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  • Sandridge Mississippian Trust II: Oversold And Returns 24% Dividend [View article]
    I am just totally lost.
    Simple math says that with a 25% div rate, then the investment is risk free
    in 4 years, less if compounded. One person above said 31 % which would be less
    than 3 years compounded. Then some say the wells will run out and the stock will go to zero.
    Saudi Arabia has been pumping oil for 100 years and still going- so how can the wells at SDR run out in 3 years? Even if you bought AAPL at 12, you hold more risk of loosing money than SDR after holding for 3 years(if the div stays same). A 50% price decline becomes irrelevant at a certain point....
    Apr 28 08:47 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gold Price Set To Resume Its Long-Term Upward Trend [View article]
    Good grief RbarPNW, the future of the US will be a total collapse?
    I can agree to this, only if we extend the future out many years, and past my lifetime. For now I see US coming back to be the worlds largest creditor again as we were when we found oil in Texas 1960-70s. People got used to lavish world power and rich lifestyles, and then they borrowed to keep it up after the oil went dry. Now US is the worlds largest debtor. But if we continue to increase energy production and exports, then we can actually pay off the debt and then some. Thats a far cry from total collapse. Look for inflation and growth ahead, but gold will be fickle as it always has.

    BTW, what did gold do in the 1970's? My charts dont go back that far.
    Mar 9 09:16 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The $500 Apple Put: Backing Up The Truck On Buy Backs [View article]
    What should Apple do with the cash? Two things first and foremost; 1. do what their competitors are doing with theirs. 2. Do what most determined to succeed companies do, grow the company. I never hear that Samsung is buying back shares, and they make more products in more industries. Buying back shares only makes sense if they plan to sell them in the future at a profit. Of course the best thing they can do is "lower product prices"!!!
    Feb 14 07:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust: What Is BPT's Fair Value? [View article]
    1 year ago BPT charged me a fee that amounted to 1/2 the dividend paid. Dont forget to discuss this fee! What was this fee? Was it only me? How often does it occur?
    Jan 21 09:25 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Amazon May Be Worth $165 Billion, More Or Less [View article]
    $70B has been mentioned above as the revenue increase(25%) OK, so there are 300M ppl in US. Take 1/3 of that as shoppers, and that comes to $600/ year more we will spend at Amazon. No, they likely have sales overseas? But I dont know about everyone else, but I just bot something there today, and I doubt I will increase the amount I spend by even $100/year. (assuming my math was correct above).
    Oct 28 08:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Goldman's Heath Terry hikes the price target on Amazon (AMZN +1%) to $355 from $325 in a move that would probably seem counterintuitive for virtually any other stock given that the company missed on both lines with its Q2 report Thursday evening and issued weak guidance. "We … believe Amazon is well positioned to benefit from accelerating global ecommerce growth, while leveraging its investment in technology, infrastructure, and customers into higher margin revenue streams," Terry says. That would be nice considering the company's operating margin was just 0.5% in Q2. [View news story]
    pip, yu must be on their side. NFLX went up near 100% overnight twice, dont you think it can drop 70% overnight after "all of us" chase into it?
    Jul 26 08:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exxon Mobil Is Not A Great Choice [View article]
    Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh so much, there are no such thing as "environmentalists" or "rest of us"!! We ALL have an equal responsibility to protect the hand that feeds us and gives us life.
    Jul 24 09:01 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Exxon Mobil Is Not A Great Choice [View article]
    Build, actually, you are not far off. The faster they remove the gas, and get the world invested into using/depending on it, then they say "oh, its going to run out very soon, we didnt realize it." Then the price goes up. My guess is this is what XOM is planning.
    Jul 24 08:59 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Annaly Capital: Down And Out Or Just Getting Started? [View article]
    Im not so sure US will go the way of Japan. People have already started to buy houses because they want to get in on low interest rates before they go up. This may very well snow ball just like a bubble burst in reverse- but still driven by fears. That HAS happened in the US and I think it is likely this time as well. Everyone will look at each other and ask "why aren't we borrowing, lending, buying and growing?" Housing prices bottomed. No answer- then lets GO!
    Jun 30 05:50 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Annaly Capital: Down And Out Or Just Getting Started? [View article]
    I see your point, but what about all the high dividend stocks that decrease in share price also over the years? How do you account for that in your total portfolio? For example; if XYZ pays 10% dividend/year, but the share price averages a 10% decline in price each year, what happen is two things;
    1. After 10 years your risk is gone and if the company is still in business then every dividend from that point on is icing on the cake.

    2. If a stock declines by 10% /year, it will never reach zero because it only declines by 10% of what the year end price is.

    so after say 30 years or something your investment still averages a dividend maybe over 5%/year????

    Jun 30 05:44 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Natural Gas - Bargain Hunting [View article]
    Great comments so far, and I cannot disagree with any of them.
    But I wonder if and when the damage underground becomes high level worldwide news? Some local governments have banned all fracking "in their backyard" already, if anything really becomes detrimental, well, you all know what the price will do.
    I hope I can get long in time --- if and when...

    Oh, and of course, the faster it comes out of the ground, the SOONER it runs out altogether.
    Jun 27 11:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bill Gross's Misguided Diagnosis Of America's Economic Problems [View article]
    Spartan, AND in the news today are some big boys accused and maybe prosecuted for manipulating Libor rates last several years. So is it even possible to let market forces set the rates?
    I would like to throw out a curve ball, based on this thread, why cant we have government controlled mortgage rates of zero? Like most of you, I hate the inefficiency of government, and that is the main reason it likely wont work. But the housing bubble was created at least partly because of a "social" view that everyone should have a house. Well, mortgage rates dont make homes cheaper in the long run, except the recent record low rates. The idea is to "borrow" money to buy a home. So why not just borrow the money straight from the government at zero rates. and low fees. Its also paid for by income tax. Banks can do more profitable things like finance business.
    Jun 14 08:30 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Low Volatility Way To Play The Natural Resource Sectors [View article]
    Very good article and discussion guys. I have been looking at this fund and many others and it looks like they tend to go down in price over the years, ending up with 2% returns as George pointed out. Just how does that happen? Are they selling stock shares to pay the dividend? It is not very respectable for them to say "Oh we invest in these good companies (which we all know go up in price) then we pay you the large dividend on top of it."
    May 14 10:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: The Important 'Halo' Metric Investors Are Ignoring [View article]
    Rosey, AAPL is NOT for long term investing, not even close. The cell phone and now I-pod, and PC electronics industry is extremely profitable and therefore highly competitive. I have said before - AAPL is now no different then the rest. The above mentioned points that the management is weak and that gives the best clue that AAPL can very quickly become the next Nokia, RIMM, or Motorola. If you want a long term investment go with a monopoly like Exxon Mobile or insurance companies. Listen to Warren Buffett. If you want to gamble play the highest risk industry there is. At least Samsung makes refrigerators and microwaves too.
    May 13 11:43 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • "We think that Apple could be on the brink of driving a major leveraging up," writes JPMorgan's Mark Moskowitz in a voluminous note defending the stock. He believes the company will take on $15B-$20B in debt and bump the dividend yield to 4%. As far as operations, Moskowitz expects an earnings beat this quarter and upward pressure on estimates for 2013. AAPL +0.9% premarket. [View news story]
    I cant believe how many idiots are still holding AAPL. The first rule of investing is dont marry your stock. You are only renting them. I still have no bottom in sight on AAPL on my charts, and once that bottom is hit, I doubt it will rise more than Nokia, Samsung, Rimm, or Motorola. They are all equals now, in a very volatile, unstable fast tracking business. If you are a long term holder, buy XOM or GE etc.
    Apr 18 12:21 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment