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  • 5 Buys Yielding 5% Or More Set For Solid Upside In 2013 [View article]
    People the likes of you have been saying the same thing about Pitney since 1920. And every decade, they change their mail meter systems and products with the times. If you notice, the stock even went up yesterday amid the news of the USPO closing on Saturdays. Pitney predicted this and planned for it as the closures will not effect package delivery or certified mail, two areas of specialty for Pitney. In addition, they have never missed a dividend and pay consistently with upward trends. New CEO bringing new life into the company as well. Regarding your anger about not recommending the stock before it jumped 22% last week...No one knows the future of the market or earnings reports. Sure we can guess, but no one knows for sure. If we all did, we'd be retiring at 30. And those who know exactly what the market will do tomorrow tend to have inside knowledge that gets them into trouble. Your anxieties about Pitney, although appreciated, respected and understood, are unfounded. Best Regards.
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  • Why Investors Should Accumulate Shares Of Lorillard [View article]
    You got it boss ;)

    However, the yield will not change. What Lorillard did was "split" the stock into three slices. So the current price and the quarterly, annual dividend were divided by three while the number of shares you own was multiplied by three. So, if you look at the internals, nothing changes:
    6.2 annual dividend / 3 = New
    1.55 quarterly dividend / 3 = New
    Number of shares owned x3 = New

    So, nothing changes. The reason why companies issue splits is because the stock price becomes too expensive for the average retail investor to invest in. So they split the stock in order to lower the price so more investors like us can invest in the company. Before the next ex-dividend date, the Lorillard board will meet to formally readjust the dividend. The new amount will then be made public to all shareholders on the declaration date. By law, they have to do that. I hope this helps. Best regards.
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  • Why Investors Should Accumulate Shares Of Lorillard [View article]
    I think Philly meant .51 as he took the current quarterly allotment and divided it by three in regards to the 3:1 split.
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  • Sprint For Sprint Nextel [View article]
    Hi Mike,
    Been running the numbers this morning and was wondering if you could clear up some confusion that many of us seem to have regarding this confusing deal. The offer of 5.25/7.30 means exactly what for an individual sprint investor. Does this mean the price is averaged into one for the common based on the percentages of old Sprint and new Sprint? If so, I keep getting something in the range of 6.30.

    Example, an individual investor of S having 3000 shares at 5.90 would mean what? And when would the shares have to be owned on record?

    I listened to Faber's explanation this morning on CNBC, but he sounded just as confused as some of us.

    Thanks in advance Mike.
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  • Don't Buy The Sprint-PCS Hype [View article]
    Overall a good article Dana. But Sprint's story is a return to profitability and improving margins, not M & A.
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  • Lorillard Earnings: Overreaction Creates Opportunity [View article]
    Love LO. My favorite stock in my portfolio. Those contemplating a buy of this stock, this drop is a gift from Heaven. Catch it now before she rises again.
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  • How High Can Bank Of America Go? [View article]
    Credit goes to Moynihan. He has taken every risk and worked diligently to save this bank while Obama has done nothing but demonize him and his sector as illustrated by his common use of the term "Fat Cats" and "Wall Street Bankers." The market's rise has little to do with any sitting president. Its rise is due to cost cutting measures and diligence on the part of the country's companies. While your statistics are correct, your reasoning behind them is not. Regarding "Income Inequality," no nation in the history of civilization has been able to make all of their citizens equal in terms of income. Income inequality exists because of factors beyond the control of you or me. Seniority, experience, gender, region, inflation, current market dynamics, immigration, sector demand, taxes and health all contribute to income. And since you brought political ideology into this, the greatest wealth holders in this country are those of the left: Soros, Winfrey, Gates, Buffet and the like. Maybe they should stop consuming all of their wealth or "donating to their foundations" for deductions when they could be reinvesting and creating new entities which would allow job creation for the masses. Regards.
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  • Vice Investors: Skip Altria, Buy Lorillard Instead [View article]
    1.2 Bil free cash flow
    6.4 Bil in sales last year
    30% five year dividend growth

