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  • Titan Machinery Is A Perfect Short [View article]
    Andy 1 million ,

    yes ,I agree with U , the fundammentals of this compagnie is not marvellous , it is obvious that it have to be short now !!

    Nicéephore de MTL
    Apr 13 06:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Titan Machinery Is A Perfect Short [View article]
    I dont know all your little debates howzzhat TITN is a reseller and cannot be compared to CAT & al.

    It have its niche & have to manage in the environment of a reseller.

    But, there is so much hate for this stock; Cramer ,yourselve (OFS) & plenty of other analysts ....... having about 33% of his shares float SHORT .... WOW.

    Bout , NOW , it look to be a perfect Short situation.

    Plenty of investors short it at $ 15-18 per ..... and now SHORT SQUEEZE ....

    The company show a little piece of SUN in this groommy show et voila the
    stock go 10-15 % up

    they have to cover back their short position. So a lot of repurchase of the
    stock ( for a wrong reason ) . For investors still long in the stock , it is their
    windfall , tiens voila je vend mes actions a $ 20-22 ,when I know I will be

    buying back @ $14-17 1/2 in a month or two ??!! For a long investor it' s an op-
    portunity to make a $$$ , dump overvalued stock or simply gettout of the position

    So for that effect of SS , it will artificially staying high ( $ 19.75 to $ 21 ) for
    a coming trading days , then fall down to area of $ 17.25-18.

    By wednesday or thursday ( or maybe before ( to tcheck out !! )) @ the
    tricker time , make a sell ( or short sell ( or simply buying puts( stk 0514
    $ 20) )) ....... then as OFS woul say , that will make the PERFECT SHORT !!

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Apr 12 09:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Micron: Time To Buy More Shares [View article]
    When the report get out , with that impressive Quarter + this little PE , I ' d thought that to buy puts , I will be a fool ..... I miss it . But I cannot understand the stock to fall below $ 22 with stats like that !!??

    But , now I am definetely in the calls 0714 monthly stk $ 21.00.
    Also DMI & CCI look good to me , I dont understand people who dont buy calls. But to selling puts to id_ _ts , that's fine too. If you are long on MU,
    Sells puts that would have no value at expiration & buy calls ( like me 0714 stk $ 21 ) & win both ways.

    Because I believe ( by next trading days ( maximum 1 week ) , MU will
    reach in the $ 24+ price.

    Nicéphore de Montréal
    Apr 9 11:50 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Netflix, AT&T And The Net Neutrality Scam [View article]
    My sincere Salutations to Larry Kudlow,

    Maybe this post is ABSOLUTELY NOT ( AT ALL ) related to this article , but I insisted to give my Farewell to :

    Monsieur Larry Kudlow

    His show. along with Jim Cramer' s '' Mad money '' is an Indispensable in term of my continual education of current US business & politics.

    I am honestly not with his views ( which I put it in the more far right of me,
    ( I Consider myself as rightist even I share some socialist ideas ) , but I will
    defenitely miss his show on weekdays at 7:00 Pm , CNBC , Montréal time .

    This guy is honest and fair. I can compare to anything like MSNBC or CNN
    where they are DECLARED Left wing and they leave any spaces to the other side
    of opinion on their show.

    At least we will have the chance to see Larry on Sqaw on the street & other CNBC show , he is not going anywhere else.

    I am just fed up with this Left wing Elite that Suppress any other opinion than
    this '' Bien pensant Attitude '' ( you have to think & act like those Left wing Monkees to be good media Host ).
    I am afraid that executive at CNBC & CMCSA had Removed & retire Larry Kudlow because he doesnt COMPLY to this left wing aggenda

    As Larry would say :

    Free enterprises & less régulations are Keys to North America/Rest of the world Financial success !!

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Mar 28 07:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Signs Point To A Costco Negative Surprise [View article]
    Yeah right & well ,

    But . I spent 2/3 of my working time at the home office , even I can get good deals on Amazon or else , it is better for me to get out of the home
    & change '' AIR ''

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Mar 5 10:11 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Signs Point To A Costco Negative Surprise [View article]
    Jim Dart

    It is just a personal impression/opinion

    TGT purchased the leases of former Zellers stores & try to look like Zellers. Big mistake .

    When WMT purchased the Woolco locations/leases in somewhere 94/95
    They revamped totally the look into the WALMART ways , and for us
    Canadians shoppers it was ( & still is ) a marvellous / new shopping experience.
    When last TGT announced they would takeover the old Zellers stores &
    Transformed into Their concept of retailing , I was excited that , maybe
    we will have an inch up into retailling ....... but Not like it is now.

    Actually , WMT dominate the popular $$ store style , with compétition from
    Dollarama & new comer DLTR , The Bay & Sears Stores are still in the upper inch of retailling.

    I dont know how we can situate TGT ( in Canada ) , but It look to be the same old out of whack Zellers stores.

    Anyway I came 1 or 2 times there ( in local TGT store ) , not very impressed , Still love Walmart & local other stores ( sears, the bay , dollarrama , etc )

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Mar 4 05:07 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Chevron: What's Going On In The Alder Field And Tengizchevroil [View article]

    Merçi pour la bonne information

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Feb 7 11:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Altria Group: A 'Perfect Storm' Creates A Big Buying Opportunity In This High Yielder [View article]
    MostSereine1 ,

    It is easy for me , I live in a French culture.
    The only challenge , it is to try to make posts that have minimal grammatical mistakes. That whatzz is about to be bilingual , to have a dual culture.

    And if we want to thrive throught , bilingual Montréalers can make it. Only unilingual
    English & unilingual french finish to be living in a marginalized & limited world/scope

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Feb 7 11:15 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Altria Group: A 'Perfect Storm' Creates A Big Buying Opportunity In This High Yielder [View article]

    The user of Tobacco & other stuffs are ( generally ) aware of the desease related
    to the consumption . I rarely smoke ( cigars once or twice a quarter , very slim alcool cunsumption ) , but I like to do when I feel to smoke or drink.

    I dont want that any '' wellthinker '' to restrict my choice because HE/SHE think it is bad for health.

    If we have to adress all '' healthy & environmental '' concerns of this '' bien pensants '' society , you cannot imagine how many things of our lives to get restricted of.

    Just imagine your Bozos/monkey politicians in DC to restrict the Keystone pipeline forward USA. They have a agendda & there are doing their maximum to block it and restrict your oïl cunsumption in USA.
    I dont know how much you are payinne per gallon in NJ , but I am sure it can lower if ever you ' d have supply choice.

    That it is good for oïl and many others concerns .

    PS . : I am in agreance with you about cigarettes : I dont why peoples can absord
    such stinking poison like this . It smell bad , I cannot see what is the trip to
    do so. But I respect their choices , That's their lifes and not mine or your

    Nicéphore de Montréal
    Feb 7 01:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Altria Group: A 'Perfect Storm' Creates A Big Buying Opportunity In This High Yielder [View article]
    JD & yournewusername ,

    You cannot stop peoples to go buy cigarettes, cigars , whisky gambling or Junk food.

    Those Brown Forman, MCD, MO/LO, LVS or else are providers of goods for peoples/( demand ).

    Those companies have to perform , make profit , pay nice dividend to be in business.

    It is a question of freedom from custumer. You dont like a product , you dont buy it , that's it .

    I dont like a government to legiferate against those providers , to make difficult to custumers to access it , it is a diminution of my liberty.

    It is like me , I Dislike Mexican food . So I DECREE that all mexican food outlets to have restrictions . Too bad for CMG
    Who the heck I am to decree this ??( Like the pape François ) . Why my opinion as part of a certain group of opinion to decree against an other group of opinion in our society ?

    If you start to decree against Tobacco , decree against alcool , firearm , gambling ,strip bars & so & so & so , etc. Also our beloved governments will have less sales taxes & will not do it. At the end we will end up like North Korea or Turkménistan .

    Do you want emigrate their ?? I dont think so . But you want legiferate against my liberty.
    If you do so , at the end you will legiferate against your own liberty

    If CVS think that cigarettes sales are bad for their business Outlook , it is their affairs , but they will pay the price ultimately. Likely DG & RAD to pick up their business.

    I repeat myself . You dont like something , dont buy it . But if you legiférate watchout to endup in Soviet Union of 1980. ( no products in shelves & huge lineup for get necessity )
    Because a group of '' Bien pensants '' had decreed that it was bad for you , so it reduce your liberty.

    Nicéphore de Montréal

    Feb 7 11:06 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Alcoa: Strong Buy On The Dip [View article]
    Ted Waller

    It is EXACTELY what I am thinking about AA situation.

    Try to make little money on a commodity cycle at it lowest, imagine the pile on of profit when Al ( Alumine ) will reach $ 1.10/1.25 / per pound ??!!

    Nicéephore de Montréal,Canada
    Jan 29 11:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Other Phone Is A BlackBerry [View article]
    It is maybe true

    BBRY can flip back to $ 6 or lower , I am aware of this risk.

    But I maid $$ on call stike $ 6 , then $ 8 , Then ( using the house's money !! )
    Stk $ 10 and now Stk $ 11. I am a bit wawry on that last bet , But I am confident ,
    that ( within 3-10 trading days ) , BBRY will increase to $ 11.25 to 12 ish , exit out
    and make a little profit on the remaining house' s money . If so , I will earn 175%
    profit on my original money within 45 calendar days

    Nicéephore de Montréal,Canada
    Jan 28 09:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • My Other Phone Is A BlackBerry [View article]
    I Agree,

    BBRY is not dead , and I think it will survive long enough for a AAPL or M SFT to take it over.

    The product is good ( I had one for years before ( 2010-13) ) & I Hope John Chen zzdoinne a nice job turning this company around.

    As for Bombardier (BBD) , this company survive because of Government support.
    In the province of Québec , this company have the statue of :


    It will happen like GM & Chrysler in the USA . The US use TARP to Recussitate those

    Their products are OK(BBD) , competitive maybe , but the same problem as GM & no 3 , the unions are sucking the lifeblood ( profits ) off the company , it is little or no room for expansion , higher dividend or buyback to common shareholders , ....... in fact
    it is an eternal DOG !!

    WOOF WOOF Bombardier (BBD)

    Hopefully , BlackBerry (BBRY)

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Québec, Canada
    Jan 28 09:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD Likely Retained Growth Momentum In Q4 [View article]

    Predicting that AMD to reach $ 40 within 2 years , I dont think so.

    1.- The company have a business model to redefine , hoping that the Graphic Visual
    will upload his future.

    2.- The company is mostly bankrupt , It owe all debt compared to their
    net assets (Subtract goodwill & Shareholders equity desappears ) .
    OK , they have some cash , they have to perform , otherwise ,
    the creditors will pull the plug

    I am NOT The BEAR here .
    I see some potentials & a turnaround situation , but with conditions.

    If they performing OK , I can see AMD reachinne $ 4.75( end 2014) and
    $ 6 by somewhere 2015

    Nicéephore de Montréal
    Jan 24 12:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • AMD: As Graphics And Visual Business Overtakes Computing, Better Days Are Ahead [View article]

    In reading your article , I see you are pointing the same facts when I compared with my own analysis of Q4 & Y 2013.

    Maybe the Graphic & Visual solution will become the bread & butter of this company , it look that the sales will increase & reah $ 2.5 B us annually in 2014; Hopefully they can maintain their margin on the GVS & keep expenses ( RD & GA ) in tcheck , that can generate an annual profit of around $ 141 M or +/- $ 0.19/share. I see also a decline in Computing solution (CS)

    The decrease in CS willl be absorbed by GVS , 2014 Sales to reach $ 4.9 to $ 5.2 Bus.

    An other thing I observed , They have a $ 553 M in goodwill when Shareholders equity is only $ 544 M . For me the net Equity is Minus ( 9 M ) , but those accounting concerns are not very importants , it is the quality of the business that matter. Also , if they can sell the CS division & Pay down Long term debt .

    So they will growth GVS & succeed in the future with a company Half the size & 3 x the profitabilité . At that point $ 553M in goodwill will make senses . Right now , those financials Statements are pure BALONEY

    Actually , I see AMD as '' un château de cartes '' ( house of cards ) , this can flip down to nothing or breaktrought in the future.

    Betting on this company is like Rolling the Dice : One side is Turnaround , the other side is Failure

    Jan 24 12:16 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment