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  • Goldman's reduced iron ore outlook drags down big miners [View news story]
    Goldman came out with a Medals report this morning ( on my TDA news feed)
    @ 10:45 . One upgrade ~ couple of downgrades ~ mostly maintains. BUT lowered nearly all Target Prices. Most all were $2 to $4 reductions BUT on FCX they lowered TP from $31 to $ 18... May be a typo? Perhaps they meant $28 BUT $18 is absurd IMO... A $13 reduction .. Insane .. esp when all of the others were not even Close to such a % slash . Looking for a revised edition . Has to be a miscue.

    Thoughts / Comments Welcomed
    Jan 23, 2015. 11:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • VirnetX: A CAFC View Through A Clear Lens [View article]

    Another really well done article. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    One Q.. If VHC is upheld, could APPL muddy the legal water in anyway by saying .. Hey we only had 2 judges consider our case. We know that Judge Rader must have spent a lot of time till he suddenly had to resign but not sure his contributions to the discussions can be used now to show there were 3 judges involved. Just wondering. APPL has shown that it will do most anything to stall. When you get a moment, your opinion will bee appreciated on my Q.

    Thanks again for all your work.
    Jul 22, 2014. 12:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The VirnetX Tinderbox [View article]
    No comments yet? I am surprised but my only comment for the moment is that you should get the company right in your first bullet point of your Summery.

    VimetX Versus Apple.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from there it gets worse. IMO.
    Jul 9, 2014. 04:04 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • VirnetX / Apple Appeal: Bad News For VirnetX And Other Patent Assertion Entities [View article]
    I echo the post above. And yes the timing is so Obvious. There should be a law for this type of shameless attempt to discolor the facts.
    Mar 6, 2014. 02:59 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Another Reason Why You Should Be Invested In VirnetX [View article]

    Thanks again for painting the landscape of the future of VHC. It does seem to certainly have a Bright One.

    One question, and I know it is a difficult one but just your best opinion if possible. When do you think HJD will make his ruling and your best opinion of what it will include. In particular, what do you think is the probability of an injunction for the apps such as Facetime and iMessaging. ?

    Thanks again for you ongoing updates. They do make me feel better as I think you are objective and correct.

    All the best

    Feb 11, 2013. 09:50 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • VirnetX Highly Likely To Get Apple Injunction [View article]
    Hi David~ Thanks for your article and the time it took to write. Most informative and obviously you follow this ongoing situation quite closely.

    I have a question for you if you are willing to answer and I know it will simply be your opinion and I understand that.

    The question is IF the judge grants an injunction, even with giving Apple time to comply and if Apple files an appeal, do you think that the granting of an injunction by itself would be a signal to the market that VHC indeed has a very good chance and that the PPS could move up several points on the granting of an injunction alone. ?

    I hope I have asked my question accurately. And Tom feel free to chime in too. I have read your articles as well.

    Thanks for your time.

    John Long in VHC
    Jan 24, 2013. 05:56 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Freeport McMoRan Earnings: China Recovery, Energy Foray In Focus [View article]
    It IS on the 22nd before the bell and CC @ 10:AM. FCX website. No clue why SA is saying the 14th.
    Jan 14, 2013. 07:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Attempts by Facebook (FB), Google (GOOG) and other Web sites to boost their mobile revenues could be hit by a new app for Android called AdBlock Plus, which is due to be launched tomorrow by German firm Eyeo. As the name suggests, the app blocks pop-up and display ads on Web sites, and commercials that precede videos such as on YouTube. [View news story]
    I agree with Gary.. Think this could be used widely if promoted so most are aware. Major Pain in the XXX to have to wait for those ads to run. IMO
    Nov 26, 2012. 10:54 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • McMoRan Exploration (MMR +4.8%) shares are strong today on no apparent news; MMR declared quarterly cash dividends on its preferred stocks, but the common shares had surged well before the announcement. [View news story]
    Think the expectation is that the F/T on DJ1 is actually getting closer to being ready to test. No one, or almost no one, who has followed MMR is concerned about the success of the F/T. Just getting the well ready for it has been the problem. Actually a series of problems dating back to last Dec when the fist delay was announced on Dec 2nd. pushing back the original date for the F/T of Dec 15th. Since them it has been one problem after another. Most forget that MMR is attempting to do something never done before. And this well specifically in which the well bore at final depth 6 miles below the floor of the GOM is FOUR inches in diameter. Just imagine that and one can see why it has taken a while!!!! But word on the street otherwise known as "rig leakage" ( workers who see what is going on) have leaked news that the wait could well be over Soon. ER/CC is next week, the 19th and we will know much more. Check the yahoo message board for more information. It is a very good board with many knowledgeable people. Almost no spam or bashers. Just about 2 dozen regulars who know the O/G industry and the drilling industry and have been on board MMR for years.. Hope this helps a bit.
    Oct 13, 2012. 02:47 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment