• Timo57
    If I hear another pundit talking about the enticing valuation of a company in free fall I may have to break my TV (POT,HAL,COP,TSO,BA,etc)
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    • Ocean Man: COP is not falling, they had a spin-off and 66-cent dividend. O/wise agree, coal stocks looked enticing too halfway down.
    • Timo57: I was long the stock during the whole thing, and still am COP, sold PSX immediately when it landed in my account give or take a few hours.
    • Ocean Man: COP has held up amazingly well compared to most oil and gas stocks through the May oil price drop. A lot of the juniors are down 30-40%.
    • Timo57: Hey , Ocean Man, it's even rallying, loosely speaking. First time since the spinoff and with strength. I'm staying long