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  • Has Austerity Gone Too Far In The EU??

    Where is the EU headed??

    Lately we have read the news, as yesterday another finance minister from the EU via Portugal resigns from his post. Mainly "austerity measures" and the "populace" are not content with the current "financial reform".

    This view has spread over months across Europe, along with Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy...the list grows. The main issue is "tax dollars" and how to recover to ...cutting "public sector" jobs...has been the outcome. As well, increasing "property tax" and as in Greece "restaurant tax"...the "middle-class" are feeling the "pinch".

    The G20 meeting in Russia on July 19-20 of 2013, once again this topic will be brought to the "roundtable". Along with one of the FED members Fisher providing explanation in an article last week about "bail-in's". The EU has been mentioned by many that it will and can be the "tipping point" again for a second round of a possible financial crisis.

    Will the EU contain it's current sentiment via weaker Euro nations that "austerity" is causing serious cracks in the "EU armor". New nations are joining the EU...Croatia, Serbia...can they maintain the "status quo" entry. The next level of "austerity" will be North far will the U.S and Canadian governments extend their rules...will it be similar to Europe??

    Jul 02 11:14 AM | Link | Comment!
  • Toronto Condo-Market Placing Canada At Risk???

    Condo market placing Canada in possible jeopardy....

    A recent article in today's Financial Post..."flashing" headlines of a possible risk to Canada via the Bank of Canada. What is surprising that of all main contributors to the Canadian economy..the focus has been on a market that is growing via international buyers. Bank of Canada needs to focus on how "international buyers" are able to purchase or "gobble up" the Toronto condo market..when lending for average Canadian citizen is stricter and tightened.

    As well, exporters are "crying out" for a weaker Loonie...yet for over the past year or more...the Loonie has been stronger. There are many factors to a weakening economy, GDP, Retail sales, Housing price index, CPI, Unemployment data...they are contributors. Yet the main issue currently in the Canadian economy, private organizations increasing their "cash reserves" yet...not expanding "R&D"..and hiring. Public sector jobs increase...while private jobs are stagnant. There are more individuals opting for the "self-employment" direction...yet when it comes to grow their "start-up"...funds are low..and loans are rarely approved.

    If central banks continue their "digital printing" press..then spread the wealth to the entreprenuers or companies that truly want growth in their country. Canada....are you listening???

    Jun 13 2:27 PM | Link | Comment!
  • Does Non-Farm Payrolls Data Hold It's Weight??

    This week on 7th of June 2013....investors and world markets await U.S. jobs data "Non-Farm payrolls". As most traders monitor this it is the biggest economic indicator for job growth or decline. Since 2005, NFP has been a huge impact more than in prior years...mainly after 'Hurricane Katrina, Iraq war and the Financial crisis of 2008" this indicator is the "heavy hitter" for making gains or losses in trades.

    The question 2013...has NFP held it's value as a major indicator. Prior to the NFP data....ADP employment change data prepares markets for insight to what may or may not be??? Since 14 million U.S. citizens are unemployed, countless thousands or millions extending the unemployment insurance or giving up "hope" for searching...what indicator can be used to truly guage U.S. job growth??

    If the U.S. expects growth and the Fed truly believes in assisting by guaging the economy? The solution is for the "private" corporate organizations to "open their wallets" and hire...instead of "public sector" jobs increasing. Keep in mind "part-time" jobs are not considered a true factor of growth in employment. For the past 5 NFP results..."public sector" jobs dominate growth...will we see different results once this "theme" changes??

    For now....I consider NFP as the "main event" to any big event for entertainment value...."grab some popcorn" and enjoy the show!

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Jun 05 1:33 PM | Link | Comment!
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