Seeking Alpha
  • joshua4578
    bought in at $ trying to decide if I should pull the sell trigger or not. No complaints at this point on my AAL purchase.
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    • 1980XLS-2.0: You should have sold already, after having played with fire and won.
    • Eric Stalee: yes, 1980 is right. SELL. Now in after hours if you can. You're holding a ticking bomb.
    • Ocean Man: Sell it and remember how lucky you got. What just happened is rare.
    • fable: has anyone seen how much it's at now...hey joshua4578 how are you enjoying the profits?
    • leejamink: I thought of buying at $0.32 and wimped out... Now I'm kicking myself
    • joshua4578: I gotta say it feels good. I know it was risky and I played accordingly. I didn't bet the farm, but I did pay for Christmas!
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