    The long term liabilities should not be a problem. Although your point is very well taken. Regards.
    Mar 20 10:40 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Vice Investors: Skip Altria, Buy Lorillard Instead [View article]
    LO is an outstanding company. I have followed the stock for years and am currently in a long position with 1000 shares. LO, being the third largest of the tobacco companies, has the most growth, no debt and an abundance of cash reserves when compared to its peers MO, RAI and PM. Its low beta value and modest volume also prevent it from radical fluctuations with the market. And one can sleep at night knowing that LO provides a nearly 6% yield, even during its down times.The Q4 2011 numbers elevated the stock fourteen dollars in one day and the stock is poised to break 150 by the summer. The stock has currently held the 129-132 position for the last four weeks. This is to be expected since its run after earnings was so high, but the stock charts show that it is poised to make a run for 135-140 soon. True, a lingering concern is the FDA's possible banning of menthol, but this is not likely to happen accoding to analysts. A decision should be handed down later this year. If the decision comes down in LO's favor, as expected, this stock will rise further. Those looking for a friendly company that strives to take care of its investors should look no further than LO.
    Mar 20 03:05 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Low Beta Stocks To Weather The Coming Correction [View article]
    Excellent call on LO, an amazing stock which I've followed for some time. It's Q4 earnings report shot the stock up 14 dollars in one day. And the FDA's expected rejection of the menthol ban will likely increase it further. They have the most growth of any tobacco company currently and sport a 5.5% yield. This is a great stock for any market.
    Mar 20 09:03 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 ETFs George Washington Probably Would Have Liked [View article]
    Thanks for an informative yet entertaining article regarding my two favorite subjects: The markets and George Washington, my all-time favorite American President.
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  • Baidu Q4 Earnings Preview: Expect In Line Results, Mobile Internet As The Next Catalyst [View article]
    BIDU to report Feb. 16, 2012 Thursday after the bell. The previous reports indicating that BIDU was reporting its Q4 numbers on Jun. 30, 2012 were not true. The offices are closed for Chinese New Year. The date of Feb. 16, 2012 is tentative and may change. As of now, this is what the "sources" are saying. Hope this helps.
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  • Baidu Q4 Earnings Preview: Expect In Line Results, Mobile Internet As The Next Catalyst [View article]
    I have been invested in BIDU for nearly four years and follow it diligently. The stock usually beats earnings as its growth is phenomenal. Usually -not always- the stock gets a lift in the range of 10-17 dollars after hours on earning report days, then tapers off approximately 7 dollars until after hours closes. The next trading day usually sees an increase of about 8-10 dollars. Then the stock gradually declines thereafter. BIDU is high beta and it is best to invest in increments and carefully. The premise of your question is difficult for the author to answer as noone knows what the stock, or any stock, will do. There are patterns we can study, but stocks do what they want whenever they want. It is difficult for the author to answer your question simply because noone knows the future. And those that do tend to have inside information and get themselves in trouble. Concerning AMZN, the company is spending a lot now on competition and that is one of the reasons why its shares plummeted after hours. Although still a good long term investment. Never trade into and out of earnings. It's very risky. Set aside a certain number of shares of a stock you like and a company you trust and follow, study it daily taking profits when indicated. Hope this helps.
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  • 5 Tech Stocks To Avoid In 2012 [View article]
    Thanks for the clarification regarding the 82 percent. Per share profit, not overall revenue, was the intent. Regards.
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  • 5 Tech Stocks To Avoid In 2012 [View article]
    Thank you for your article. I do appreciate your insight and attention to detail regarding the aforementioned stocks. The only one I would have to disagree with is BIDU. I have invested nearly 1000 shares in BIDU the past three years. Although you correctly point out that the stock has struggled since its 52 week high of 166 last July, much of BIDU's lagging is not necessarily due to the company itself. Poor press regarding fraud in Chinese firms are however a factor. These firms however, were reverse mergers and have had a history of fraud. The DOJ did not do a service to investors by not making the list of accused companies public. BIDU was not included in that list, but suffered from the poor press regardless. Poor tech performance across the board in the fourth quarter also contributed to its weakness as of late. BIDU is anything but overbought. I think just the opposite. The company reports Monday and press releases state that its revenue grew by 82% in the fourth quarter alone. The stock has a history of surging nearly at peak of 17 dollars after hours on ER days and than an additonal 8-10 dollars the following day prior to selling off. Add to the fact they have a monopoly on the Chinese internet market, which currently encompasses 505 million users. I think BIDU is a great stock and a very well run company. I think it is a buy. The only caution I would have for the longs is two-fold: No dividend and the shorts love this stock. Great article nonetheless.
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