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  • Ed Porter
    Is -10% in a day for $AMZN the largest fall the market can stomach? A different stock reporting this guidance would be going for -25%!
    Jul 25, 3:30 PM
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    • Energysystems: A good deal of $AMZN shareholders are almost too bought into the company. They've disregarded all valuation metrics for some time now.
      Jul 25, 3:58 PM
    • Ed Porter: Indeed. My point being is that todays price action is 'mispricing' the stock (even more!). I am thinking about shorting some...
      Jul 25, 4:17 PM
      • Ed Porter
        $MU even if you take 'just' GAAP earnings MU is on a P/E of 10x. Cheap, cheap, cheap, even when being unduly conservative!
        Apr 3, 6:50 PM
          • Ed Porter
            $MU Wedbush say Micron DRAM production decrease is 'near term positive'. Perhaps they should cease production altogether?
            Mar 18, 8:42 PM
              • Ed Porter
                $MU If anyone thinks recent MU stock weakness is because spot DRAM prices are falling..... think again.
                Jan 5, 3:55 PM
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                • sethlemay: Why don't you just tell us why you think it is falling and save the theatrics.
                  Jan 6, 4:10 PM
                • Ed Porter: No theatrics-all I'm noting is that if you look at MU's stock and blindly jump to the conclusion that "DRAM prices are down", you'd be wrong
                  Jan 6, 4:22 PM
                  • Ed Porter
                    $SODA So what came out?
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                    • Welt:
                    • Welt: They released a positive report of SODA sales I believe, but not sure if it's public info.
                      • Ed Porter
                        CRM - Benioff had the gall to mention $10bn revenue target! Wonder if they'll still be losing 10 cents a quarter at that point?
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                        • Maria Auziliadora: Crazy and the stock is flying!!!