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  • Apple May Have Jumped The Shark And Reached Its Zenith  [View article]
    I'm as bullish as anyone on Apple stock and have had long positions in the company for years. That being said, given the market dynamics and how broadly held Apple already is, the likelihood of it getting anywhere near $650 in the next year is pretty remote. Anyone who thinks that they can predict where a stock will be at any point in time hasn't been in the markets very long or is delusional. As an investor, I'm optimistic that Apple will touch $500 this year and that its effective trading range will consolidate between about $400 and $450, up from its current effective range of between about $360 and $420, give or take a bit. .
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  • Apple May Have Jumped The Shark And Reached Its Zenith  [View article]
    In the long run, we'll all be dead and in the longer run the sun will eventually burn out. To say that a company's rapid growth unsustainable is correct, but it also says nothing. Investors are in a stock for how the company is likely to perform over a reasonable range of time, let's say 1-3 years. We're constantly re-evaluating based on the foreseeable horizon. Not too interested in what Apple will be 5-10 years from now. The tablet market is in its infancy, the cloud is in its infancy, Smart phones are in very early childhood. International markets are just beginning to get penetrated. Apple has enormous brand loyalty and is dominant or a huge player in all of the markets in which it operates. I can remember when Apple crossed $250 thinking is it overpriced? That was a year and a half ago. It'll at least touch $500 this year. I'll worry Apple's future in the future. Next subject.
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  • Does Apple's New CEO Have Any Surprises In Store For Q1?  [View article]
    Steve Jobs was, of course, a genius, but.... The notion that one guy is solely responsible for the success of a company this size is beyond absurd. Jobs did much to perpetuate his own myth and regularly aggravated his subordinates by taking credit for EVERYTHING. Jony Ive is widely considered the greatest product designer in the world. Cook, an operational guru. The entire Apple braintrust are top notch, high caliber. Jobs greatest skills were surrounding himself w/ brilliant people, starting w/ Wozniak in the early days, selectively 'borrowing' ideas from others and marketing. I have no doubts about Apple's continued success after-Steve. He was one guy, not the messiah that some want to make him out to be.
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  • Buy Apple Ahead Of China iPhone Launch  [View article]
    The bears have pretty much gone away the last few weeks w/ AAPL. They'll be back post-earnings. Now's the time to be loading up.
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  • Buy Apple Ahead Of China iPhone Launch  [View article]
    Not a bad strategy, but $380 will likely be the bottom or below the bottom of the future range. With strong earnings, Apple will probably consolidate in the $425 to $440 range and will range down 8 to 10% and a few percentage points up during the next quarter. Of course, you might also be waiting for years for it to get back down to $380. I've used your strategy to success most of the time, occasionally getting burned when I sell-off high and the stock doesn't return to low enough levels to re-buy. I'm stuck either buying high or sitting on the sidelines.
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  • Buy Apple Ahead Of China iPhone Launch  [View article]
    China isn't the U.S. Every city is an entity onto itself. Regulators need to be bribed, etc.
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  • Buy Apple Ahead Of China iPhone Launch  [View article]
    I'm thinking of putting the kid's college funds 100% into Apple. If it hits, they're going Ivy League! If it misses, well, the world needs ditch diggers and dish washers.
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  • Is It Possible That We Are Too Bearish On Netflix?  [View article]
    Shorts have to cover. Good luck on the long side of this one, you'll probably need it.
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  • Is It Possible That We Are Too Bearish On Netflix?  [View article]
    19% short interest in NetFlix and climbing. Once a companies multiples collapse they seldom go anywhere but down. I'll be watching for any signs of life and try to catch a short squeeze, but going long on this company in the hotly competitive video streaming space is playing Russian Roulette w/ 4 bullets in the chambers.
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  • Impressive Margins For Apple Retail Stores  [View article]
    I'll join in the chorus of fans of the Apple stores. I've learned more from attending some of the many training sessions offered in the Apple stores than I have from books and on the web. I've lived in several cities w/ Apple stores and the experience in the stores is always outstanding, the best of any company by a huge margin IMO. Sure, you can buy a cheaper tablet than the iPad, but what's the value of the training that you receive in the stores?
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  • Apple To Hit $450 Before iPhone 5 Launch  [View article]
    Who cares if Apple hits $450 or $475 or $500 unless you plan on dumping the stock when it reaches that level? The key is a stock's range and the price that it oscillates around within that range. Apple was at $426.70, a stone's throw from $450 before last earnings. After its 'miss' it gave back about 7% and soon migrated down w/ the broad market to $362 before regaining its footing and climbing back to its current level of $410.50. Amazon was at $242 and sunk to below $170 in less than 3 months. What did NetFlix peak at? Next subject....
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  • McDonald's Will Outshine Apple In 2012  [View article]
    When I was a kid, I used one of the first Apple computers. This stock is going to the moon.
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  • Apple Takes the Lead: Laptops, iPads And iPhones Without Lithium?  [View article]
    LOL. Go talk about lithium and fuel cell batteries w/ Stephen Hawking. We're in it for the dough.
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  • Apple's Strategy For iTV: Investment Implications  [View article]
    Apple shouldn't even bother if the TVs are going to be under 40". Size matters w/ sex and TV screens. I own every Apple product known to man, but I'm not replacing my 60" screen w/ a miniscule 32 incher.
    Jan 3, 2012. 07:53 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Eugene Profit Positions For 2012: Loading Up On Legacy Large Cap Infrastructure Tech  [View article]
    Any competent, rational individual investor should be able to consistently and easily beat the institutions on a regular basis. I retired as a fund manager after decades of performing pretty much in line w/ the market due to paralyzing overdiversification constraints well beyond what made sense. Investing profitably against the block trading of the institutions just takes a little observation and discipline.
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