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  • jyabc888
    What do you think of $SBRCY $ GZPFY which are the 2 Russia's largest companies. Waiting for oil to stabilize future may be too late, right?
    Jan 18, 10:44 PM
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    • vireoman: Dude, I jumped in and out of the latter a while back, and was looking up the former today. You're on your own here. Keep it small.
      Jan 18, 11:19 PM
      • jyabc888
        $PBR: Any body has any comment on it? I feel it is a good buy even with the issue they are facing. It is still a large oil company
        Jan 5, 8:34 PM
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        • luckypeter: B 4 elections Brazil entire mkt was down hard, fear unions take over, go CNBC co profile compare sector, average ind, $SPX, poor financials.
          Jan 5, 9:55 PM
        • luckypeter: Check CEO, sounds like ex President Brazil,? interesting if fact.. technically lost 66% price few months, P/E << Stock points DOWN. best 10<
          Jan 5, 9:59 PM
          • jyabc888
            $DB.. Is it better than $BAC and $C? Euro zone is stale, right?
            Jan 3, 11:42 AM
              • jyabc888
                what do you think of $VRNT? It is recommended by an analyst together with $MSFT, $PANW..
                Jan 2, 9:15 PM
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                • luckypeter: $VRNT Growing EPS & beating analyst forecast in last earning cycles, it appears to have technological advantage in a very specialized field.
                  Jan 3, 12:13 AM
                • luckypeter: $VRNT Fuller research could determine if company has a key employee other than CEO that could hurt co if missing, important in this field.
                  Jan 3, 12:19 AM
                  • jyabc888
                    what will the best 3 buys now? Let's share so that we can create a reasonably consensus..
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                    • Chris DeMuth Jr.: Mine: Avangardco (AVGR), Fondul Proprietatea (FP), and Retractable Technologies ($RVP).
                    • jaginger: AVGR news:
                      • jyabc888
                        I have 125K$ cash, what's the best if you were me? I like $BAC, $MA, $V, $BA...some said there will be bigger crashes after this temp rise
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                        • vireoman: Patience and discipline. I'd wait for a really ugly patch for the market before entering. GO SLOW.
                        • jyabc888: Thanks a lot for your insights I am itchy to buy more $BAC. how about $IEP? I will move slowly until this summer and finish by summer,
                          • jyabc888
                            I have 150K cash and want to be in the market while worry about the over-due 10% correction, what would you do or your best advices to me?
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                            • Perkins Cove: Follow Ocean Man. Do NOT follow Chan. (PChan444)
                            • Perkins Cove: In general, I believe you are wise to be concerned about a correction. No harm in holding cash for a better entry point if you want long.
                              • jyabc888
                                I have about 150K Cash for a while. I want to invest in equity. %BAC and others? 10% - 15% correction is coming? timing the market?