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  • Battered Royal Caribbean ship returns to port  [View news story]
    D. Rock.-- You are so right and a member of a dying breed. You will be interested in taking a look at a Yahoo online club called LinersList; LinersList@yahoogroups dot com. OR, just Google LinersList.
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  • Royal Caribbean slumps on soft full-year profit guidance  [View news story]
    Young, Buy only if you have a lot of patience. I have felt for the last 6 or 9 months the stock was over priced. Analysts fell in love with it over a year ago and kept the price up. But it is a pretty good company. For the long term I prefer CCL; sharper leadership. NCLH for years was the pits but with its new capital and new leadership it might be a comer; again, I am uncertain about its leadership. I remember the days when with it biggest fleet it owned the Caribbean but CCL and RCL left them in the dust with much better leadership and decision making.
    And then there is the China market -- to me, a big question mark with gigantic potential. If you are a numbers, or metrics, guy, the numbers won't give you much guidance. Leadership is the key.
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  • Sirius XM hopeful it has funds to re-up Stern to new deal  [View news story]
    SEEKINGEARLY, thanks, First time I have seen any facts on Sterns draw.
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  • Sirius XM hopeful it has funds to re-up Stern to new deal  [View news story]
    Just what is Stern worth? Often somebody shows up here saying get rid of him. Yet, the folks running Serius going back to Mel have expressed enthusiasm for him. I don't listen to him, don't get him and don't want him. It might go back a couple of years ago when I was riding in the car of a local banker and he insisted on listening to 15 minutes of a farting contest.
    Now, both sides of the negotiation are big boys. They know how many listen to him and what he is worth. As far as I know, it has never been revealed how big his audience is.
    Does anybody here know?
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  • Mary Barra to be headliner at CES  [View news story]
    GARS, this is the second time you have whined about getting screwed out of your money. Accept it. Learn from that lesson. Move on and try to make money. I learned the lesson in the days of Studebaker. Now student, what is the lesson?
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  • Carnival launches domestic brand in China through JV  [View news story]
    This Joint Venture makes me nervous; especially the ship building of a cruise ship in China. CCL tried to build Princess cruise ships in Japan and it didn't go well. Big difference between building a tanker and a cruise ship. And why is CCL sending more of their brands to China? That also means staff from each of the 4 different lines. Costa has been there for years and I would think that by this time they know how to do it. Why not just expand it. Now, a new staff from Carnival and Aida? Mr Donald is excited by the sheer numbers (hundreds and hundreds of millions) of Chinese that could take a cruise even if there are not many destination ports to chose from or they are allowed to disembark in. We the stockholders, i.e., owners, will be paying for this experiment. However, if it works we will benefit.
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  • FBR: Sirius XM to benefit from strong auto sales  [View news story]
    2hdavid,, Yes, $25 + tax for 6 months. I let my sub expire, they called me. I accepted the deal.
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  • Carnival beats by $0.13, beats on revenue  [View news story]
    Here is why it is down:

    UPDATE 1-Carnival Corp posts 3rd straight fall in quarterly revenue
    10:02 AM ET, 09/22/2015 - Reuters

    Sept 22 (Reuters) - Carnival Corp, the world's largest cruise ship operator, reported its third straight fall in quarterly sales on Tuesday as a STRONGER DOLLAR reduced revenue from ticket sales.

    Ticket sales, which account for almost 75 percent of Carnival's total revenue, fell 2.4 percent to $3.63 billion in the third quarter, the period when the company usually makes most of its annual earnings.

    Total revenue slipped 1.3 percent to $4.89 billion, even as onboard spending for services such as spas, restaurants and casinos rose about 1.7 percent.

    Carnival's shares fell 2.6 percent to $51.30 in early trading as the overall market slid. Up to Monday's close, the stock had risen about 16 percent this year.

    The company's net income dropped to $1.22 billion, or $1.56 per share, in the three months ended Aug. 31 from $1.24 billion, or $1.60 per share, a year earlier.

    Excluding items, the company earned $1.75 per share. Analysts on average had expected a profit of $1.63 per share and revenue of $4.82 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S
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  • Automakers plot strategy around mass-market EV concept  [View news story]
    For you young whipper-snappers Tucker collected not only deposits but made buyers pay in advance for radios, seat covers, etc. I clearly remember a friend opening up his closet door and showing me the boxes containing Tucker parts. That had to be in about 1949. His car was also considered very advanced.
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  • Royal Caribbean Revenues Show Promise Going Forward  [View article]
    19922191, again, I have heard this story before. Reminds me of a situation I ran into years ago. A friend of mine, a lawyer, was booked on a weekend cruise with NCL. When he got to the pier they denied him boarding since his sailing mate only had zerox copies of citizenship papers and denied him any refund. Incidentally this was before 9-11 and the new very tough rules. He lost his $500. He complained to the line and got no satisfaction in any form. At the time I knew the president of NCL; a stuffed shirt by the name of Adam Aron. I sent him a note about this case and I said in big capital letters, "DO NOT PASS THIS LETTER ON TO THAT GIRL WHO HANDLES COMPLAINTS BECAUSE I KNOW SHE WON'T DO ANYTHNG FOR HIM AND HE WILL SUE YOU and it will cost you plenty."
    But Adam did pass the complaint over to that girl; she did nothing, and so my lawyer friend sued. He ended up with them giving him a $1000 stateroom to sail at his convenience plus the cost of their lawyer's time. My lawyer friend probably spent a few buck for the filing fee and a shortened lunch hour
    You mention Fain. He is Ok but not a dynamic leader. I had the opportunity to question him about a few thing over the years and he didn't impress me. I remember the time the US government went after him and the company for one of their ships deliberately poluting by dumping waste oil over board. They were found guilty of a felony and had to paid millions in fines. When I questioned Fain about it and why a ships crew would do that he just had no idea.
    I rememeber Fain sort of thinking out loud when CCL was up to 20 ships and RCL had only 5: he said, "I guess we should have been building more ships."
    These are the kind of people you have to deal with if you want any satisfaction. Being nice will not work with them.
    And lastly, I remember the time RCL just about had everything locked up to buy Princess cruise line and CCL came in with their sharp lawyers and took it away from them.
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  • Royal Caribbean Revenues Show Promise Going Forward  [View article]

    1992.. Interesting story. Me? been cruising since 1960 on all the lines and about 70 ships - many of them already scraped and recycled into razor blades, or what have you. I have heard your story many times of indifference and incompetence occurring on many different lines but never on the few top lines like Crystal, Silver Seas, Seabourne, etc. You wrote a good story here but it will have no good outcome for you. It must be sent to upper management and in your letter tell them exactly what will make you happy and leave out your complaint about stock holders discount; that should be in a separate letter.
    Since you seem to have documented the situation it might be a good idea to casually mention that you talked to a lawyer about it. I doubt if they will give you refund check but maybe a coupon good for a 25% or more discount on you next cruise. If you have a real live travel agent who actually sells a lot of RCL, maybe he/she will do the fighting for you. Let us know how it turns out.
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  • General Motors Is Taking Profits Off Road  [View article]
    Are you related to the late Don Ehrman of Canada and Miami?
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  • Sirius XM Needs Strong Subscriber Growth And Margin Expansion To Justify Its Current Price  [View article]
    You seem to have mastered the jargon of your craft but next time convert it to plain English so us simple folk can understand it.
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  • Carnival Corporation Is Far From A Sinking Ship  [View article]
    DRINK POLICY; This whole thing is based on the ship lines trying to control the behaviour of the passengers. This current drink policy started many years ago = maybe 15-20 years ago. Now all the lines prohibit carrying booze aboard. It started with Carnival when they sought out school classes celebrating graduation. What resulted was the kids (moatly underage) would get off the ship at the various ports and buy booze and then bring it aboard and then have their own cheap parties and then stagger around the ship being drunk and disorderly. Remember, if you are old enough, that in those days carnival was the Walmart of the lines. Well, times change and Carnival changed. Carnival is now in the same class as RCL and NCL. Carnival bar tenders are now required to cut off a patron who has too much to drink and strictly enforce age limits. Remember the case of the guy throw off his Royal Caribbean balcony supposedly by some Russian thugs and his wife was found drunk and passed out in the hall way?
    However, there have always been people who want to beat the sytem and instead of buying drinks at the bar want to bring, i.e, smuggle, alcohol aboard. Mainly by preloading empty water bottles with gin, vodka or other clear alcohol.Wine drinkers just had to hope the bottles of wine packed in their suitcase would not be discoverd at check-in. Personally, it has never been a problem to me on my 65 cruises but I did object to their old policy on canned Cokes. I did smuggle a six pack or two aboard.
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  • Royal Caribbean Shareholders Are Cruisin' For A Bruisin'  [View article]

    finally, someone who is willing to tell it as it is.
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