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  • U.S. minimum wage battle starts to heat up  [View news story]
    The fact is employers cannot afford increases. I work in Foodservice distribution and what you are doing is causing artificial inflation in your restaurant. My operator is going to have to pass the increased extra cost onto his customer with higher prices.
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  • GlassesOff Chairman Responds: Providing Clarity For Those Who Just Don't See It  [View article]
    Are you still offering Beta testing? Interesting to see how the medical /HMO healthcare community view and perception to this therapeutic and non drug and cost affective alternative in an app of all things. I am sure Eyecare retail feel a threat ! But maybe It seems this could be commercially become mainstream and work with ,as not only an app but an at home or in store purchase at your local eye care physcian? I guess I am asking where you intend to market this as i see potential for more than a mobile app. I had to get reading glasses recently and due to my stubborn disbelief in my own deteriating sight they are gathering dust on my bedside table as I refuse to admit I need them!! This would be a great alternative to train my 21 year old brain in this 44 year old body .
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  • Z10: Zero Sold On Friday, But None Left On Sunday  [View article]
    I disagree with the judgements from analyst going against Blkbry.The lack of sales is because Blkbrry are the business persons best friend and maybe not the hippest of platforms for the younger generation .Blackberry made their name with business solutions device vs a gimmick app phone wow factor of IPhone / android formats.
    From what I have read the new z10 seems to have merged both formats successfully and is mostly comparable to the current offerings from Iphone 5s /samsung s3 ,though with a noticeable lack of apps for blkbry ,this will not bother your BB die hards and add new users looking to merge smartphone apps and versatility with Blkbry business solutions. How many games and apps does one need.Business people do not have time for that.
    Bottom line this phone and zq10 is selling and I believe there is a prejudice built in as smartphone technology demands grow bigger, and even though this phone is not going to get the hype and carnival atmosphere or their competitors ,that's not how Blkbry rolls. The z10 will be a success ,but not as iPhone or android goes but in profitability and filling a niche market and plenty of added customers when the word gets out Blkbry is a comparable alternative. The next qtr earnings from BB on Thursday will show this and that's probably why their CEO bashed Apple last week as he knows its a hit.Just takes time.
    Mar 25, 2013. 02:49 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment