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  • COOL's NBA Game May Have Limited Appeal [View instapost]
    Mark, no reason to get pessimistic imo because there is no reason yet. In case the NBA Game cant handle high speed bball dancing it looks different for that game. I might be overly optimistic but i see potential hit titles all over (Double Dragon, Pasternak,Z3) and, depending on the gameplay demo, NBA.

    Are you still tracking Zumba? This quarter should be a blowout again, this time on rev as well as eps. Curious how you see it. The pps is a mystery.

    Best Stephan
    May 5 03:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • COOL's NBA Game May Have Limited Appeal [View instapost]
    Mark, just noticed the instablog. I see the sunshine and rose scenario to be decided by one criteria only. The current negative tone is very impressive imo (Cool Booth at the E3 will be the top hot spot imo). From a first look its a perfect Kinect game. To enter the Megahit universe that is not enough though. That PS3 fangirl describes it the best and inline with what i think:

    "It remains to be seen how well the execution of playing basketball on the Kinect will turn out or if in-game skills will transfer to a real court, but even a PS3 fangirl like me has to admit that the idea is pretty cool."

    If the game can handle high speed Basketball Dance then we have the Megahit scenario because the pressure is with the huge non Kinect crowd in terms of replacing the console or buying a second one. Apart from that i believe ithe game is not limited to a home because of the roll out to Baketball Camps throughout the country right after E3 for test purposes.

    Best Stephan
    May 4 05:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco's New Basketball Game Diversifies The Company [View article]
    The prelaunch set up looks perfect. After the gameplay demo at E3 the game will go out to various basketball camps throughout the country. There is no other E3 game with that high level attention yet. As such the timing of Majesco could not have been better. In terms of potential, Majesco will easily outsell the couch/non motion basketball games singleplatform unitwise imo.

    Surprised about people thinking its a kids game. Its a Kinect game with the Kinect demographics, i.e. people that care about getting in shape, have some space and like sports/fitness/dance. That is the main reason to have or buy a Kinect. Those people dont need to be "convinced" getting their body moving and have fun.

    Coming from the Kinect demographics the limitation is the installed base. Microsoft bets on motion sports and on the Kinect going forward. It is one of their main focus.

    A reasonable guess should be based on a Kinect penetration factor. Assuming a 15% penetration that should give +mil 2.5 units to start with.
    May 3 12:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco's New Basketball Game Diversifies The Company [View article]
    FYI. Price point is set at $59.99 and $69.99. Retail will be $69.99. Preordering started at Walmart, Gamestop, Amazon a.s.o. Release date vary from beginning of September until 11th at those retailers.
    May 2 02:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco's New Basketball Game Diversifies The Company [View article]
    as we talk a) a new game genre nobody is familar with yet and b) dont have the gameplay demo yet, let me give you my comments on your remark
    "I am hoping that Majesco Entertainment packages the games with a Spalding basketball, so it can enjoy a higher price point."

    We know from the company that, similar to Zumba Dancing , the NBA Basketball Champion Dance has little limitations and comes with a real basketball (my take: see below)

    My take:
    1. The total game, incl. the Basketball, will carry a retail price of well below $100
    2. Most big and small boys have a basketball already. Or, like in my case, more than one. Counting the similar size ball ones potentially up to 5 or even more. As such my hope and bet is that the game will sell with and without the Basketball.

    The inclusive Basketball version makes only sense for "NBA Basketball Fitnessdance Newbies". A Newbie can only be a fitness interested person not familiar with the NBA and Basketball yet. Dance, Cool Music and Ball will lead them to the NBA Teams (all 30 Teams are part of the game) and the NBA Champions. Then we talk more than the mil 500 people interested in Basketball as of current.

    We talk a full NBA license here. Everything. That is why the game was developed in partnership with the NBA.

    You entered innovation territory with your article imo.
    Apr 30 02:59 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco's New Basketball Game Diversifies The Company [View article]
    nice researched write up which should help better understand the new game genre Majesco introduced with NBA Baller Beats by merging the existing two genres, Sports and Fitness/Dance, into one. The credit goes to the NBA and Majesco for giving the body motion gaming a new dimension.
    Comparing both Fitnessdance games with each other, its hard to tell whether NBA Basketball or Zumba has the higher potential. The demographics speak for the the NBA Basketball Champion Dance imo. Very curious about the gameplay demo too. Sofar NBA Baller Beats looks excellent.

    Btw, you should correct your "Full year earnings are expected to be $0.25-$0.30" to $0.25-$0.35. $0.25-$0.35 is the company guidance and consensus (in March the company guided revenues up and eps in line, reiterating the 0.25-0.35 range net after investments).
    Apr 30 01:29 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco's Zumba: Building Momentum At Target And GameStop [View article]
    "I can't argue with Crimson. His view is well thought through and makes complete sense."

    although the price action seems to validate Crimsons view it does not make sense to me. His reasons are
    1."more costs in the upcoming quarter", " Costs will spike"
    2."nothing on the immediate horizon."

    re 1
    capitalized sw is tiny, not worth to discuss...costs to complete are announed to be +mil3, nothing is in the guidance....reserves are at the high
    re 2
    as we know in the meantime Zumba experienced its biggest growth ever this quarter....looking into Q3 we have the digital releases (Zumba+Double Dragon+Girl Fight?)...also, it seems that all 3ds international releases are put into Q3...NBA still stands for a Q3 release...

    Conclusion: I make the opposite case and see cool going up to a normal level at the min
    Apr 18 04:06 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    Another comment made by Majesco CEO Jesse Sutton during the company's recent conference call:

    "We're also very excited about our mobile strategy. Majesco has historically done very well with its titles in the handheld space, and we feel that this experience will translate well in the mobile market, especially with the iOS and Android smartphone devices. We plan to release at least 4 mobile titles this fiscal year with at least half of our titles launching with the free-to-play business model. "

    That means that 4 mobile titles and the Facebook Golf game are the minimum. The number of titles could/should move up. Having said that the very big money will be in interactive motion technology.
    Apr 17 07:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    Sorry about the last para in my reply. My bad. Should have been deleted.
    Apr 15 04:10 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    there is little you can contribute imo simply because you lack a minimum of factual knowledge leading to nonsense contributions only. E.g. your claim "jesse said 5 million dollars per game " is simply nonsense.

    Fact is that the CEO made the statement as the quoted in this article. In terms of numbers that means as per the earnings call and unchanged that Majesco expects "to invest approximately $4 million to $5 million in our Social and Mobile Games business during the year".

    All is included in the guidance. That this is the cost of Majescos internal West Coast Mobile/Social Game Studio and covers all their mobile/social games development.

    We wish you luck with your Gluu. Fact is that Gluu will stay red and Shareholder Equity will continue to erode at a high speed.

    Zumba is expanding at high speed and Majesco is going along for the ride.

    Majesco sits on all fast horses in the game industry.

    Your claim:
    and operate on wrong Your facts let me correct your false we expect to invest approximately $4 million to $5 million in our Social and Mobile Games business during the year,
    Apr 15 04:04 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    "ok, ATLAS is a bit overboard maybe"

    Well, better call it unrelated. This article has the headline Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile, covers Majesco as company, inclusive the Mega Title Zumba, and puts obvious financial undervalued criterias in. All well documented.

    Mobile: The CEO made it very clear. Cool was working on 5 titles the past year in their west coast Mobile/Social Game Studio and all 5 titles will be released this year. The author did put correctly that the current market projection for Mobile is bil $7 for 2015? worldwide, meaning only now it makes sense for Cool to enter because this very small market today will have a reasonable size in the future. ATVI and others will enter too.Timing of Majesco is perfect. Its a near term Market for Cool. As such the headline "Majesco is about to go Mobile" is 100% correct.

    Company:The company moved/focused on the very big $ stuff most recently and landed the Mega Title Zumba 15 months ago. The big $ stuff is with Nintendo, Microsoft and to some extend with Sony. Within that Gorilla Market, Motion sensing casual gaming (fit/dance/sports)is the top spot with growth rates much higher than Mobile and basically ready to take off.

    Financials: See the article. One could add that Majesco because of the high profit generation is Goodwill/Intangible Assets free and has very little capitalized Software sitting in their books. I believe the balance sheet is the most clean and straighforward in the industry.
    Apr 14 07:33 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    LOL. You seem to be mixing up a lot of things in life. Try to be a bit more factual rather than soooooo irrational confused. Relax. Take time to do some personal DD. Clearly, the stock market you should try to avoid.
    Apr 12 03:34 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    obviously you have no basic understanding of anything that happens in the game industry.

    Lets stick to the facts. Gluu never ever made any money on mobile. Growth is something they have not experienced the past years, only negative growth. Only losses. Will they make it? Lets discuss in 2013.

    Cool is a benchmark in terms of fnancial metrics. Name any other company that operates with double digit margins, experienced that agressive growth and has this attrative valuation.

    Cool is the superstar. You might want to listen to the conference call or read through the transcript.
    Apr 12 03:11 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Majesco Entertainment Is About To Go Mobile [View article]
    Your comment
    "If Majesco partners with retailers to advertise its "Zumba" trilogy during "Dancing With The Stars," I believe the company could sell over a half-million games."

    I guess you mean half-million on top. Current sales are +half-million Zumba games sales every 3 weeks according to vg chartz data. This quarter alone will end up with +2 million Zumba games sold. As such the continuation of the agressive growth, cash and profit pattern is a given.

    Zumba was the #1 worldwide for the Nintendo Platform in 2011

    Also, Zumba Kinect was in the top 10 on the Microsoft Xbox Kinect platform in 2011

    2012 started great already with respect to the now "Zumba Trilogy". The additional focus now on mobile and social as well as other emerging platforms like e.g. the Nintendo 3ds makes Cool a Top Play.

    You correctly described Cool as "Veteran Gamemaker". A Veteran in the handheld space and as such a mobile expert by experience.
    Apr 12 02:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Potential Value Plays: Super Profitable, Cash Generating And Unloved By Wall Street [View article]
    All like winners. Re your heading "Value Plays" you just hit a value and high growth player by stating Cool/Majesco. Excellent and rare catch. Cool just increased share equity by 30% last quarter. Get familiar with 100% resp. the highest growth rates in the industry.. Value play means basically no downward risk at all re Cool. The ones that like financials love Cool. The cleanest balance sheet one can imagine. Thanks to their business modell all top line growth will go straight line into cash,profit and equity.

    Re your GTAT:
    Once the solar space will be consolidated it will rock simply because GTAT is the first one in the chain and a sure surviver. When that will be is not yet decided. The solar oversupply and price war situation has to be fixed first. Nevertheless solar is the future.

    Keep up the good work.
    Apr 12 08:58 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment