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  • Notable earnings before Thursday’s open  [View news story]
    nicely said...we all know but find it most difficult to accept: we are born to die!
    now, what little freedom is left in this society, give us the freedom to of choice to eat, drink, smoke (whatever) as we long as it does not directly effect others that disagree, they too must have the same freedom of choice as they please; the idea that others that know you not have the right to impose upon you is the same as making you their slave and surely most of us would not wish to be a slave...better to be a slave to oneself and one's own chosen habits (good or bad as others may think) all: the very best in health and wealth.
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  • GE to phase out compact fluorescent light bulbs  [View news story]
    yes WhyWorry,

    the one and only 'Obamalamp' will turn off in less than a year...none too soon

    a great cure for his nose itch: Mercurochrome antimicrobial agent, no longer used but will do a nose job
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  • GE to phase out compact fluorescent light bulbs  [View news story]
    you all are welcome to do your own research, the following has been my experience as a professional in the engineering/building field; all the very best to all.
    FCL bulbs are not designed to be turned on/off constantly or for a short time periods...these small FCL bulbs burn out quickly when this occurs; dimmer bulbs in FCL are very poor lifespan performers, do not buy them; LED bulbs are only slightly more efficient than FCL; importantly many newer and cheaper [not really cheap yet] LED bulbs today have mean life spans of 1/2 to 1/3 of just a year ago [from 30,000+hrs down to 10,000hrs (same as a FCL)]; cheaper and shorter mean lifespans means we the consumer will be replacing the LED just about as often as the FCL...and pay 2, 3, or more times more for the same lifespan with no more or less lumens of save couple pennies to a nickel a month
    how wonderful
    I'm from a government agency and here to help
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  • AT&T Did Not Disappoint  [View article]
    for an outstanding report card T was exceedingly stingy with their dividend...a 2 cent increase is what should have occurred
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  • Investors bet on soda and cigarette stocks  [View news story]
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  • Shell Offers Great Income Potential  [View article]
    everyone else pumping crude
    Jan 22, 2016. 11:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Moody's places 175 oil, gas and mining companies on review for downgrade  [View news story]
    moodys = day late dollar short = worthless
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  • BP CEO Dudley says current oil crisis as bad as 1986  [View news story]
    historical evidence does not support your allegations
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  • BP CEO Dudley says current oil crisis as bad as 1986  [View news story]
    fuzzy logic
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  • Which Is The Better 8% Oil Dividend Stock - ConocoPhillips Or BP?  [View article]
    yep...short and pay those dividends when due too...way too dangerous...better to use options
    Jan 21, 2016. 10:04 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • High Debt Impacts AT&T's Dividend Outlook  [View article]
    yep a real reason T is and may continue to be flat, plus considering inflation little CG growth; so what? T has been increasing user costs and will continue hence has a high probability to easily pay its debts and its dividends...T and other similar stocks are like an secure annuity [pension], are stocks for your lifetime.
    during the second great depression [2008 2009+] I knew a numbers of folks on welfare and living on the streets -- ALL had WORKING CELL PHONES...T is as important to our way of life as cigarettes, beer, and potato chips...VZ, T, and similar will be thriving regardless of well done and thoughtful analysts all, the very best investing
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  • High Debt Impacts AT&T's Dividend Outlook  [View article]
    you nailed it!!
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  • Royal Dutch Shell - The Dividend Is Safe, But Value Is Less So  [View article]
    Milbank, what the Saudis are also doing is greatly increasing the efficiency of the e&p operations especially the fracking engineering...big data has lowered the cost for many areas in the USA under $30 a barrel...Saudis do not have an endless supply and they are digging a deeper hole for greed... may regret their actions? we will know sometime in the future
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  • Kinder Morgan +21% as investors cheer defensive moves  [View news story]
    while paying out dividends along the way,
    not so much
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  • North Dakota regulators approve Dakota Access Pipeline  [View news story]
    store it for a rainy day
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