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  • Ziopharm: Attempting To Rise Again In A Crowded Space [View article]
    You are very welcome, and a very thorough interesting read on quite a few levels. As several posters below have noted, the big excitement that many keen investors of ZIOP already knew about was this Synthetic Biology platform and Intrexon before they ever became public, and the positive history of RJ Kirk. They were never going to build the company around the 'older' science, but were just wanting to have Pali as a launching pad, but were probably very happy that after the Pali phase III failure last year, that the keen investors were still very excited about Ziopharm's future. Believe there was a Forbes' article that talked extensively about this and Mr. Kirk years ago.
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  • Ziopharm: Attempting To Rise Again In A Crowded Space [View article]
    ZIOP still has one ongoing phase III of Palifosfamide in the Matisse trial with results due this fall, and another Pali trial ongoing in Germ Cell Cancer (see Clinicaltrials dot gov site) not sponsored by the company, so Palifosfamide is not dead, just maybe not heavily funded now. Also, they have publicly said that it is their intention to sell off the Palifosfamide asset irregardless of how well it performs in those trials. So, it looks like they were always most excited about their future in Synthetic Biology, and with some of the brightest minds in the world at the helm at Intrexon and ZIOP, they have a very good chance at achieving that success. They are so excited about this new innovative platform that there are to expand the pipeline with new drug candidates by year end into next year. And, has RJ Kirk ever failed at any major biotech company he has worked so hard on? Ever???
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  • Halozyme up modestly premarket [View news story]
    If you listened to BMO and Piper on their defense of HALO after that oversold 30+% drop, we learned that the PegPH20 drug was barely built into their price forecast, around a buck or so. They should do very well once royalty revs come in for several multi-billion dollar drugs Herceptin SC and Mabthera SC from Roche this year. And Roche is not the only company working on using their drug improvement technology. Also, Baxter should have a Pdufa date in a few months on their Hyqvia drug, that Halo contributes tech too as well. Not a one drug company like QCOR, recently bought out, but definitely a strong M&A candidate biotech company. And the clinical hold on PegPH20 will likely be removed in the near future, with little worries, with only to add aspirin or low dose heparin to the mix, if the drug is even found to be a contributory factor. Would rather trust the expert analysts over what some negative person might say on twitter.
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  • Bubble Bursting? Only For Biotech And Internet Stocks [View article]
    Usually people that voice these opinions (narrow minded) about biotech, either have no clue what they are talking about, or are short in some way. Most of the time when you see a biotech stock double, they have been beaten down 100s or 1000s of percent, and when they have clinical data to back up the price, it will begin to rise into better valuations. Still they are likely way below where they started. Now you see many of the good names, that have promising drugs, but also tons of cash, like Acadia(ACAD) and are likely in better financial position than many banks, and have often 'zero' debt. And many do furnish the world with drugs that save lives while being quite lucrative as well. That is why they do deserve to trade at lofty premiums, instead of where they are now trading. Fear and dumping could continue, but those people will likely be the poorer ones down the road.
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  • FDA halts PEGPH20 trial [View news story]
    This was expected since it is their 'job' - does not mean anything. Besides, the leading analysts mentioned that PegPH did not have a large portion into their value assessment of Halozyme now. Revenue royalties will be coming in here from several Roche drugs not far off and another Pdufa date (US this time) w/ Baxter drug in near future too.
    Apr 9 08:25 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Monsanto Profits Expected To Grow Like A Weed [View article]
    Hope they do well as it looks like many calls have been bought. I have not owned the stock in some time, but it does have solid smart analysts/other that feel strongly about it and own it. I had not looked at the yahoo msg board on it in ages, and was not so shocked to still see the lunatics against MON heavily posting on there, as if anyone cares, or believes that malarky....too funny! Hey, I like Whole Foods too, but only for the And I just read the latest Motley Fu article - what a disaster of a writer!
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  • QRxPharma: Pivotal Catalysts Present Significant Near-Term Upside Potential [View article]
    Nice article, and I believe the CEO of the company studied at a major US southern university. It is trading like crazy lately though, and just this am the ask is only $3.40??? very odd for no news....weak hands getting out a few weeks early ahead of the adcom, or what?
    Apr 1 09:22 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Halozyme cellulite treatment performs well in study [View news story]
    Great news! And was not expected, while the next upcoming data this month is big and should also be good news. More good news coming in the next few months to include a few drug approvals, one in EU, Mabthera SC, and the Baxter drug in US. Halo has also been spoken of as a big M&A candidate for the year by several sources.
