews abandoned ship and attempted to get into life rafts. Of those, many were lost because the perceived safety of the life raft was not well founded and there was loss of life. Usually their abandoned sailboats were found unharmed the next day just bobbing there in the water all safe and dry.
    Reminds me of the folks who sold their shares and bought "safe" bonds in an attempt to save their money. The result was they lost half of their money. I held on to all my shares including my biggest position which was in WFC. The share price went down 50% and then went up again as I expected because that is a company I know well after decades of our family investing in WFC. My dividend was cut severely and then went back up again. Meanwhile my other dividends carried me through and paid my bills. WFC did not want or need the government money and interference that forced them to cut the dividend.
    My WFC position is now very large and the dividend is back up there at full strength and it is as if there had been no recession if you look at the chart. I did sell some shares recently to "pay myself back" for the lost dividends so I consider myself to be in good shape.
    You and I are both turtles if you look at my picture. We keep marching steadily along collecting our dividends and leave the rabbits to do whatever they think best trying to beat one system or another to outsmart the market. I feel quite contented to plod along collecting dividends from steady companies with good fundamentals and watching my shares grow at a reasonable rate. Dividend stalwarts is my game.
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