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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    I chose my pseudonym

    (a) to indicate my political stance that the best government is the least government (after all to be governed is to have one's life at least partially ruled by someone or something other than one's own choices) and

    (b) I have on at least two significant occasions, suffered greatly financially by reason of retaliation in one instance and cover up and/or retaliation in the other by govt and/or those very influential in govt for my disclosures of wrongdoing by a powerful firm and two multi-national banks; and,

    (c) at the time I chose this synonym, I was aware of hacking and spying, but I was not aware of the extent nor aware of the cooperation of the private sector, so I thought I could at least add one level of effort necessary to pursue me if I said anything that Uncle Sam did not like citizens to say.

    Yes, I am paranoid, and such limits my proffered opinions, but I would contend that I am so with good reason.
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  • Rising Rates Affect More Than Dividend-Oriented Investors [View article]
    So, will higher rates increase or decrease the price of utilities? The dividends?
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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    Your reliance on big government to regulate big business to protect the public seems odd to me.

    My observation is that government seems to always side with big business against the self-employed, the public in general and liberty. Cf. Citizens United; our caste-sustaining govt "revenue" streams which support what has historically been called "wage slavery" (regressive income and self-employment and FICA taxes, etc,); the transfer of wealth caused by the "stimulus"; the failure to prosecute criminals at the TBTF banks (constituting an acquiescence in the practices with only relatively token fines of a few billion $ resulting from the profits of hundreds of billions made by such wrongful actions); the handing over of govt control of the economy to Goldman Sachs executives in the Treasury Dept; the delegation of power to the banks via the Fed (which is more concerned about "wage inflation" than standards of living); the preponderance of regulations which de facto prohibit median income citizens from competing with big business and greatly advantage big business over small business, simply by virtue of the costs of compliance; etc, ad nauseum
    Although only anecdotal evidence, my personal experience as a self-employed small business owner, is compelling evidence to me.
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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    Thank you for your excellent article and your reply to my query.
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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    Please let me know what you think about my idea below. I am not an economist, so I would appreciate your insight.
    I do not take issue with anything you say in the article. Your observations are the basis of why I support most of what the Tea Party proposes and I oppose big banks, big business and big government.
    Perhaps I have not thought it through sufficiently, but it appears to me the first step to destroy the infrastructure that supports the centralization of wealth is to prohibit conglomerates. Corporations owning interests in other corporations seems to work to make the concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands both easier to accomplish and sustain, and also easier to conceal from the public and their elected representatives.
    If we ever diminish the concentration of wealth, it would then be more possible to diminish the size and scope of the governments that feed the super-wealthy.
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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    I accept your theory, but not as a wild conspiracy theory. It is an updated version of Plato's idea dictated (Plato was illiterate as were most men of the 8th century B.C.) in "The Republic"; to-wit, that the best government would be that of a philosopher king.

    Today's super-wealthy feel they are the ones who would govern best.

    Compare, for example, B.F. Skinner's ideas in "Beyond Freedom and Dignity".. Despite his positions therein, which would make most people cringe, he was accepted and championed among the "intelligentsia" as the preeminent psychologist of the 20th Century.

    Ego knows no bounds.
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  • Oxfam Report Suggests The NWO Is Almost Upon Us [View article]
    It is an ancient idea that has become possible in today's world.

    Essentially, Plato proposed a similar New World Order in "The Republic", wherein he opined that the best government would be an autocracy run by a philosopher king. The wealthy do believe themselves to be entitled to rule the world, much as B.F. Skinner (often called the preeminent psychologist of the 20th Century) believed that the time has come to eliminate personal freedom (Cf., "Beyond Freedom and Dignity")

    Ego knows no bounds.
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  • Recovery-Less Recovery: Unemployment Duration, October 2013 [View article]
    It seems to me that the problem with the analysis of whether or not "the economy" is in a recovery is definitional, which causes "the economy" to be measured in terms of inappropriate date. At least that is the case if you do not accept the premise that corporate profits are strongly positively correlated to the economic welfare of the American people.

    I suppose I identify with the Tea Party and that the public image created about the Tea Partiers" would not accommodate my take on "the economy". However, I do believe public discussion surrounding "the economy" is fundamentally flawed to the detriment of the American citizen. I would invite someone to tell me why they think I am wrong.

    To measure "growth in the economy" by GDP is simply to measure production, primarily corporate production. The theory is that everyone benefits from corporate profits. The old "trickle down" theory, espoused by the "conservative" icon, Ronald Reagan and which G.W.H Bush called "voodoo economics. I agree with GWHB.

    However, when corporations sit on their profits, with declining wages and declining hours and declining fringe benefits of employment then GDP seems to be inversely correlated to the economic standard of living of the employed and seems to be a disincentive to even participate in the workforce.(Especially when measured against the fringe benefits of under the table employment, criminal enterprise, and govt benefits).

    There once was a highly publicized index, imperfect as it may have been, called the "standard of living" index. I have not heard it mentioned in decades. I suppose the media and the wealthy have less concern about the financial well-being of the median income citizen that about the money-counting of the money-hoarders.
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  • BofA and Freddie in settlement talks over mortgages [View news story]
    Before the evidence came out, Freddie mac was covering for the big banks, their main sources of business, and trying to scapegoat the American public for being "liars", trying to scapegoat appraisers who did what the banks' loan officers demanded or cut them off, and trying to scapegoat the closing agents, who followed the written closing instructions from the banks. Now, the tune has changed.
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  • F&F Earn Billions In Dividends, Swept To Treasury [View article]
    Bottom line:

    The GSE's, with Uncle Sam's approval, ripped off American workers and now Uncle Sam is ripping off the GSE's common shareholders especially.

    Power corrupts..
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  • Obama And Lew Say This Is Serious - Are They Just Grandstanding Or Is This Time Different? [View article]
    In order to change results, one can resort to a leash on spending, which is the current Repub plan, but leashes will always be resisted.

    A better idea is to change incentives in order to change results.
    Currently, the lazy Congress passes omnibus spending bills we call budget, but do not budget anything. The various departments and agencies have incentives to spend it all in order to ask for more next year. Additionally, the individuals in each agency gains power by spending taxpayers' money.

    The better system would be to study and debate and vote upon the real needs of each agency, reducing back-room pork.

    The mechanism should be to change incentives in order to change results.

    The budget needs to be a maximum to be spent with incentives (bonuses to employees) for those agencies which come in under budget and penalties for waste and fraud. Whistleblowers who prevent waste and fraud should be financially compensated as well as protected from retaliation.

    If (a) budgets were actually budgets, rather than required spending bills; and,
    if (b) the incentive to individual employees was to save, rather than to spend, then the results would change and we could balance the budget without raising taxes.
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  • Stocks And The Fed: Why I'm Staying In Cash [View article]
    I do not recall so many incidents of "leaked" information from the Fed. I don't know if the coziness between the Fed and the big banks and traders has increased or if it is simply earlier to detect in today's information age.
    But then again, does anyone know how Hillary got such a windfall on her highly publicized transaction years ago when she was not even familiar with the transactions until she cashed in?
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  • Stocks And The Fed: Why I'm Staying In Cash [View article]
    When I posted this, a pop-up appeared warning me that it could hurt my professional reputation and asked if I really wanted to post it. Therefore, I expected to find a number of adverse posts. Instead, I found five likes and no disputes.

    The solution is simple.

    1 - Each agency's budget needs to be considered a maximum fund allotted (not a minimum); and,
    2 - there need to be financial rewards to the employees of each agency which comes in under budget; and,
    3- there should be financial rewards for whistleblowers who contribute to saving money.

    Waste and fraud would be diminished and agencies would come under budget.

    Under our present SOP spending taxpayer money gives power to the person who spends it. That is exactly the wrong system.
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  • Obama: No negotiations while government is shut [View news story]
    American in Paris,

    It seems obvious to me.

    Obamacare was ruled constitutional upon the grounds that it is is authorized by the taxing power. When you consider the political actions of the IRS recently, plus their mission of increasing govt revenue, and the statutory provisions that deprive even the federal courts of any power to enjoin the IRS from unlawful collection of taxes, it is readily apparent that the IRS is the arm of govt least subject to any accountability to the American people. That makes it an infringement on the principle of self-rule which we call oersonal liberty.
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  • Stocks And The Fed: Why I'm Staying In Cash [View article]
    The spin by both major parties (both being big spenders especially when in power) is that if the debt ceiling is enforced even once (i.e., means anything) there is a risk of catastrophe. Indeed, the big catastrophe that scares the ruling class is that Uncle Sam might default on its debts rather than cut back on spending to the point that it balances the budget, which means less govt and less govt power!!!

    The blame by commentators. is not put on those who have spent us into this problem, but on those who want to stop kicking the can down the road and actually address the cause of this problem.

    I suppose that putting your head in the sand and denying there is a spending problem is responsible fiscal policy. ????
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