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  • MLV Sees A Good Chance Of FDA Approval For MannKind's Afrezza And 60% Upside [View article]
    Interesting positive take by a medical doctor analyst perspective. As a retired pharmacist that was active when Exubera was around, the first thought that comes to mind upon a possible Afrezza launch, is what the opinion of physicians will be, as Exubera will be still fresh on most of their minds. So, it will be a difficult hurdle, since most doctors that prescribe are not afraid of the 'needle' and are reluctant to change, and IV insulin has been around for ages and will take years to convince many to even try Afrezza, and then there is the insurance coverage hurdle. Also, we don't know for sure how well adcom will turn out, since from what I have heard is that there are some unknowns on the Mannkind data. But nice article that may help to keep the share price up for now - I have no shares in this fight at this time.
    Mar 18 12:19 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Galena: A Good Investment Gone Bad [View article]
    No position here, but it is funny how many are quick to call a company a scam. Did they really do anything illegal by promoting the company? Even large pharma and smaller biotech have lobbyists that promote their drugs to Congress/medicare/etc.... how would this be so unethical or whatever? Just hilarious this Pearson article and similar that attempt to find the oddest of dirt just to tank a stock to help their short positions.
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  • Following The Smart Money: The Small Cap Biotech Investments Of Randal J. Kirk [View article]
    Not the first time I have heard that Halo is likely to be acquired soon. I realize that you may not be able to review your source and all, but what type of source might it be, someone from a particular drug company or the media, investment firm, or what? TIA! Nice write-up on all the good RJ Kirk companies too.
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  • 2 Crucial Q4 HALO Earnings Report Morsels You Need To Know- The Rest Was Boiler Plate [View instapost]
    Halo will likely be sold this year (as we are hearing all the web to include Feurerstein on Street dot com) - probably due to the huge potential and the drive from a big pharma such as Roche to own 'all' the rev potential and for Halo to get out from under regulatory and commercialization headaches and I am betting that Kirk would like to get it done and move on, just like Mr. Frost has already done, over now at Intrexon too. Halo truly does have all the potential &more that Alkermes had at a similar price, and is now up huge from that growth.
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  • 2 Crucial Q4 HALO Earnings Report Morsels You Need To Know- The Rest Was Boiler Plate [View instapost]
    Pentech - you are one sick individual (with all due respect) if you are the same repetitive poster I see all over the notorious yahoo msg boards. Dude, if I hate a stock I do not hang around and blab all day long what I do not like about it, and I don't even post on yahoo anyway. As a pharmacist, I doubt what you argue is so true about Roche's reasons for not going after SC/SQ in the US. Maybe just their plate is full with other goals, and/or wanted to try it overseas first. Also, HALO is much more than just Roche products of course, with Baxter and Pfizer and others to come. I cannot think of any other biotech of this size with so much potential and what I thought was the safest play up to now. Just MMs shaking the tree today for those cheap shares....imo.
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  • 2 Crucial Q4 HALO Earnings Report Morsels You Need To Know- The Rest Was Boiler Plate [View instapost]
    I also do not understand why Roche would not want to pursue the Herceptin & Mabthera SC dosage forms in the USA, guesses? Maybe to control the price of Halo and force a low ball buyout price? Torley's response was odd too - something like, "they have not informed us of that intention"....why not say, that they will likely do so, or we are in talks on that. Would it not make sense for Roche to want to, to help the patient, and further their product line? Makes me think it has to be a buyout on the way, just hoping I can be patient until then. Be nice too when Pfizer unveils their idiotic 'top-secret' plans. It also should not be so difficult to bring to market a much more convenient and obviously more patient beneficial dosage form.
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  • OncoSec Medical: Unique Electroporation Technology Delivering Cytokines To Target Cancer [View article]
    Very well written and broad thinking article, however, using electropolaration addition seems to me too complex and added expense and maybe unnecessary when you become aware that another biotech with large funds, Ziopharm(ZIOP) is using the same or possibly better engineered IL-12 drug by injection to be activated by an oral pill that can better control the on/off activity of the active IL-12 drug more precisely and possibly more cost effective. ZIOP is also already going after several indications, breast and glioblastoma, and likely adding more by next year. Not sure which has the better patents and possibly both could do well here, and of course ONCS is still a low price. However, ONCS has more than tripled in price of late, and has a 'huge' amount of outstanding shares. So, it would be wise to raise again soon after such a price rise, and maybe a reverse split....imo. Again though, very well written and thorough article.
    Feb 28 08:40 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment